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What I miss in vLite


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I'm just writing a few things I really miss in vLite.

1#: The thing I miss the most is better support for Windows Server 2008.

nLite had extremely good support for Windows Server 2003, and as it's been proven that Server 2008 simply is superior to Vista is quite sad that vLite isn't working that well with Server 2008.

And as Windows Server 2008 is literary free (I re-install before 240days anyway), and simply better than Vista I'm not even considering using Vista instead of Server 2008. Why would I? About anything that works in Vista works perfectly in Server 2008 as well, I've got no DRM which even vLite can't remove from Vista. And it's faster, no matter how much I tweak Vista?

But Server 2008 isn't perfect, there are lots of stuff I can remove from it. There are also a few tweaks I can do, the problem is that vLite isn't really optimized for Server 2008 so all I end up with is being able to get rid of like 10% of the stuff I want, or else I break the add feature function, which I need.

2#: The second thing I really miss is a TCPIP.sys tweak option. That was one of my favourite features in nLite.

Being limited to 5-10 connections is really killing my torrent speeds, which is a real shame and almost a good enough reason for me to not use Vista in the first place, luckily I've got Server 2008 which supports a few more connections, but not enough.

3#: Different tweaks. With nLite you can really tweak and setup your entire Windows before you have installed it. You can change the settings of Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, you can change the Start Menu settings, desktop icon size, you name it! Currently we've got none options like that in vLite. I really miss the option where I could select that Windows remember what windows I had up before restart, so when starting again the windows pop back up. Really neat!

What about the option for specifying the USB Port Polling Frequency?

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about #2, server not need tcp tweaking cos its already set to 100 or more connection

#1 vlite work pretty well with server u just need to pre-install with waik same feathers to make it remove more stuff after

anyways i with u, would nice to have more tweaks to this os

really love it and wont change to vista

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Where has it been proven that 2008 is better than Vista? They are the EXACT same **** thing. 2008 just has lots less sh*t. Try running winver you'll see the are the same kernal version and everything.

Hi kels

It has not been proven, but vast majority of people who used server 2008, never looked back to vista. Yes they use the same kernal and everything, and yes server 2008 is not bloated like vista, BUT server is highly tuned for reliability and speed. Even when i did a vlite of vista and removed most of the stuffs, server 2008 always performed faster with all the bells and whistles on, eg desktop experience Compare to vista. Its not only me saying this, but many people end results were, server is faster than vista, no matter how much you vlite vista and tweak.

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No it doesn't.

I've tried my own "extreme" light Vista and compared it up against a Server 2008 not tweaked at all, and still Server 2008 performs better.

Why? I have no idea. Might have something to do with Server 2008 not having any DRM of any sort, while Vista got lot if it.

Microsoft might also have done something "underneath" the hood, which makes it faster.

No matter what the reason is, Server 2008 is definitely faster and superior to Windows Vista no matter how much you tweak Vista.

And you might also tweak Server 2008, and then it gets even better.

Try to use vLite on Vista and make a somewhat identical Server 2008 and Windows Vista installation, you will notice that Server 2008 is still faster

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I think this is psychological!! Once you have custom vista, it runs faster than server 2008

My programs run and loads faster compare to vista. The only thing i had to do manually is enable superfetch and cpu priority for programs to get the true server performance. Not only that i play lots of latest games, and it surprised me, it loads games faster and more importantly it gives more FPS. That just sums it up, that server is much faster. btw i do have all the bells and whistles enabled as well, and still its fast.

I would really like to see more tweaks and more server 2008 support on next version of vlite.

EDIT: even after using vlite and tweaking vista, my games and apps still does not run or load faster compare to server 2008

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RamGuy, these benchmarks are all over the place, make no sense. Which implies different caching, drivers or machine current state (running services).

Kernel is the same, there is no speed out of nothing so it must be different config and flawed benchmark.

This guy explains it good, read the Update at the end:


EDIT: even after using vlite and tweaking vista, my games and apps still does not run or load faster compare to server 2008

What a nonsense. Who knows, maybe you mess something up in Vista Sp1 config. Be sure to keep Superfetch, it helps on apps startups.

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What a nonsense. Who knows, maybe you mess something up in Vista Sp1 config. Be sure to keep Superfetch, it helps on apps startups.

I did remove Superfetch as well, i guess thats the reason why vista was slower compare to server. Looks like i have to vlite again and this time keep superfetch and compare it with server 2008 to see if the performance is still the same.

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believe it or not S2k8 has to perform VERY well and should be MORE reliable than vista (read workstation os)

its by design bcoz its a SERVER-line product

it makes a huge selling point for m$

there is no need for putting sme DRM-crap in SERVER line os (but it is, maye be with QWAVE package for providing workstation os with DRM stuff) unless it is not meant for that.

do u think u get DRM-crap in S2k8 Core install?? its may/even managed by remotely(so no display)

s2k8 is for longterm run (may not reboot for days)

should be green (less power consumption of h/w by efficient utilization)

(still i suspect TILT bits r present in s2k8, can anybody confirm that?)

for more deatils abt vista craps goto link in my sig. and compare it with s2k8


for the things missing in vlite as RamGuy:

had u ever tried early builds of nLite like 0.6,0.7 etc ? they dont have half of the feature 2days nlite have.

nLite is a mature product nw. it took long 4 yrs reach 2dys form not in one or 2 dys.

It applies same to vLite too, its only <2 yrs old. and will grow up(NOT in a sudden)

and moreover its not been produced some huge company, only one person nuhi

and backed by the responses from the forum

so don't expect a fast product development cycle

u should appreciate nuhi for whatever he does with vLite,without him we will be in some state of extreme crazy by m$ stupid ideas and impementations.

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