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Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm looking for a decent freeware unlimited software that will convert .flv to mp4, and that doesn't lose any quality after conversion.

Must work with either windows 98 or be compatible with KernelEx mode.

I currently use WinX Free FLV to MP4 converter, but have noticed that it doesn't sync the video and audio too well.


I found one that seems to be good for the syncing of Audio and Video, disabling KernelEx prior to installation worked for me, there was an error as I had the box ticked to launch the program right away, but this error doesn't show when clicking on the programs icon.


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I don't know to what extent anyone here is using (or trying to use) skype under win-98 - or if that's even a problem or issue these days with kernelEx. I thought I'd post some recent experience I had with it. Skype is not something I've ever used before, but on this win-98 computer I apparently did mess with it back in 2006 (version

But because some relatives of mine recently wanted to start using skype on their home computers (win-XP) and because I have this old Skype icon on my desktop - I double-clicked it last week - and it seemed to work just fine (?!). I had nobody to talk to, but I did call the test account to see if my audio (speakers, mic) was working, and they were.

So yesterday I got skype working on a couple of my relative's XP systems (set up their account, downloaded the software, etc) and when I went back to my win-98 computer and started skype, it started but pretty quickly threw up a screen saying that I had to update my version because of a security issue. So I said ok, but the update process failed, leaving me with the old version still installed. So I unplugged my network connection, started skype (it starts just fine) and I set the auto-updated to disable. I then plug in the network cable and it seems to be working again. I call the new accounts I set up and it works, but when they try to call me, and I answer, skype crashes. So I read the following from this old msfn thread:


Posted 17 October 2007 - 08:16 AM

My addition is Skype. I have version working very well, so long as I remember not to try video. Skype announce a version 1.4.x as the last to support Win98, but go on to say that later ones might work, they just give no guarantee.


Ok, so I download version from somewhere (oldversion.com?) and it works fine (but I think I did have to set the KernelEx compatibility option to win-98 for the skype.exe program file). Even video works great. The people running XP that are calling me have a usb web-cam (I don't) and I can see them just fine. And they can call me and I can answer and it doesn't crash.

So I don't know if the current version of skype works on win-98 with KernelEx, but I can say that version seems to work just fine - including receiving video from the caller.

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A couple of good, free Win 9x Word Processors:

PolyEdit Lite


Atlantis Nova


Crypt Edit


Lastly, a cool image viewing program with batch conversion. Now freeware!


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The default installation settings for Calaym don't work for Windows 9x/Me. By default it selects the "FMod-Ex" runtime, but if you want it to work under Windows 9x you need to select "BASS" or the other "FMod" option.

At first I couldn't get the program to work. But then I reinstalled and chose a different option and now it works.

Overall, nice little program... I could do without all the cross fading and delayed endings for songs - but thankfully you can switch those options off!

As far as I know, Calaym, Trout, and XMPlay are the only current MP3 players for Win9x still being updated.

If anyone knows of any more, I'd be grateful to know.

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As Opera 12.02 has not long been released I wonder if it would be possible to get this release to work alongside KernelEx the same as Opera 11.64 does?

I would love to work with Opera 12.02, but I have a feeling it lags on Windows 98 with KernelEx.

I believe that KernelEx is no longer being updated although I am not positive on this.

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Hello there. Well there is much hope. I tested the portable version 12.02-1555 and it works very well also the plugins work. The Plugin wrapper has gone.

It works with kernelex on windows 98 se. And the official version of opera 12.02 is out so you can download it. But I speak here from the portable version.

I also installed the portable version of Opera 12.50.1497a, it works fine except there is the plugin wrapper again which makes it impossible to work with


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Yes - Opera 12.02 seems to work well - use Kernelex in 2000 mode. It's the first since 11.64 that does, all down to removing the plugin wrapper. Probably the last so treasure it!

So does this version not work with plugins? also any chance you could supply the link here that I would use for version 12.02 ? just so I know I am using the correct one.

Is the version you used need anything special done to it, do I just go with the normal installation?

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Anyone finding that not all scripts are downloading.

The alignment of some headers under the lifestyle section for example the header above Meet the men who ignite the Festival fireworks, is this a 12.02 issue, just me, or something will just need to accept.

I have tried the same using FF and no such issues.


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