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  1. i know of vlite and http://www.rt7lite.com/ what are the other options if any?
  2. If he owns a vista license it's not warez no matter where he gets the actual installation media from. This has been argued OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! ANY source but MS or an official distributer is illegal, even if it is only a OS disk! Thats like saying "I still have my keys from that Jaguar I wrecked, maybe I'll just go use his." It's people like you and attitudes like yours that is the reason the vLite and nLite are so close to being shut down... You pay for the license to use the software, not the media, otherwise you need to call warez any backup or mod to the program. Can't make comparison about real objects and software too. Downloading a music or movie is way different than stealing someones car or wallet. Using a program before the company made it available for the public is not ok though...
  3. How do you donwload the fixes to integrate on vista?
  4. Just want to know what are people using and if there is a difference between home and ultimate, once the proposed is to make vista light wouldnt all versions act the same before vlited?
  5. +1 for server support
  6. Did you removed the winsxs directory too?
  7. what are the dependencies to remove for network?
  8. Thats what i want to know, which files are removed from winsxs? Is vlite smart to remove only unnecessary archives?
  9. is it ok to remove winsxs with vlite? will it remove only the trash or system files will gone too? I tried to manually delete all files but then my vista didn't boot anymore.
  10. Thanks, but it didn't help.. The issues is that am not able to click play at all, on the site the entire player is completely gone? don't you need the codecs besides the plugin?
  11. Perfect! What kind of board is that? New or old? Don't think its too old, the laptop is new, a compaq c700
  12. Works for me too. On board Conexant HD audio.
  13. What is the command to install wireless? Also, will ocsetup work even with add features broken?
  14. Is there a list of all stuff that can be removed without broking the add features?
  15. isnt possible to add wireless and net without the add features?
  16. Seems that server 2008 is a great os, would be nice if nuhi change his mind and worked with it. especially when vista has too many issues still not resolved. Are you still able to turn aero on?
  17. And to install windows on a usb and run it there, like a real hd, is this possible? Im thinking of win2k3 or vista.
  18. This happens to me too, at beginning vista loads faster but after some time booting slows a lot. don´t know why.
  19. Is possible to install the iso created with nlite or vlite from pendrive?
  20. How can i download windows updates to my computer to integrate with windows 2003 image?
  21. anarkhy

    vista 64?

    I missed that, thanks!
  22. anarkhy

    vista 64?

    Vlite works with vista 64 bits? I tried to customize a dvd but it didnt saved any changes
  23. can we select wich services to load in windows 2003 now?
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