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  1. I've read a lot of topics here and somewhere else...but I'm doubtful. Now I want to make an unattended ISO of windows vista ultimate x64 with SP1 drivers, hotfix and all my favorite applications. So I will be able to install all I need in one step. I've read this guide but I'm doubtful: Do I need other hotfixes besides sp1's ones or this guide is correct ? Does SP1 contain all hotfix I need ? Will I need to download other hotfixes non included in SP1 ? Can I install additional drivers using drivers packs and following the same method I used with nlite? If this method don't work, wich is the correct one ? I've maked applications' cabs for nlite but I'm not sure they will work with vlite. Are they compatible ? How can I add my applications to ISO image ? In short: I need help to make a complete iso image with windows vista ultimate x64, all needed drivers, all needed hotfixes and all my favorite applications. Thanks a lot ! Sorry for my bad english
  2. Hi guys. At first i'm sorry fom my bad english. I hope you can understand me anyway. There are 3 days that i've try to install nero 7 silently bat i've had always bad results. I've found this forum recently and, reading a lots of thread now I've a doubt: When I must import the key? In some post i erad it's the first action bat in other they mak fisrt the installation and after import the key. Where is the right way? My final target is import nero 7 installation in a new windowsxp mce dvd. At the start i do this: I've maked $1 folder inside $OEM$ folder. In $1 folder i maked Nero7591 folder and inside this last i've insert all nero installation files plus nero75.reg inside nero75.reg there are these info Inside $OEM$ there are 3 files (plus $1\Nero7591 folder): cmdlines.txt nero75.bat pulizia75.bat (you can traduce this as like clean75.bat) Togli.reg is the key for remove nero scout from "Risorse del Computer" (My Computer) The folder structure is more or less so: $OEM$ |--cmdlines.txt |--nero75.bat |--pulizia75.bat |--$1 >>>|--Nero7591 >>>>>>>>>|--nero75.reg >>>>>>>>>|--tutti i file d'installazione >>>>>>>>>|--NeroScout >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|--Togli.reg Now i'm wait that windows in his installations execute tue commands wrote in cmdlines.txt and at the end i can view Nero inside programs folder But isn't so. The installation work correctly but at the end nero there is in no places. Please tell me what i wrong and i pray you to help me to finalize this installation Thanxs from now for your patience and your assistance

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