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[Release] XPize Darkside 2.1


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XPize Darkside 2.1

XPize Darkside replaces the blue wizards, visual style, logon screen, boot screen and numerous other resources with a darker more slick and smooth looking theme! :ph34r:


- Device Manager bug fixed!

- Visual Style applys to Domain/Workgroup Logon screen.

- New Visual Style!

- Bug in I386 Patching fixed!

- ... and lots more!

Known Issues:

- Boot Screen Modification does not work for Dual Processor PC's.

Please give feedback on any issues you comes across.


th_27549_boot_122_885lo.jpg th_27555_desktop_122_1130lo.jpg

th_27561_logon_122_711lo.jpg th_27567_shutdown_122_719lo.jpg


- I am not accountable for any problems/issues using XPize Darkside or any previous releases may cause your system, the only way any issues would occur is through user misuse, and if you are unaware of how to use this release correctly you should consult these forums for advice.



Download Mirrors:

Primary Mirror Softpedia Secure Download (RO)

Secondary Mirror deviantART

Mirrors Needed!

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Sorry to say but I like Luna Royale by Pgase much more than The danged MS "Zune" Theme.

Maybe you can find pgase and ask him to set the default to black just for Darkside? Or if you set it with a theme file I can show you how to change the default that is set in the theme. (You probably know that though)

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Thanks for the new release!

And I want to continue the little discussion I've started in 2.0 thread.

Didn't think that making a smaller package was that much time consuming. As you are the dev and I have no idea of all this I have to accept your answer and the fact that there will be no Lite version. Guess I can life with it, it would just save a little space.

So the only thing you don't like about the XPize boot screen is the missing "progress bar"? If so, wouldn't a mod of it do the job? Anyways, if I find something that would be a good replacement for the almost standard like boot screen, I'll tell you. But maybe it would be easier when I just change it for myself. Perhaps all the other guys like this "standard" boot screen?

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