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  1. I told nlite to disable SPF but here's a dumb question: how can I confirm SPF is off?
  2. _ck_

    XP SP3

    the direct download link is right off Microsoft's public windowsupdate.com, it can't be posted? hmm anyway, the Build # (5512) CRC and MD5 and all matches what was on TechNet so, whew! Slipstream with nlite last week and been using it for a few days now without hassles, seems faster! ps. ikary, spanish doesn't seem available yet. The languages that are available are English, German, Russian, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  3. Oh this would be a nightmare if it has a timeout. :eek: I just finished a clean install last night and got all the settings up to par finally this afternoon.
  4. I am planning finally switching to XP (after seven years with win2k lol!) as soon as sp3 is available for download. I have a legit OEM Home license and CD, can I install this, not as an upgrade, but still keep some files on the FAT32 drive? Or will it insist on formatting the partition/creating a new partition?
  5. _ck_

    Is XP SP3 ready?

    Microsoft: XP SP3 RTM date a typo http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1311
  6. _ck_

    Is XP SP3 ready?

    The link is incomplete so it doesn't work but english language has been listed as second half of April. Maybe, just maybe RTM will be next week but I highly doubt we'll see anything sooner. I just wish the betas could be used without expire/uninstalling.
  7. Somehow over the past few days I've managed to break Internet Explorer on my win2k setup like I've never seen before and can't find a working fix... Essentially if I allow it to load any page with a javascript, it will lock up at that point (which when I can cleanly exit and restart easily). I've literally made a workaround where I turned on the option to prompt if I want javascript to load and that "solves" page loading. Now I never use IE except for Windows Update and to test how some web pages look under it, but this is still bothersome to say the least. I've checked for all spyware and even used "whatautoruns" to unhook every accessory attached to IE without any change. Any ideas how to tackle this further?
  8. _ck_

    SP3 for XP

    The new whitepaper out for sp3 now lists "second half of April" for the english release.
  9. _ck_

    SP3 for XP

  10. _ck_

    Newest XP SP3

    http://www.crn.com/article/printableArticl...cleId=206904757 http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1278
  11. I've been using tclock2 on my win2k install for years now, feels wrong without it. Was looking at this one, and I wanted to suggest a feature that would make me upgrade: tclock should be able to track multiple timezones like FoxClocks: http://www.stemhaus.com/firefox/foxclocks/ It feels silly to have a plugin inside firefox just so I can mouse-over the corner and see what time it is for my friends around the world. Makes much more sense to be able to do it via a mouse-over of the system clock, no? Thanks for considering!
  12. Are you able to edit and manipulate your tcpip settings and the stack in general when remote registry service is disabled?
  13. OMG I can't believe I finally figured this out (been struggling with it for nearly a month now) Leaving this for anyone else who eventually has the same problem. It's the Remote Registry service. Even if you don't use remote registry features, you MUST have it enabled for win2k network interface to function properly - you should never disable it. You might be able to set it to manual, but definitely not disabled for proper network interface operation. Wow. That was driving me crazy. Almost upgraded to XP too. To heck with that now! ps. the technical reason why it won't work if remote registry is disabled is because the network adapter formal names are not available for some mysterious reason - it then refers to them by their registry key id and some of the interfaces cannot recoignize/handle the long key
  14. Thank's for the tip about admin with xp home and safe mode - that was starting to drive me insane! Well maybe because of sp3 I am not able to give the new user I created admin rights ahead of time. However I am able to log into safe mode and even though administrator strangely does not have the rights to give my new user admin privs, I noticed there is a third user "Owner" who is administrator. So I log into "Owner" and then give my new user admin rights. Then everything works. I hope someone has found a registry hack to make XP Home allow administrator to be administrator. Like that's a real security fix, sheesh. I wonder what other XP home quirks I am going to run into - I thought it was just a cpu limit.
  15. After many years of a using and upgrading a fairly stable win2k install, I've suddenly encountered a problem I cannot find a working fix for. If I go into my network properties for my lan driver (Nvidia 410 chipset) there is no tcp/ip showing. Only "Client for Microsoft Networks" appears. The system is very slow to start after login and I suspect that's something timing out. The system DOES work however after it finally finishes booting, I suspect this is because the DHCP service manages to still work. I am unable to install network properties like a service - it says "Could not add the request component. The error is: The system cannot find the file specified" I cannot uninstall the network driver or reinstall it or upgrade it. There's always some kind of error and failure. Trying to edit the registry and deleting it never works right. I eventually have to restore a registry backup to get it to where it was. I've tried "Winsock XP fix" (which is also meant for win2k) without any change. Even worse, I can no longer refresh win2k onto my system - it will cause a lockup halfway in. Note my system is otherwise working with some very complex software (dotnet frameworks, drm video, etc.) I am virtually positive there is no virus or rootkit activity on it. Thanks for any ideas on what to try next!
  16. Well I tried with OOBE enabled and it had me create a user but the user was not given admin rights. I tried then manually creating a new nlite setup with a new user under the admin group but it doesn't have admin rights either. Is this really because of SP3? That's unfortunate. Anyone else out there have it working with 3311 ? I notice that the domain section is greyed out under nlite setup, I guess it's supposed to be that way?
  17. I did remove OOBE. I guess I have a misunderstanding of what it's needed for? By the way, "New user" login works fine. It's just Administrator that is hosed. LAST_SESSION.INI
  18. I'm using nlite to build an ISO with my xp home which I then am testing in a vmware box before installing for real. The problem is no matter what settings I use in the build for the password (allow blank, giving a password etc) I cannot log in once the install is finished. I get the classic "The system could not log you on. Make sure..." Any suggestions? I can't seem to figure it out.
  19. I think I am going to give into the dark side and migrate my win2k setup to windows xp this weekend. If I want to use this 3311 build, I am getting confused by some of the comments here, can I pre-slipstream my oem XP disc with the sp3? Or will it not work because it's not final? I'm a slipstreaming newbie, so if this is possible, I would love a link to the most straightfoward guide.
  20. Sigh. It's probably time for me to give into the dark side and migrate (or at least dual boot) to Windows XP since SP3 is out anyday now... I really dread it though.
  21. I would eagerly look forward to this as I have a barely working win2k install that badly needs a refresh. Is the NET framework 1.1 + 2.0 with all service packs and hotfixes already in there? Because they're pretty much a must these days and need like 4 more reboots if you do them manually. ETA: oh I see the NET issue is addressed earlier in this thread, sorry.

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