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Remote PC access program


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I am looking for a remote access program for our IT dept. Does anyone have any suggestions for a program?

I need to be able to connect to a users computer over the internet, if the users is at home, hotel, work, airport, etc...

I have no problem with having to build a server for this.

Here are a few of the programs I have found.



Instant Housecall Free Edition 4.4

Remote Administration Tool 1.2

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Logmein.com and gotomypc.com are also very useful. Logmein Free edition is great for remotely connecting for IT support.

If you use VNC or Ultra VNC you may want to use an alternate port. I have found hacking attempts on some of our remote sales reps laptops.

Hope that helps.

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At work we use RealVNC kind of in a reverse connection way so that the end user does not have to open a hole in their firewall.

On the Tech machine we run the Listening VNC Viewer and the on the client side when they need assistance and are on the phone when instruct them to launch the User mode VNC Server leave the port blocked when windows asks and then give them the IP address of the tech machine to use when they Add a New Client.

When I'm helping my friends and family remotely I use CrossLoop (http://crossloop.com/ipage.htm?id=predownload)

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I use LogMeIn Free when I have to access my server back at home and friends'/family's computers back in my hometown. Works great! ;)

You can also install LogMeIn Hamachi along with the built-in RDP server/client in Windows XP or some kind of VNC software.

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I prefer MS SharedView.

It`s easy to install (needs to be installed on both PCs), it`s stable and easy to use, and one important thing:

The remoted client has chance to see every mousemove and action the remoter does -

and with only one click he gets back the control over control. I use it to remote and repair

PCs for people who i don`t know - and they don`t know me. Trust is good - Control is better.

P.S.: The remoter needs a Windows Live-ID

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