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  1. Hey Fernando 1 I followed your instructions and it worked the first time thank You very much for this icy
  2. Hey melissah As You run a Mac Os, i think windows is not going to restart as it is in an Mac OS environment Install this windows onto a normal pc,when the installation is done,make an image and copy it onto your Mac, if your lucky it will boot or, buy a PC icy
  3. icy

    How to Manual

    I see a lot of members having problems, as I used to have, so i decided to make a small manual how I do it. This is not the usual way to do it , but i am not usual, it just works fine for me icy PS if I make mistakes, tell me If you can add good tips,tell me, i'll add them MANUAL ---------- This manual consist of - setting up the system to test a Nlited windows Instead of using virtual machine software like WMWare Workstation or Microsoft VM , i use Bootit Ng with an EMBR partition, - Bootit Ng, Info http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-next-generation.htm* Manual http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/downloads/bootitng.pdf. when an EMBR partition is installed, then You get 16 active partitions, ideal for setting up multiple Operating Systems and testing Nlite compilations ATTENTION, do not use other partition software than Bootit Ng to PARTITION An EMBR partition is NOT CPMPATIBLE with other partition software PS You can use other software as long as You DO NOT PARTITION, ex change drive letters format transform fat into ntfs or vice versa etc - How to set up Bootit Ng on the system see bootit.pdf, install Bootit Ng for the first time To work easely, you should have at least a HD with a capacity of 500 GB in order no to be limited to 4 partitions,make a small EMBR 8MB partition , then you get 16 partitions minus 1 for the EMBR partition If you have already a windows installed and the EMBR partition does not install, then you got a problem ,the only solution is to backup your data,reformat the primary partition ,install an EMBR partition then install an OS - How to use the partitions *First partition gets the EMBR and Bootit Ng software min capacity . 8MB, not GB *Second partition,make a 30 a 50 GB partition SET Third & Fourth partition up now,see below WHEN done,delete this second partition NOW in this empty space you can put up up to 13 OS For Windows 2000 use 2GB For XP use 3 GB For Vista use 6 GB goto - How to Set up the partitions *Third partition serves _for the pagefile ,pagefile.sys, of all windows the pagefile can be set as follows: Push Winkey & M Rightclic mouse on "My Computer" icon Push Proporties Push Advanced Push Performance Settings Push Advanced Push Change Select drive to put the new pagefile.sys onto Select Custom Size Size is a multiple of 1023, 2046,3069,4092, i use 3069 Set Initial Size = Maximum Size Set the size of the pagefile.sys on all the other visible drives to 0 Push ok 3 times until menu is closed _for the tempory files of all windows, the tempory files can be set as follows: Push Winkey & M Rightclic mouse on "My Computer" icon Push Proporties Push Advanced Push Environment Variables Push User Variables for Administrator Change Variable Value Push ok Move sidebar User Variables co that you see Temp & Tmp Change both Push ok untill you leave the menu _For the Temporary Internet Files of all Windows Push Winkey & M Rightclic mouse on "Internet Explorer" icon Push Proporties Push Settings Push Move Folder Choose drive Push OK _For the Temporary Directories used by all programs of all Windows Most of the diskfragmentation is now localised onto this disk How To defragment it: just use Bootit Ng to format this partition at bootup, See bootit.pdf how to PS If the partition for some reason doesn't match the driveletter, you can change the driveletter with diskmgmt.msc ,program located in the system32 directory so SET UP a 10 a 15 GB Third partition *Forth Partition ,takes all the rest as logical to create logical drives See bootit.pdf how to - Make 1 logical drive +- 30GB All windows OS, be it Windows 2000,XP,Vista,Nlited or Vlited can use 99% of the programs installed on this logical drive. There are four possibelities - once a program is installed,it works for all windows - idem , but you need to insert the registerykey or validate via internet - you can install it onto the same directory and overwrite it each time, for every installed OS, it will work in all window OS - You need to install in a separatedly directory for each OS, This happens in less than 1% of the cases Use the free space to make more logical drives to store data onto - How to Set up the partitions Bootmenu push maintenance push partition work put cursor onto non assigned diskspace fill in name , Bootit ?? fill in filesystem make first an 223 Bootit EMBRM partition, fill in capacity , min capacity 8MB is ok fill in clustersize, auto is ok, disk gets formatted same procedure for second, but a Fat32 or NTFS partition,capacity 30 a 50 GB same procedure for third, but a Fat32 or NTFS partition,capacity 10 a 15 GB same procedure for fourth, but a logical partition,capacity all the rest put cursor onto logical partition same procedure as above to create first logical disk capacity 30 a 40 GB to store programs same procedure to create more logical disks - How to install an OS See bootit.pdf But !!! , how I do it Bootmenu push maintenance push Bootmenu select HD0 , 0 = first entry do not fill the other 3 enties push fill , select a partition that is formatted push identity fill in a name push Boot , make same selection as push fill push reboot select the partition = identity to install the OS You get an error, no boot push a key You get an message to put a boot cd After inserting the cd ,push a key computer restarts Push a key,after the message push a key to boot from Cd displays the cd boots into the setup of windows If your OS installs correctly then insert the Bootit Ng cd restart to restore the Bootit Ng bootmenu THIS IS NECESSARY as windows after each install puts his own bootmenu When back in the Ng bootmenu push maintenance push Bootmenu select HD0 , 1 = second entry push fill , select logical select HD0 , 2 = third entry push fill select the partition onto wich pagefile.sys & temp f1les have to come push reboot , after rebooting all the programs & data stored onto te logical drives will be acessible the pagefile.sys & temp f1les can be moved to, see third partition above PS If a partition for some reason doesn't match the driveletter, you can change the driveletter with diskmgmt.msc ,program located in the system32 directory If your OS does not installs correctly then insert the Bootit Ng cd restart to restore the Bootit Ng bootmenu restart push maintenance push partition work reformat reboot into a working OS remake a setup disk & install again copy an original setupdisk into a directory source_ORG If You use Windows Media Player 11,slipstream it first, see http://www.boooggy.org/slipstreamer/ for inf0 and downloads make a backup of this slipstreamed source as source_ORG_WMP11 Go to the I386 directory, identify your keyboard (rightclick, proporties and see if correct), copy your keyboard over KBDUS.DLL, so you will avoid problems and you can delete all keyboards, yours will stay as KBDUS.DLL make again a backup of this slipstreamed source in order to use it again later as source_ORG_WMP11_Keyb Copy one of the tree as source to use by Nlite How I use Nlite In order to operate Microsoft .NET Framework has to be installed,i use v 2.1 Start Nlite Step 1 select Service packs select Hotfixes , addons & Update packs select components select Unattended select Options select Bootable Install Service packs Hotfixes & Update packs addons if You like, i never install addons as most program, once installed, do not need to be installed, see above *Forth Partition components delete Keyboards , see above KBDUS.DLL delete all but your Language, if your is English, then delete all as English Language always stays delete Directories , they are useless in my opinion, but you can skip those Unattended if you select this now,no need to install it each time PS You can copy the serian directly into the first case , no need to do it manually Options idem Unattended This is the only step You can complete more then one operation --Bootable iso Now make an Bootable iso,Nlite creates automaticly WinLite.iso if you do not change the name Burn an iso , i use a rewritable DVD and use Ultraiso to burn it copy Presets in the Nlite directory as Presets_0x into a separate directory copy your source direcrory as source_0x into a separate directory 0x stands for 01 in step 1, 02 in step 2 etc Restart windows,use a newly formatted partition to install ,see above how to if windows does not install in step1, then split the tasks out, Up to now i never got problems to install in step 1 - install NET Framework,directX, then sounddriver test to see if driver correctly installed ,if not restart step 0x - install ata & RAID drivers,test idem above - install driver to access internet,test idem above - install driver screen adaptor,test idem above - install software to burn Cd, I use the standalone Cheetah DVD Burner, so no need to install restore Bootit menu, see above reformat the partition in order to install and test the next step If all this is corectly then goto next step, untill the end if not retry step with less eleminations Step 2 From step 2 on, we eleminate component one by one as it becomes to difficult to get a working Nlited OS select components & Bootable in Applications Delete all but Charmap,it does not work when copied wordpad and others can be copied later in the system directory and they work when copied Make Bootable iso, see above Step 2 always works for me , if everything is working, goto step 3 if not - copy Presets_01 over presets in the Nlite directory - copy source_01 over the source direcrory there is no need to do it all over as step 1 was ok Step 3 select components & Bootable in Drivers - do not delete sound controllers,sounddrivers will not install without - do not delete SCSI/RAID otherwise you will have to push F6 at boot to install sata & raid drivers XP sp2, XP sp3, all OS younger then XP have all standard Sata & Raid drivers included, so do not delete them in order to install your specific drivers If Gurgelmeyers unoficial SP5 is installed in Windows2000, then Sata & Raid are also included --delete as you wish,from now on it becomes a lot more difficult to get an Nlited OS working Make Bootable iso, see above --Bootable iso if everything is working, goto next step if not - copy Presets_0(x-1) over presets in the Nlite directory - copy source_0(x-1) over the source direcrory there is no need to do it all over as step 0(x-1) was ok Restart step Step 4 select components & Bootable in Hardware support do not delete - Your CPU - Floppy Support if you need this - Logical Disk Manager = diskmgmt.msc , to change the driveletter - Multiprocessor support if you have one - Ports (COM & LTP) if you need serial or parallel ports - Printer Support next see above --delete as you wish Step 5 select components & Bootable in Multimedia do not delete if you want a minimum of multimedia - Acm Core Codecs - ActveX for streaming video - DirectX , to install Direct X 9 for the sound card - Intel Indeo codecs - Windows Media Player - Windows Media Player 6.4 next see above --delete as you wish Step 6 select components & Bootable in Network do not delete - Internet Explorer if you need IE to surf - TC/IP version 6 (Future TC/IP) next see above --delete as you wish Step 7 select components & Bootable in Operating System do not delete if needed - 16 Bit Support - Command Line Tools - File System Filter Manager - Format Drive Support ? - Help Engine needed for a lot of programs - Internet Explorer Core if you need IE to surf - Mdac , delete after services in step 8 - Visual basic 5 Runtime for Visual basic programs - Visual basic 6 Runtime for Visual basic programs - Visual basic Scripting Support for Windows next see above --delete as you wish Step 8 Operating System & Services select components & Bootable in Services I keep - Beep Driver - Protected Storage I think all can be deleted in Services in Operating System delete now Mdac if you do not need it next see above --delete as you wish Step 9 Tweaks select tweaks & Bootable make the tweaks make a Bootable iso & install fill in logical partition ,see *Forth Partition fill in partion to store pagefile.sys & temp files,see *Third partition make an image of the installed windows without drivers, see How to make a compressed partition image in bootitng.pdf. Give a name of 6 letters + 2 numbers as bootit works in a dos environment, start with numer 00 and add 1 for each following image of the same partition ,i store them onto a logical disk Install all the drivers , make an image and store it See which programs are working without installation,see *Forth Partition Install what not works Move all tempory files of programs, see *Third partition Make an image and store it Tips ---- To put new drivers, restore image XX00.IMG , install drivers & software see above step 9 To install updates of software restore XX01.IMG the second image install software see above step 9 to install new software restore the last image,in order to get a clean windows back,install the soft,make an image When Windows is corrupted or fragmented,restore the last image, in order to get a clean windows back From time to time format at bootup (Bootit Ng) the partition onto wich pagefile.sys & temp files are stored as this partition will always be the most fragmented, windows will restore pagefile.sys & temp files without furter intervention. Data disk or program disk can be defragmented or backup all files & directories , format the disk and restore all files & directories
  4. Hey 5eraph I am sure you are a crack in using and making addons, i only use topp programs like Nlite and others, i 'll give you a tip visit *http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-next-generation.htm*, read the manual *http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/downloads/bootitng.pdf* You 'ii be surprised all it can do, espacially in testing Nlite. i use it for years icy
  5. hey fpsdf use bootit ng,make an image and you can recover in less tan 5 minutes, you can even make an hidden partition to boot off icy
  6. hey 5eraph Probably from your point of vieuw you might be right, but is unattended installing of programs better or easyer? if You have all the same computers, then installing an image takes 2 or 3, minutes,this is far less then un unattended install takes Ie8 & others can be installed without backing up an older version Why all the fuss of making installers as you can do it the simple & direct way That's my point of vieuw,i respect yours. icy
  7. icy

    driver.cab error

    Hey gneville Fernando 1 is right when he says to start with good media.its very important Windows is so complicated and Nlite is so good in eleminating parts of windows and there are so many different computer hardware that is is nearly impossible to get a satifying working Nlited windows the first times. Try to eleminate a few parts at a time, if it works,elimanate a few more, untill you get ik as you wish, it can take you from a few days up to a few months, depending how good you are. But once you got a good workong Nlited windows,it is easy to update it with the same settings, as I do. My iso is 163,116 MB , wmp11 incl,without addons & drivers,framework & directX, all the programs i need working icy
  8. icy

    XP ,IE6 ,IE8

    I agree with you johnhc I always use a untouched source to start Thank You for your advice icy
  9. Hey Ron475 Do not take out SCSI/Raid drivers & Sound Controllers in driver section Do not take out Printer Support in Hardware section The rest You have to try out as it changes from computer to computer icy
  10. I just saw the Video Video HowTo: Integrate addons with nLite There was added Firefox 5.68 Mb Klite Codecs 6,2 Mb Thunderbird 6,36 Mb Winrar 1,1 Mb Yahoo Messenger 10,07 Mb total 29,42 Mb At the end it was said : The installation grew by 29,78 MB It may be easy to integrate addons in the source,but what is the gain Concerning Sata & Raid drivers, those are standard integrated in xp SP2 & SP3,and all newer windows OS If You install Gurgelmeyers unofficial Windows 2000 SP5 , then Sata & Raid drivers are also integrated in Windows 2000,I installed it like this myself and no need to push the F6 before installation. I w' ont install addons or drivers if there are no other benefits than direct integration. The biggest benefit of Nlite is eleminating the stuff You do not need and also slimming down the OS, thank You Nuhi icy
  11. I added an IE8 addon and guess what, it didn't work. Can You tell me what's the difference in adding an addon or install it directly. Up to now I am not convinced that there is no surplus in adding programs as an addon, if you have a good Nlited windows, then you can start again in minutes to install newer versions or even better program. But who am i ? , mayby am i totally wrong. icy
  12. icy

    XP ,IE6 ,IE8

    I just made a new Nlited Windows XP with IE6 SP1 with the same Taskselection, only the updates changed, Everything runs OK I thank Nuhi again for the great job he has done I made another with the same Taskselection,with IE8 as addon this was plenty of faults My belief is that adding adding programs and drivers into an NLited Windows is not all that easy. I use other methods than most of the Nlite Users . I see that a lot of users got a lot of problems. My method does work ,but i agree that , to get a working Nlited Windows it takes a lot of time. If I have enough feedback, i will write a manual icy
  13. icy

    My third compilation

    I made My third compilation in a year XP Corporate Sp3 no drivers included, 163184640 bytes works like a charm, thank You Nuhi icy
  14. hey doertsch in Drivers, include Sound Controllers , when Nlited Windows is installed, then install ,directX vers9 Then use your cd with drivers of your motherbord And your problem will be solved installing those drivers with Nlite shall never work icy
  15. icy

    First shot at nlite

    Hey HydraHeaded i obtaained a source of +- 155 Mb , mediaplayer 11 included There are new updates out, so i have to redo mine one off these days if you take your time and work hard, you will get a source under 200 Mb icy
  16. look for Super Language Pack for XP SP3 on the net icy
  17. My opinion is that Nlite is easy to use,but the interaction of Windows with the hardware can give a lot of failures because drivers & OS parts are deleted after slimming down. I always make images , so afterwards it only takes a few minutes to start over or to install a fresh copy. i never integrate drivers or software, it is much easier this way.integrating those is not worth it,to much problems and work to integrate . The iso of my last Nlited XP takes 155.385 MB and works like a charm. icy
  18. hey F_O_XXX i used those mentioned at http://users.telenet.be/tc76/winup/_winxpsp3.html and had no problems ever icy
  19. icy

    Future nLite releases?

    Hey I' ve been using ME lite for years , but after years my ME became obsolete because many new programs didn't run anymore onto this OS . Each time I tried Windows2000 i was disghusted about this s*** , especially the administrator s***. I was even more disghusted about XP. About 8 monys ago i finally decided to go with Windows2000, i tried out hslip with Gurglemeyers SP5, and also Nlite , after many tests i decuded to go for Nlite and finally after some time and a lot of swetting i go a small Nlited Windows2000 that performed very well untill now. A few weeks ago i started to nlite an XP SP and now i 've got a small ,155,8 Mb Nlited XP wit mediaplayer 11 installed,this works like acharm up to now, and it was even more swetting. There are a few bugs in Nlite: - when i nlited all in one piece i got runtime errors - when i deleted keyboards, i was not able to install my keyboard, so finally i copiead my keyboard over the US one and the problem was solved. In the beginning I was very sceptic about Nlite, but now that i have experiance i say that Nlite is a wonderfull program to slim down Windows to my needs and i thank Nuhi for this great work he has done. I think also that there are so many different hardware windows is running onto that a compilation that works onto one windows,probably will not work onto another computer,so there will always be a lot of swetting to obain the desired results. My wish is to remove al the administrator and logon schit like in the old days of tandy,trs 80 and apple, Thanh You very much again Nuhi icy
  20. Use bootitng , i use it for years, up to 16 primary partitions and more but not at the same time it is very small and you will be astonished what it can, try it and forget about all the rest, see their site for more information icy
  21. Oh i forgot to mention I you want to add support for your language you can find Super Language Pack for XP SP3 onto the net. it consist of a lot off languages in exe format, so I think you can install them easely icy
  22. copy your keyboard over KBDUS.DLL in the directory of your final source start Nlite and simply make an iso, burn it and install it I have remarked that there could possibbly be a bug in Nlite as I could nor install my keyboard also icy
  23. Hey Guys Scripten Windows installer can the be put in hotfixes or better installed separatedly ? are there other items like this ? Thank You for answering icy
  24. icy

    Problem vith icons

    Hey Guys I also took out -Windows Media Player -Windows Media Player 6.4 in Multimedia I had to install DirextX 9.c in order to install K-lite codexes Up to now everything works Ok and installs Uninstalling Help Engine gave me problem to install some programs, so I put it back Concerning DirextX 9.c in , is there a posibility to take out most of the bloat, because i'm sure 80% of it is useless ? Can someone give me some hints ? icy
  25. icy

    Problem vith icons

    I' ve been looking around and found this Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\exefile\DefaultIcon] @="%1" i tried it , rebooted, but didn't work then i changed the icons and guess what, it worked, problem solved Ps for testing purposes i advice You to use Booitng, very small program, up to 16 primairy partitions to chose from,format partitions before booting etc You can even format USB drives that are not formattable the normal way iocy
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