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Plans for USP 5.2


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I would eagerly look forward to this as I have a barely working win2k install that badly needs a refresh.

Is the NET framework 1.1 + 2.0 with all service packs and hotfixes already in there? Because they're pretty much a must these days and need like 4 more reboots if you do them manually.

ETA: oh I see the NET issue is addressed earlier in this thread, sorry.

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Naw sorry it will be out this year

Most likely middle of the next month

(I hope)

Sigh. It's probably time for me to give into the dark side and migrate (or at least dual boot)

to Windows XP since SP3 is out anyday now... I really dread it though.

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I'm also ready to test. Bring it on. Meanwhile, is there a list of all public and support only (where you have to contact paid MS support) post unofficial SP5 hotfixes for Windows 2000? Except of course the security updates which are publicly available?

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Nice effort, mate - I hope you succeed with this project of yours :)

Although personally, i would much preffer a basic pack with just all critical security/stability patches and not things like WMP, IE, tweakui etc.

Maybe a full and lite version ;)

Of course it's your project and hence, your choise :)

Anyway, glad to see you're working on this :thumbup

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wow this is nice, - yet i wonder why - not a pre-sp5 roll up. it will save you a whole lot of work,

i do really wonder what is left to do besides DX9 and WMP9

as IE 6 isn't so mutch supported anymore, and IE7 wont run ..

also i do think 2k is rather complete as it is, unless one concidered an alternative

Grafical interface, (custom explorer - and desktop - ) perhaps over the years ROS has evolved enought

at this time id recoment something based on the mozilla suite (recent version) or firefox 3 with some aditional plugins and a decent windows 2 theme. also something like a replacement of editpad (rtf) by something like abiword - witch also supports MS office filetypes...

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Just wondering how it's coming along,is it just about ready?I was going to make a new disc today with the old one,but I can wait if it's coming soon.Do you have copy I could test,or should I just wait?I'm really excited about this release,so I hope there aren,t any holdups.Anyway,thanks for doing this,I/we appreciate it.

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