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KB905474 - Download


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The purpose of this thread is to collect the download locations for the latest KB905474 update that Windows Update wants you to have and to display them here.

If your language isn't shown, simply let Windows Update install the update. Then search for "KB905474" inside WindowsUpdate.log (in the WINDOWS folder) and post the link in this thread.

If you let Windows Update install KB905474, you can find it in WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download without the long GUID, so you don't need to download it again. Just copy it into the HF folder.

Note: This update is only supported with HFSLIP 1.7.1 or newer.

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Sorry, but why on earth would one want to have the "Genuine advantage" crap installed????

I just uncheck the box and select "never inform me of this update again" (or similar)

Because I think it's a Windows essential / critical update (at least it shows up in WU disguised that way :D) and it's required to validate some other downloads from M$ website.

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actually no, it's not!

The genuine check that you download from windows update is different.

I don't have the genuine advantage crap installed and i can still dload from windows update and/or M$ download center, because it uses a plugin to verify if your windows is genuine. The wgatray & wgalogon junk has nothing to do with that.


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