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vLite v1.2 Final - RapidCatched


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Last_Session.iniHello Everybody here.... :hello:

Let me get straight to the topic--- Here i have a strange problem.the problem is whenever i integrate any windows update(.msu) and remove the components using vlite v1.2 Final,my installation never completes(or u may say it completes) but never able to get to the desktop as it shows something like completing stage 3of 3 at the logon screen- it goes from 0 to 100% rebooots n goes on rebooting (looping).......

Though when i remove the same components without adding any update to my pre-integrated vista sp1 image(x86),the installation works.it finishes off perfectly.

i tried another way, also --- didnt integrated any update, just only internet explorer 8 beta 2 but again the same error..

I think this may be becoz i remove component cache(Winsxs). it might be like if i integrate any updates then i shouldn't remove comp. cache.

My vlite config file is attached (see at the top of this note),plz tell me if i'm removing something that is required for setup to work properly.

Also can somebody guide me how to disable driver signing check during setup,i get an error message saying my drivers are not signed.This breaks the unattended setup.

Waiting For Quick Reps AND forgive me if i hav posted in the wrong thread!!!!

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Download a Tool -- GimageX, extract n copy wmigapi.dll to the extracted gimagex folder(keep both gimagex and wmigapi.dll file in one folder) and install ur respective wmifilter (x86 or x64)drvier.open gimagex - click mount- [before this make a folder say WORK in ur C:\ drive] and select mount point to this folder(WORK).Now select ur vlited Install.wim as source.click read write and then mount.now goto WORK and open winsxs folder there u will find pending.xml- delete it! (search work folder for pending.xml if u cant find it)close the folder.Now click commit changes in the tool and unmount, u may now make ur vlited bootable cd--- one more thing ='TESTED WORKING'

Bang! all done :thumbup

Credits : WiCiO

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I've read a lot of topics here and somewhere else...but I'm doubtful.

Now I want to make an unattended ISO of windows vista ultimate x64 with SP1 drivers, hotfix and all my favorite applications. So I will be able to install all I need in one step.

I've read this guide but I'm doubtful: Do I need other hotfixes besides sp1's ones or this guide is correct ?

Does SP1 contain all hotfix I need ? Will I need to download other hotfixes non included in SP1 ?

Can I install additional drivers using drivers packs and following the same method I used with nlite?

If this method don't work, wich is the correct one ?

I've maked applications' cabs for nlite but I'm not sure they will work with vlite. Are they compatible ?

How can I add my applications to ISO image ?

In short: I need help to make a complete iso image with windows vista ultimate x64, all needed drivers, all needed hotfixes and all my favorite applications.

Thanks a lot !

Sorry for my bad english

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