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  1. HFSLIP - Test releases

    Perhaps the fact that the hfslip entries get busted once you try to uninstall any component using the add/remove components window and that it doesn't happen when the file is defraged is good enough reason.
  2. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    As you already did add a dependency on wget for the updates of hfslipfc itself, would it be possible to extend the functionality to automatically download all the missing updates?
  3. Windows Updates

    New DX (Feb 2010) is up: DirectX (February 2010) redistributable
  4. HFSLIP - Test releases

    I get a few file copy errors in txt mode for for example these files: bitstransfer.format.ps1xml certificate.format.ps1xml and some other .ps1xml and some other files although the corresponding packed files and entries in .inf are there, I guess the txt mode doesn't like the long extensions.
  5. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    Your site lists KB971276 as English only and the file-checker also displays the ENU filename when it's missing, but there are localized versions of this fix, recheck the download page.
  6. Heres why TcpWindowSize does not work in Vista

    Everything on one page: SpeedGuide
  7. Does Windows 7 > Windows XP ?

    ^^ That was with RC, which still contained loads of debugging code that was holding it back . Even though I expected it, I was really surprised how much faster the RTM version is compared to RC, it really flies.
  8. Windows 7 sounds great! Anyone gunna upgrade?

    Running fine here on A64 3200+/1GB RAM. I was very impressed by the beta so I installed RC as my main OS. It's not faster than XP, but also not slower and a lot less sluggish thanks to the improved memory management - that was the only gripe I had about XP, 30+ second HD grinding after minimizing and maximizing Firefox (just an example) even though there was a lot of free memory was driving me mad. Vista, in comparison, was totally unusable on the same machine.
  9. Another beta for you to try

    Sorry, I don't understand your reply, unless you didn't follow the link I posted and have mistaken the program I linked to with some other with similar name. The patcher I linked to is only 72 kB big, so it definitely doesn't contain any prepatched files.
  10. Another beta for you to try

    Well, apart from working on anything from XP to V7, that one is patching the actual files you have on your system, not just dumping some prepatched files, so it's version and language independent.
  11. Another beta for you to try

    This one - Universal Theme Patcher - is a lot better option.
  12. boot screen back to default ?

    There are a few possibilities, but the most probable is, that you have a multi-core processor, so your system is using ntkrnlmp.exe instead of ntoskrnl.exe. The other possibility is, that your file gets overwritten with the file from SP3.cab.
  13. Witch speed should i burn the ISO image on?

    Not exactly true for DVDs, media rated for higher speeds don't like being burned at too low speeds, also you can't burn at 1x as that is not supported by any current drive, the lowest speed for DVD is 4x. You shouldn't be so concerned about speed, more important is the brand of the media you are burning on.
  14. vLite is dead?

    You don't need source to release a virus/spyware loaded version of nLite/vLite. And there is already loads of virus loaded OS ISOs created with nLite/vLite, releasing it's source wouldn't make any difference, no one would bother with it as there are simpler and more effective ways to distribute malware.
  15. Resource editors for XP x64.

    Not that powerful yet, there is no support for menu/dialog/string etc. resources, so outside of the scope of xpize (replacing icons and images), it's not very useful yet.