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  1. Hey Fernando 1 I followed your instructions and it worked the first time thank You very much for this icy
  2. Hey melissah As You run a Mac Os, i think windows is not going to restart as it is in an Mac OS environment Install this windows onto a normal pc,when the installation is done,make an image and copy it onto your Mac, if your lucky it will boot or, buy a PC icy
  3. icy

    How to Manual

    I see a lot of members having problems, as I used to have, so i decided to make a small manual how I do it. This is not the usual way to do it , but i am not usual, it just works fine for me icy PS if I make mistakes, tell me If you can add good tips,tell me, i'll add them MANUAL ---------- This manual consist of - setting up the system to test a Nlited windows Instead of using virtual machine software like WMWare Workstation or Microsoft VM , i use Bootit Ng with an EMBR partition, - Bootit Ng, Info http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-next-generation.htm* Manual http://www.teraby
  4. Hey 5eraph I am sure you are a crack in using and making addons, i only use topp programs like Nlite and others, i 'll give you a tip visit *http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-next-generation.htm*, read the manual *http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/downloads/bootitng.pdf* You 'ii be surprised all it can do, espacially in testing Nlite. i use it for years icy
  5. hey fpsdf use bootit ng,make an image and you can recover in less tan 5 minutes, you can even make an hidden partition to boot off icy
  6. hey 5eraph Probably from your point of vieuw you might be right, but is unattended installing of programs better or easyer? if You have all the same computers, then installing an image takes 2 or 3, minutes,this is far less then un unattended install takes Ie8 & others can be installed without backing up an older version Why all the fuss of making installers as you can do it the simple & direct way That's my point of vieuw,i respect yours. icy
  7. icy

    driver.cab error

    Hey gneville Fernando 1 is right when he says to start with good media.its very important Windows is so complicated and Nlite is so good in eleminating parts of windows and there are so many different computer hardware that is is nearly impossible to get a satifying working Nlited windows the first times. Try to eleminate a few parts at a time, if it works,elimanate a few more, untill you get ik as you wish, it can take you from a few days up to a few months, depending how good you are. But once you got a good workong Nlited windows,it is easy to update it with the same settings, as I do.
  8. icy

    XP ,IE6 ,IE8

    I agree with you johnhc I always use a untouched source to start Thank You for your advice icy
  9. Hey Ron475 Do not take out SCSI/Raid drivers & Sound Controllers in driver section Do not take out Printer Support in Hardware section The rest You have to try out as it changes from computer to computer icy
  10. I just saw the Video Video HowTo: Integrate addons with nLite There was added Firefox 5.68 Mb Klite Codecs 6,2 Mb Thunderbird 6,36 Mb Winrar 1,1 Mb Yahoo Messenger 10,07 Mb total 29,42 Mb At the end it was said : The installation grew by 29,78 MB It may be easy to integrate addons in the source,but what is the gain Concerning Sata & Raid drivers, those are standard integrated in xp SP2 & SP3,and all newer windows OS If You install Gurgelmeyers unofficial Windows 2000 SP5 , then Sata & Raid driv
  11. I added an IE8 addon and guess what, it didn't work. Can You tell me what's the difference in adding an addon or install it directly. Up to now I am not convinced that there is no surplus in adding programs as an addon, if you have a good Nlited windows, then you can start again in minutes to install newer versions or even better program. But who am i ? , mayby am i totally wrong. icy
  12. icy

    XP ,IE6 ,IE8

    I just made a new Nlited Windows XP with IE6 SP1 with the same Taskselection, only the updates changed, Everything runs OK I thank Nuhi again for the great job he has done I made another with the same Taskselection,with IE8 as addon this was plenty of faults My belief is that adding adding programs and drivers into an NLited Windows is not all that easy. I use other methods than most of the Nlite Users . I see that a lot of users got a lot of problems. My method does work ,but i agree that , to get a working Nlited Windows it takes a lot of time. If I have enough feedback, i will write
  13. icy

    My third compilation

    I made My third compilation in a year XP Corporate Sp3 no drivers included, 163184640 bytes works like a charm, thank You Nuhi icy
  14. hey doertsch in Drivers, include Sound Controllers , when Nlited Windows is installed, then install ,directX vers9 Then use your cd with drivers of your motherbord And your problem will be solved installing those drivers with Nlite shall never work icy
  15. Hey HydraHeaded i obtaained a source of +- 155 Mb , mediaplayer 11 included There are new updates out, so i have to redo mine one off these days if you take your time and work hard, you will get a source under 200 Mb icy
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