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[Release] XPize Darkside 2.1


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Hey Zedox?

Wanna laugh?

Due to leechers or the popularity of your pack (or both) I used just over 122 GIGS of bandwidth alone last month on Darkside 2.1 last month :P

Thats **** amazing it had 37,388 hits for your pack alone.

Don't remove my mirror though I have unlimited bandwidth and am not worried about it.

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All Good in this pack.

The only problem was that I could not install the boot screen of the package in Windows XP SP2 (In Spanish).

Tested on 4 PCs with the same system

The problem is XPize DarkSide 2.0 and 2.1



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Aware of Win2K3 Server is mostly of course not the goal of a package like this (issues of bootscreen or logon screen replacing). The changed winntbbu.dll doesnt appereared at last installation :(

Need i edit that file self that the "server" page of it is modified???

Thanks for any useful answer.

A small legal hint: My W2K3 is an evalution copy i use only for development testing purposes...

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Does this pack overwrite the DLL files or does it simply replace the bitmaps inside of these files. I have the vipv3 vista icon pack that I was integrate into my windows. The only thing I need from this pack is the edited bitmaps for the wizards and a few other minor things. Is it possibly to some how compare the differences of these two packs and try to integrate them both.

LOL, kinda hard I bet, though

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OK. I just installed the package. It works great. Afterwards, I still had all my icons from vipv3, except the my my computer icon. I reinstalled the vipv3 and it restored the my computer icon.

So now I got everything without having to make my own custom files :-).


Here's a screenshot: http://www.eneerge.net/pictures/desktop.png

Different BG: http://www.eneerge.net/pictures/desktop2.png

Heres my setup:


xPize Darkside 2.1

TrueTransparency v0.8.5 - the only in memory third party application

Razor Theme 1.2 (from deviantart)

Custom Spybot SD Icon (from deviantart)

Set icons as 48px in display appearance advanced

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