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Vistapack 2.4 Released


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You´re a true damian, or magicman, whatever you like... :thumbup

It took me both: patching the registry PLUS using the break-button as advised, run setup second-time, off we go !

All patches applied as it should, wow!

Now, if I might, is it too much expected to ask how to get the nice Vista taskbar...

... via starting Tclock... ...customizing...

There was one guy in the posts posting a German.ini for tclock to get it, is that I need to do..

bloody hell, now I want to get it all, finally :ph34r:

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i am glad i could help dude, thats why i made that secret key, its a failsave key!!

Only us eit in a emergency. like you had...

tclock 3 huh?

well, i dont advise it if you dont know what you are doing.

but you could install it, run it and then open it to play with some features, first enable ful skinning.

BUT, i will create a vistastyle pack for it and then will give link on first page.

with some explanation.

get it friday ok?

i forgot to put it in the pack again doh!!!

so look sharp for friday ok?


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perfectly ok with friday, I rely on you with any further experiments I´m running :blushing:

I´m rather happy with the results so far, thank you so much!

b.t.w: the German.ini I´ve mentioned was NO GOOD for my config: freezes the whole desktop!

I was too impatient, lookin into that .ini is explaining why: it was taken out of another config, so a lot of files are located somewhere ...

fortunately nothing crashed, I´ll run a full backup now, be sure!

I made my lessons, waiting for your pro-advices for the config of the Tclock 3, which seems to be another hot stuff.

a merry christmas to you, have received my present from you already :rolleyes:

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First I wanna say that this pack s really great. XP look very nice. Great job! I just want to make a small suggestion. Maybe you could change buttons for shutdown, log off and sleep to vista ones (instead of this arrows) and you could implement option that text "Log Off" and "Turn off Computer" are removed from start menu so it looks closer as Vista.

Cheers ;)

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hi there, well ofcourse its possible...

only thing i need to know is if you aply the visual style.

because thats were the buttons are at you know.

not only in the resources.

i will check it out, maybe marxo can help me? :hello:

For the ones that wanted tclock3, "Thomas", check out the first page for the link.

its a silent, self extracting rarfile, which after extraction enables you to install tclock3 with all things ready.

just install it from the vistaoack GUI.

Then it will run on startup, or if you execute it from the install dir which is in programfiles.

the clock will dissapear and you wil see a little notch thats left there.

right click it, and open the settings.

then load settings and choose the settings language thats for YOUR language.

and then press apply or ok...


hopefully this will work for you guys, for me it does...

have a good new year everybody!!


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only thing i need to know is if you aply the visual style.

Yes, I'm applying the visual style. I'm applying style which cames with you pack. Also I think I found one bug with visual style. Look at attached picture, look what is happening with start menu when I apply basic color scheme.


Also it would be nice that your theme appears in Display Properties (look at attached picture).


One more thing. I see that yours pack can be applied to XP CD and I tried that and it worked (I had to disable SFC to make it work) and it would be great if you could change setup screen to vista one which appears during xp installation.

Hope you will consider some of these suggestions.

Cheers ;)

EDIT: I don't know if this is a bug, but it don't look nice. Take a look at screen shot.


Edited by mara-
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Thanks damian, you are as reliable as a swiss-clock: Tclock announced for friday, et voilá :thumbup

Unfortunately it´ll take me to the new year to finally test it, I go skiing in the mountains for a week starting tomorrow morning.

But you can be sure it will be tested soon, and INTENSIVELY tested by my little daughter...

Again, many thanks for your nice SW and a Happy new Year to you ! :hello:


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now its ported to a better installer, for me at least.

With all respect for XPero, but it was a real pain that one...

This one is much better to maintain.

XPize will no longer be released in the classic NSIS installer. The NSIS installer has been bad for both me as developer and you as users for several reasons:
  • NSIS code hard to maintain
  • NSIS does not allow advanced features (or makes them hard to implement)
  • NSIS does the easiest difficult
  • Users have been dealing with an improper installer
  • Users have been lacking advanced features
  • Users have been lacking a *real* desktop application

For these reasons amongst others, XPize will be completelly rewritten in C#.


Oh, and maybe you would try to include this and this in your pack...?

Would be cool.

This might be also interesting, as well as that...

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Some of those applications require Windows XP + .Net Framework 2.0 or later so I don't think that it is very smart to include them...

I mean, it'd be great to include them, but they should be disabled by default;)

BTW Vistapack already contain some 3rd party software, so why not include this...?

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