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Petition to Nuhi


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Afternoon Nuhi,

I have noticed a vast amount of people expressing their disappointment at the acknowledgment that nLite and vLite cannot be used in corporate environments.

I myself like many others would love a version, free or to be paid for that can be used in a corporate environment.

So to start off,

We the undersigned petition to you, Dino Nuhagic for a version of nLite for use in a corporate environment.

We understand you have final say so on whether to go along with this. This petition is purely to show you the level of interest.

Many thanks,


@ everyone

Please voice your interest in here!

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Though being completely and utterly a "home" user, I find that a Commercial version may be useful, I happen to have friends that would need nlite to speed up things at work, so, even if not directly affected by the "Personal use only", I agree with this petition idea.

For what I can see, there are ANYWAY a number of people using nlite in a corporate environnment, ignoring the License Agreement, a few even come here for help:



But still, I perfectly understand the reasons that prevents Nuhi from such a step:



(essentially exclude ANY liability whatsoever)

Maybe some "personal user" which is in his professional career a lawyer may give us (and Nuhi) some advice on this aspect, or some prospective BIG "corporate user" may want to pay one and publish his advice. :unsure:


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First, Nlite is toit, but I think a full commercial release of this tool in its current state would do more harm for its name than good. Not to be too terribly antagonistic. But the last time I diffed my files between my manual load and my Nlite load the discrepancies were far too great, and many seemingly unneeded, to even consider using it for redistributable purposes or commercial deployment. Especially if your load is subject to any kind of configuration management.

The hotfix integration worked clean, but I dont know how lively the market is for M$ hotfix integrators.

Again, I <3 Nlite.

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