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Vistapack 2.4 Released


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i have to agree with Marxo, (again), it is not smart to put all kind of software in the pack.

firstly, it will fill the mb's up, which i dont like...

secondly, i want the software to be compatible with 2000 and xp at the same time.

so sorry man, but this is not going to happen.

sory dude :D

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Hi damian,

back again on the Tclock3 issue...

downloaded your package on the first page, but it seems to be corrupted: Tclock.exe...CRC failure

By using UnRAR I could get the rest of the package, installed it, but:

* explorer is showing 5% utilization on a 2GHz Celeron, is that normal ?

* until now I haven´t found a solution to run it under a restricted account, only on admin it´s possible.

Besides some flickery issues on the left side, I suspect it´s the full skinning of the Start-button, it´s running well.

B.t.w. your package is coming along with a tclock3.dll which is smaller in size as the one delieverd in the vistapack2000 package, is there a special reason for it ?

tks for your support,


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hi thomas, well to be bold with you, yes thats normal...

its a beta program, and it its far from perfect...

thats why its not installed default...

And about the package, well it is fixed for the next version so...

That wil be done too.

And about the smaller size, upx man :D

all for the smaller installer size


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Issues I have had with Vistapack:

1. The Open File dialog.


2. Blocky Icons. They don't look as smooth, and aliased as the other ones.


3. Vista Basic start button is having transparency issues.


4. Too much empty space in the System Properties window. 5 pieces of branding. 2 of which are duplicates. Its unnecessarily cluttered.


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5. Buttons don't align in the shutdown dialog.


6. Still the default XP-style graphic in Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices

I know its probably what the Vista one looks like, but vista is by no means complete. It still has some of the old 16 color icons from Windows 95. Compare to the one above. All nice and polished. It doesn't have jaggy edges to it like the XP-style one.


7. Icon is not animated. Stands out like a sore thumb. The background should be a white, cream color to blend with the theme.


8. Does not like fourth button of the window controls.


But #4 with all the white space and far too much branding really p***es me off. It looks very ugly, cluttered and the rest of the system properties windows are way too empty.

#8 is runner up since I like to use eMule, and it stands out. I'm not sure what you can do about that one.

Overall I think its coming along very well. Great pack damian!!

Also, I did these on a fresh install of Windows XP Pro SP3 RC1 v3264.

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This looks brutal but: are you using 32-bit image palette on your PC? If you are then (If you are using 24-bit/16-bit then most of the graphic errors are related to that fact):

#1 Appears in explorer because BROWSEUI.DLL images aren't made well.

#2 Might be that the resource hasn't been patched well or the icons aren't compressed well.

#3 This is a skin problem related to TClock i think...

#4 Damian and I have already discussed this sysdm.cpl and I hope that he will take my advice and accept me to make a nice sysdm.cpl for him as I did for the NT4 Visual Update Project

#5 Two minutes and ResHacker can solve this... Just a pixel of difference...

#6 The problem is that Vista isn't using those bitmaps anymore so there isn't a proper Vista replacement for this bitmap.. It can be discarded, and maybe it should be replaced with and icon or removed.

#7 I am not really sure if it is suppose to be animated, but in any case I would replace it with a Windows Flag...

#8 This is also a problem related to the skinning engine that is used, or the msstyle, since it isn't made to work with four buttons...

What bothers me is that the font is bold in the style, and the sysdm is ugly imho, I don't know why everyone are doing that (when modding) to thier sysdm.

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Well bruce, and marxo, i can only say ouch...

that is a long list man...

i didnt say it was perfect man.

its a work in process.

Marxo, as i said before, suprise me with a nice sysdm.

and we will see what the users say about it.

i will use a poll to see what they want.

#1 is not in the browseui, as far as i know. looks more like comctl, i am looking in to that.

i had that report earlyer, but i cant find the f***...

#2 will check those icons.

#3 allready fixed.

#4 sydm, yeah i know... :(

#5 that sometimes happens, i dont know what to do about it, any ideas?

#6 will check it out, at least that speaker graphic is wrong, it should be patched...

#7 sorry man, but for me that icon is animated... about the color, mabe thats better yes...

#8 skin not made for 4 buttons, anyone know how to?

Thanx for the bugreports, i like it..., after i swallowed it down :)


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I found also a few bugs:

#1: Look what happens when new updates needs to be installed when shutting down:


#2:These icons are not patched (dialog opened via Paint):


#3:This should not exist on this type of windows:


#4: Microsoft Update icon in Start Menu is not patched when patching XP CD.

#5: Picture in progress of system restore is not enough wide.

Cheers ;)

EDIT: In some cases button are replaced but in some not (I refer to #2):


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This should not exist on this type of windows:


This 'error' I actually don't mind since it blends in very well. It does not jut out or anything.

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#7 sorry man, but for me that icon is animated... about the color, mabe thats better yes...

Its not working for me. I'll try it on a fresh SP2 and SP3 RC1 to see if there's a difference.

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This version is too much clean than 1.x versions that i tested on my win2000 machine, but i have a little problem with it.

In my root account i don't have almost any issue now even under 16 bit color mode(incorrect colors appears on save/open windows) but another account that i created for my brother has "invisible icons" in desktop since 1.6 version(now some icons can be "viewed" with a disturbing transparency).

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well, i have never saw that, but maybe its because rpl2k is only installed for your account?

try it, go to the pack dir in programfiles, and there enter the extras directory.

go to rpl2k and install it again, please note that you have to switch the option for

the toolbar update !!!!OFF!!!

when done reboot, and let me kno ok?


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A couple other little things for the XP version:

some banners in msgina.dll read 2000

timedate.cpl 1.res isn't used yet for English

xpsp3res.dll\XPNETDIAG.GIF.GIF should be XPNETDIAG.GIF

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