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Not showing up for me...


Edit: MrCobra, no need to PM me with the link. You could have posted it here since it links to Microsoft's website.

Seems legit according to http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...t=0&start=0.

Direct link: http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownlo...e2300ebfde4.exe

MD5 Hash: BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58

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Well, according to the rules this means you're going to be banned. :rolleyes::whistle: Sorry, couldn't resist.

Thought it better for someone other than myself to post it.

I thought you'd bring that up. :rolleyes: What we really meant to say was that we didn't want you posting links to unofficial copies of SP3. The one you sent me links to the Microsoft website and therefore is considered to be OK.

Edit: Verified the file myself. It's legit.

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Since we're posting links now, I might as well post this information about the file:

CRC32: C411A9DA

MD5: BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58

SHA1: C81472F7EEEA2ECA421E116CD4C03E2300EBFDE4

Filename: windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu_c81472f7eeea2eca421e116cd4c03e2300ebfde4.exe

Piece of trivia I just noticed. All the gobbledy-gook in the file name that was posted is the SHA-1 of the file. So I guess that's Microsoft's favored validation scheme.

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the direct download link is right off Microsoft's public windowsupdate.com, it can't be posted? hmm

anyway, the Build # (5512) CRC and MD5 and all matches what was on TechNet so, whew!

Slipstream with nlite last week and been using it for a few days now without hassles, seems faster!

ps. ikary, spanish doesn't seem available yet.

The languages that are available are English, German, Russian, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Edited by _ck_
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