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  1. Still find many msi files that aren't correctly extracted... I tried jsmsi.dll coupled with a vb script in my old pc in the past (my new with Win7 blocks the script) and it seemed to work better than the current methods (I always avoid admin instalation method... and it's useless in public pcs where we have no rights). Could you please test it and see if it's any better? My old pc died so I can't use it anymore (nor Lessmsierables)... Here are some MSIs not correctly extracted (not counting admin setup) TortoiseSVN and 7zip. Also NSIS setup failure in the official build still exist (hope you didn't forget... CCleaner is one of the affected programs)... I don't know if it's a x64 issue (running Win7 x64 machine)? The last build of UE 1.6.1 that worked with this sort of setup was beta 1 (which is the one I'm currently using). Would nice to have this fixed even though I've never had any issues with the beta (but I wonder if the final version supports more stuff or has any bugfixes). PS: Could you host in your website the noinst pack as a ZIP archive rather than RAR? I ofter find the need to use some apps in public pcs where I have no admin privileges and don't have a proper archive program. Since all latest Windows releases have native zip support this would save me the need to download Portable7zip just to extract UE bin archive.
  2. Just tried the newer versions and so far so good (apart from NSIS failure up from beta1 of UniExtract). The Microsoft setup detection seems to work now. Even works with Windows Mobile Rom updates like WinRAR did (even though it initially recognizes the setups as being Install Shield... if you select it isn't Install Shield it'll detect the correct type and extract). MSI seems to be working great now (didn't know about MsiX).
  3. Didn't check this project for a long while... Glad to see a new version (I feared it was abandoned). Just to say NSIS extraction also fails for me... 1.6.1 beta1 works fine tough (the bug seems to have been introduced in beta2). Running a Win7 x64 (don't know if it matters).
  4. I've noticed in the past that many exe files (especially from Microsoft... like the Device Center or the VBRuntimes setups) can't be extracted correctly with Universal Extractor but WinRAR can extract them! I'd love to see this fixed in Universal Extractor. Also about MSI unpacking I think I found the perfect extraction component (well at least in XP... doesn't work completelly in Vista/7 but the devs give some instructions on how to fix this). I'm talking about LinMSI (just drag-n-drop the msi on the vb script) from JSWare (they give info on that page).
  5. Needs better MSI support. The current MSI unpacking process isn't that great... The best MSI unpacker I know is LessMSIerables which is open source but .NET... If someone could learn from the source and implement this (or port it to C/C++ and integrate it with Universal Extractor) it would be perfect... I'm not a coder so I can't be of any more help...
  6. There seems to be something broken in the 1.6 beta (I think the log says it's related with the 7zip). I lent a USB pen to a friend and it returned with a nasty virus that screws low level information of partitions. I have used some tools from HDDGuru.com to erase/format the pen (because Windows can't even mount it or format it). They are stanalone .exe files but are only available in setups so here comes UniExtract to the rescue. Strange thing is 1.6 failed and 1.5 succeeded (even if using the same version of 7z.exe and 7z.dll)... http://hddguru.com/content/en/software/200...-HDD-Wipe-Tool/ http://hddguru.com/content/en/software/200...el-Format-Tool/ P.S: I also have some suggestions: 1- How about LesMSIerables for MSI extraction (seems to do the job without the dummy installation... but requires .NET 1... but it comes with the source). I couldn't find it online anymore... Here's an upload: http://dodownload.filefront.com/10498867//...ef1147c497d3cb2 Or as an alternative (the unpakers seem to work fine): http://www.jsware.net/jsware/msicode.php3 2- IAT can supposedlly convert BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, and B5I into ISO-9660 (I wasn't abble to use it though...) http://iat.berlios.de/ 3- I agree with DAA2ISO. Add UIF2ISO to the list: http://aluigi.altervista.org/mytoolz/uif2iso.zip I couldn't find any free (small) tool to convert CCD2ISO or IMG2ISO (I did find a page with link to convert any images to ISO... but for Linux... some of these xxx2ISO projects are also available for Windows even if in different webpages): http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion. Regards
  7. Great app! Works for most setups I try By the way would it be possible to cascade the context menu options (I have so many already...). It would also be nice if we could edit the program prefences/options using the GUI (currently it's only possible thought the setup during instalation). Would it be possible for Universal Extractor to decompile swf into fla? The only free program I know doesn't work very well with newer flash version (SWFaFLA). Maybe combining some open source tools like swfmill, MTASC, haXe or SWFRIP... It would be real nice! Keep up the good work!

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