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  1. jepp, unlocker does a great work and never left me alone
  2. Working going to make me a installer right now! thx for the very fast reaction. best regards BigRandalo
  3. Hi there just downloaded your tool and wanted to test it but i am getting this error in the "log" tab: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Program Initialising Running ---------> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Searching for .cache folder: C:\Programme\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache ########## <ERROR #1> .cache folder was not found <ERROR #1> ##########i am on a german version of xp and my "Common Files" folder is called "Gemeinsame Dateien": C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Windows Live\.cachecould you please change your tool from: "%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Windows Live\" to: "%CommonProgramFiles%\Windows Live\" which points to the proper folder thanks in advance BigRandalo btw: there is also a newer version of 7-zip out there
  4. sry, can't help you but i'm sure there is someone who can anyway... ever thought about getting this kind of keyboard? *klick me!*
  5. or try this here: MR Tech's Toolkit 6.0.3 (formerly Local Install). It can do the job! And in fact much, much more. best regards BigRandalo
  6. Hi! You could simply create a SFX that copies all files to the final destination. This SFX then can be used like a "normal" installer and you can create your addon out of it. For making a SFX you can use severel compression tools or take a look at this here: SFXMaker 1.0 Beta (by iuli_kyle @ msfn.org) cheers kHaN
  7. hi john i think he wants an updated version of: AVIcodec - 1.2 build 113 (jan 2007) but still more info would be nice @ MyStur
  8. uhmmm, this is exactly what i do (by hand)... and it works... so did you ever try to do that?
  9. not sure but this is the reason for the fix: *Update available for vulnerability in versions 8.1 and earlier*
  10. brrr, calm down! i will stop... i was not aware of that page but it clearly has been removed (and i am sure you will know when it's back, even fast then i'll do) ... i just wanted to help and didn't get the point of what you were talking about, but i am sure acheron had his reason :x and this was the reason i posted a second time because site is up! anyways, have a nice day and be sure i did not want to attack someone in here
  11. /nero_lite/ is the wrong url (/nero-7-lite/ is right, trust me ) and i can get onto the site without any probs

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