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Windows 7 RTM Programs Compatibility List


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In addition to what's been listed:

CCCP works with a caveat for MPC Homecimema (includes fix at website)

Erunt/NTREGOPT works (14% compression for me)

Textpad works

QT Lite works

RealPlayer Lite works

Vopt 9 works

Statbar works mostly (Master Volume inoperative with MS Creative drivers)

ZoneAlarm has issues. Official stance is 'not supported'

PeerGuardian fails with prior builds -edit- PG RC1 (Vista) works fine

*edit, since I'm an idjit*

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Surprised no one has tested foobar2000 yet.

Works of course. You still have to enable the "Win XP compatibility mode" for v.9.6.0+ (or just when using "some" plugins), same goes for Vista as well due to outdated "bla bla" in the code.

Don't run foobar in compatibility mode, update the affected plugins. That warning isn't there just for fun, there was a bug in the SDK used to compile plugins, that caused serious troubles on Vista, that's why a check for this was added. All currently actively developed plugins were recompiled with newer (fixed) versions of SDK.
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@Innocent Devil: Winamp 5.541 works 100% like in WinXP/Vista

Winamp doesn't work "100%" in Vista Aero in the first place, so I doubt it works perfect on Win 7. They've had over 2 years to make it work with desktop composing, but I guess they just suck too bad to properly implement a layered window or whatever. The alt-tab thumbnail, the flip3d thumbnail, the taskbar preview thumbnail... all show the "classic" look, when it works at all (even though they somehow claim it was fixed in their changelogs).

Even setting vista_thumbnail=1 manually in the config file (no, it's not enabled by default, for no apparent reason, nor is there an option in the GUI for it seemingly, changing between GDI+ and DirectDraw and such is no help either). It still has numerous glitches e.g. when it's minimized:


I'm starting to lose any confidence in them folks these days. 2 years to fix it wasn't enough? Seriously? It's the ONLY app I've seen with such issues too. Is it gonna take 2 years+ to fix possible Win 7-related issues as well? Seems like it's been mostly downhill since AOL bought nullsoft really. In fact, I just might switch to WMP instead (and that's coming from a die-hard winamp user) -- actually, I'm already started, and kinda liking it. The library (and way to assign ratings) and auto playlists seem to be a million times better anyways (and probably the device sync'ing and other stuff too, and also mp3's show up in MCE too). It even works with my fancy keyboard buttons without any messing around (nice) and using the remote in MCE too (getting any remote to work with winamp is a royal PITA to say the least). Doesn't cost $20 to have all the features either...

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Since I am the developer on the Win7codecs . . .

I have to denounce those promoting thier favorite codec packs (cccp and klite)

What exactly do you consider compatible? The fact that it didnt crash upon installation?

I challenge you:

On a clean installation of Windows 7, no codecs installed - test M2TS playback - works nice huh

Install your favorite codec pack, uninstall that codec pack

test M2TS again

Now go ask your favorite codecpack developers how do you get M2TS working again after removing thier pack.

The main reason I bring this up is that people like to try things. They try these codecpacks. They try my codec pack and complain to me that M2TS doesnt work. I have to inform them that the other codecpacks destroyed thier system and installing my codecs wont fix that destruction. To the best of my knowledge you have to format and clean install to get Windows 7 M2TS native support working again.

This isnt so much directed at cccp because they havent claimed thier pack was Win7 compatible

but Klite has claimed it was compatible since version 4.5.3 .. 17 revisions ago!


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I Confirm Thats Shark007 said...

In several test, the other codes DESTROY MPG, M2TS, Ac3, MPxs, Files.

In Several Test I Need to REINSTALL THE OS (Windows 7 Ultimate 64) because unistalling the codes IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

Is Most important DO TOUCH the natives codes build-in W7.

The BIG Problem is FFDSHOW tryouts..........

I Don´t Test in 32 bits. But I thing is the same.....

Shark007 Codes + Add 64 bits Works fine in W7. I Use to play ONLY Mkv files.

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A Roundup Of All The Applications Working So Far

Working Programs Only, Based On User Comments And Personal Test!

##System Security##

Symantec Security

ESET Smart Security 4

Norton Internet Security 2009

Avira Security Suite

AVG Internet Security(Minor Issue)


Norton 360(Compatibility, Run As Admin)

Avast Internet Security

##Media Player##

Real Player



Media Player Classic

Foobar2000(Advanced Plugins Not Tested)

Winamp(Minor Issues)






##Internet Browsers##



Google Chrome 2 Beta

SRWare Iron


Apple Safari


Tuneup-Utilities 2009(As Mentioned By User, But I'm Having Trouble)


Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Nero 9 Express




Ultimate Defrag

Power ISO





Ashampoo Burning Studio

Foxit Reader

Adobe Reader

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Everest Ultimate

Ultimate Defrag


O&O Defrag




Google Talk

Windows Live Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

##Misc Tools##







Virtual PC 2007(Minor Issues)



Orbit Downloader



Internet Download Manager

Virtual Box

Log Me In

Irfan View

Acronis True Image

##Yet To Be Tested##

Open Office

Oxygen Office



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Any know which Antivirus works with Windows 7 Build 7057? I tried Norton and Symantec Corporate.

Any ideas on firewall as well? Any zone Alarm products do not install (Website says none in beta yet)

Thanks in advance

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(tested on build 7000)

Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive -- works

Novell iPrint client -- install fails (Error: "Microsoft Hotfixes (KB941542 and KB932206) must be installed before you can install the iPrint client.")

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