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  1. Yes it's official according to the RC 1 blog http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/MainFeed.aspx invert selection was purposley removed but back by popular demand. Now, if I could only paste text to the search box...
  2. I always make it a habit to use the feedback link!
  3. It's not the most important issue in my life at the moment but I was just wondering what happened to invert selection.
  4. No Invet Selction function found on Windows 7 for now.
  5. Hey Geek, I went to crash course and it adds those context like you said but when I tried invert selection it opens the edit menu so probably it's incompatable with 7 since seven has no invert select so I uninstalled select all and registered SELALL.dl_ from your program to get just the select all function and it comes in very handy.
  6. Invert selection is missing from the edit menu. This is either a bug or delibirate. I'm wondering if there is a way to restore it in the registry and if anyone knows how to do it.
  7. False alarm. All I had to do was install the realtek driver and configure the sound device.
  8. I have tried several sound recorders that work on 32 versions of xp but not on vista. I have a realtek semiconducter audio device on an asus intell motherbord. I press the record button. Nothing.
  9. I found out why I get this message. It's becouse I was using the seperarte versions of net 2.0 sp2 and net 3.0 sp2 from the msdn net framework for visual studio web site which are not supported on vista so you can only use the version from the ms consumer download center which contains the entire package: net 2.0 sp2 net 3.0 sp2 and net 3.5 sp1. This works on vista becouse it does not actually install the net 2.0 sp2 or net 3.0 sp2 since they are included and come with the opertating system but only the 3.5 sp1 portion of the package if you use the offline version. If you use the online web bootstrapper it will only give you the two .msu updates and skips the 3.5 sp1 portion which is an error so I use the offline version found at the bottom of the net 3.5 sp1 download page. You can reduce the size of the offline package for vista from 250 mb to about 20 mb by extracting the 3.5 sp1 and deleting the uneeded net 2.0 sp2 and net 3.0 sp2 and then editing the .msi of the net 3.5 sp1 by dropping the table that blocks direct install and including the two .msu updates
  10. Did you try it my way by deleteing the tables or just with the transform? If you did and it still dosn't work this might do the trick: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=825066
  11. I have a question for shadow: why when you were the first to reply to mystur's thread did you provide this code when you knew it would not work? /verysilent /norestart /USER="Shadow" /SERIAL="SSSS-HHHH-AAAA-DDDD-OOOO-WWWW-!!!!"
  12. Here is the no bull code to install Nero 9 silently. Setupx.exe /i /q SERIALNUMBER="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" EULAACCEPTED="1" REMOVEAPP="unit_app_1, unit_app_5, unit_app_6, unit_app_10, unit_app_12, unit_app_13, unit_app_14, unit_app_15, unit_app_16, unit_app_17, unit_app_19, unit_app_20, unit_app_21, unit_app_22, unit_app_50, unit_app_57, unit_app_64, unit_app_65, unit_app_66, unit_app_67, unit_app_68, unit_app_71, unit_app_74" INCLANGUAGES= "CHS,CHT,CSY,DAN,DEU,ELL,ENG,ESL,ESP,FIN,FRA,HRV,HUN,ITA,JPN,KOR,NLD,NOR,PLK,PTB,PTG,RUS,SKY,SVE, THA,TRK" Setup=Def.exe \ENG
  13. I never did myself. Could be they were still registered in that directory from a previos installation explaining why I never had a problem.

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