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  1. Help!

    Well, you now have a splendid opportunity to downgrade to XP! Or you can just use Virtual Environment for such purposes. Or whenever needed, you can try finding what a file requires with DependencyWalker Or, if the Windows folder of vista is different, you can copy windows folder from an XP installation.
  2. Shell32.dl_

    For example, exFat hotfix is an example to that...
  3. suspisious task scheduler entry need help ?

    I assume you have Program Compatibility Assistant installed on your pc? http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/e...df4de71033.mspx
  4. Beta Testers Wanted.

    If only you could give some more information, maybe a few screenshots... (:
  5. Need skip option, when cut or copying files

    SuperCopier2 Better than TeraCopy. (to me of course)
  6. Remote PC access program

    LogMeIn would work just great for you. It doesn't matter if the user doesn't have a real ip address or if he/she is behind a proxy. It just connects! (:
  7. Unable to access microsoft.com from nlited XP

    Would you mind checking your :\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS file with notepad to see if there're any entries within to block it?
  8. Thank god i've removed autoplay from my system. See what people are trying to do? Mess up with my system? Hell no!
  9. News Update: xpize 5 One Month Away

    Me me! Count me in too. Let's see what xpize is capable off. (: I can either spare a pc to test it or can use Virtual Machines. My codeplex user name is Nomadturk as well. And, obviously i'll be testing it on a Turkish system. PS: Turkish Cyprus eh.. Nice choise, i've heard the casinos there are quite something.
  10. Cannot delete directories created by UE

    Glad to hear it worked. I'ld say, keep a copy of a live linux always with you. You'll never know when it might come handy. Of course, i'ld like reccomending you to switch over or install it as a second OS too... Linux, Unix, BSD systems are indeed cool! PS: No, i am not a genious. The guys who've coded GNU/Linux are.
  11. Cannot delete directories created by UE

    Wow, to be honest, i was expecting an answer like "heck linux!" (: Ubuntu will do. (Since it's a very popular one, it won't be hard to find help, if need be) As well as the rest of live linux distros. You can have a look at the rest via http://www.livecdlist.com/ or http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=cd Download ubuntu or another live linux distro. Burn them to a CD. Boot from them. If i remember correct, they will see the contents of your hard drive without problems. You can go and delete anything you'ld like from there. If you can't see them on your desktop, they're probably somewhere in the taskbar menus. If you still can not find, i think someone ofter me may explain better. (Sorry, been a while. Ever since i started using mac, i can't install linux anymore ^^) Or you can search online. But i don't suppose there'll be any need for those. Download, burn, boot, delete, reboot. (:
  12. Cannot delete directories created by UE

    Boot from a Live Linux CD, Navigate to the folder you want to delete. Delete. Restart.
  13. CMS Made Simple is quite easy to deal with. You can integrate your designs pretty quick too. People say Drupal is very powerful too. You may choose that too. About Joomla. I used it, and i hated it. Sometimes it's too hard to deal with (v1). I think you should better take a look at http://www.opensourcecms.com/ That will suit you better. (:
  14. What is the best Windows File Copy alternative ?

    My vote goes for SuperCopier. Though it's somewhat buggy, i've seen that it's way better and more functional than TeraCopy Free version.
  15. nLited XP theme troubles

    You're quite welcome my friend.