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Windows 7 RTM Programs Compatibility List


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Was hoping to see what's compatible with the beta version and hopefully will be in final release.

So far, I have tested the following in build 6956:

Firefox 3.0.4 - works

True Launch Bar 4.2 - works

Microsoft Office 2007 - works

awxToolbar - works

Roboform 6.9.5 - works

UltraISO 9.3 - works

Nero micro - works

Comodo Firewall - doesn't install

Edit: Since build 7000 is public now, I've changed the topic from build 6959 to build 7000 and hopefully there won't be much difference.

Edit 2: New builds are coming our almost daily! Please state what build you are working with also.

Edit 3: Well, since RC is going to be released to public very soon, might as well focus on RC compatibilities from henceforth.

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BitDefender Total Security 2009 - works

(I'm not sure but I'm pretty confident that Bitdefender Antivirus, Internet security 2009 works)

But unfortunately and not surprisingly (since it will be discontinued in June 2009), Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare - does not work

Anyway, does anyone know what Anti-Virus software did Microsoft use in the last PDC conference in China?


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@spacesurfer: use comodo internet security and select only the firewall. Works great!

@Innocent Devil: Winamp 5.541 works 100% like in WinXP/Vista

What I have installed so far and works:

Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition v10.2.1000 (for Vista) works 100%

Comodo Internet Security (select only the FIREWALL to install) works 100%

Firefox works like a charm!

WinRAR v3.71 works 100%

Total Commander 7.04 works 100%

Adobe Reader 8 works 100%

UltraISO v9.3 (this version has the option to install a virtual CD/DVD drive - i use this instead of DaemonTools) works 100%

Office 2007 works 100%

BSPlayer v2.32 pro works 100% (to be able to view the movies go to PREFERENCES ->VIDEO ->VIDEO RENDERING ->check the box to DISABLE YV12 FORMAT and as rendering mode select INTERNAL RENDERER DIRECTDRAW SURFACE)



Regcleaner freeware

RealOne v11

Prasi ONES (I use this app to burn my CDs&DVDs)




I installed the drivers for Vista for my mobo (nForce based) and ATi drivers vista version and works awesome. I also installled the vista drivers for my HP AIO 4355 and works 100% on build 5696 (this wouldn't install on build 6801!)

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Spotify 100% 32 bits

AVG 8 FREE 32bits (does 64bits exist ???)

Firefox 3 32bits (does 64bits exist ???)

Office 2007 32bits (Outlook, Excel, Word, Office Picture Manager)

Roboform2go 32bits

Trillian Astra build 92 32bits

Works sometimes:

Nvidia update, ( 2x ASUS GeForce 6600GT 128MB SLI )

Not Work:

Outpost Pro 64bits Firewall Not even in XP compatbility mode

Office 2007 64bits Not even in XP compatbility mode

Daemon Tools 32/64bits Not even in XP compatbility mode


When I installed my harddrive ended up like this:

Harddrive: | (G:) 200 MB NTFS (hidden, but accessible) | (D:) 14,65 GB RAW Healthy (Primary Partion) | (C:) 13,78 GB NTFS Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partion)|

Odd that the boot part is at the end???

Install Plan

VLC 0.8.6i

Winamp 2 or 5 ???

Outpost Pro 32bits Firewall


Nero 6

Nokia Syn


Foxit PDF Reader

Looks lite 64bit do not work ???

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BitDefender Total Security 2009 - works

(I'm not sure but I'm pretty confident that Bitdefender Antivirus, Internet security 2009 works)

Unless there's more than one installer type, (mine is simply bdav.msi), I'm afraid to report that BitDefender Antivirus 2009 would not install directly on the 64-bit version. I didn't try it in Compatability Mode since the product was supposedly Vista SP1 compatible and for both x86 and x64.

However Avira AntiVir Personal installed like a dream, which I'm sure will be good news for all the Freeware Monkeys!

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Working here on build 7000:

- AVG_Free

- Sumatra pdf

- Opera 10.0 alpha

- Office XP 2002 Professional (same as on Vista; passwords are not saved for mail client)

- Infrarecorder 0462


- 7Zip 464

- Gimp 3.6.4 i686

- Flash Player

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:thumbup Working:


Office 2007 Professional Enterprise Edition

Viso 2007 Proffesional

Tune Up Utilities 2009

AI Roboform 6.9.82 (Siber Systems)

Maxthon 1.6.5 (Build 18) Unicode

Easy-PhotoPrint (Canon)

Easy-PhotoPrint EX (Canon)

CD-Label Print (Canon)



Limewire 4.8.18 Pro

Firefox 3.0.5

:thumbdown Not working:

Nero 360 Version 2

Nero 9.0.9d


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