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vLite 1.0 Final - Recreate Vista in your own image!


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i made a lite version of vista basic...i must say...i'm impressed, fast installation, uses less disk space, uses a lot less memory than the original.....good work Nuhi

Maybe now Vista could be considered as an alternative to XP

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...and thank you :)

TheTripleX, it was tested and adapted to the Server Beta 2, now there is Beta 3 which I didn't try, but it probably works since I always go generic.

You are probably wondering about the add feature breaking, haven't aimed for it but maybe this hotfix thing fixed that too. Probably not, it's a server and in beta, I will fix that eventually, it will be a must when Server hits RC.

MagicAndre1981, should be all. If not let me know.

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Hi Nuhi,

Good work, with v1.0 i keep getting this error:




Mounting image error.

Did you restart after installing the Filter Manager?

Anyway try restarting your computer now and see if that helps,

if that does not solve the issue please report.

- Code: -2147024846




I have the disc on a shared folder, mapped. The temp folder is also a shared folder, mapped.


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Hi nuhi!!

I've just registered, but I have been using nLite (now vLite) and read this forum for 2 years. I only want to say that your work is wonderful... Now I can't understand a non-vLited Windows!!! Thank you very much!! :wub:

I've been testing the vLite releases from the first, and they always had been working fine. I like Vista without SAT, Defender... xDDDDD :rolleyes:

I'll be looking forward to the release which includes hotfixes integration. :w00t:

(sorry about my poor english, I need more practise :P )

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My test's:

CPQ-2550EA - P4 (low speed)

HP-ZD8237EA - P4 HT

DELL-9400 - CORE 2 DUO

PC-COMPATIBLE - P4 HT (high speed)

Windows Vista 32bit (only essential modules) with vLite 1.0 FINAL fit into 800MB CD-ROM! (is possible to fit in to 650MB CD-ROM but i preserved more DRIVERS) All work fine and more more fast, no red error from event viewer! No IE and MediaPlayer like N version of Windows. No AERO 3D support and SAT stuff's.

Only one stupid question: how to remove the unattend banner screen confirmation -> Windows Vista (vLite) HOMEPREMIUM 32bit


Target = Windows Vista (vLite) HOMEPREMIUM 32bit

Thanks Nuhi

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I think I may have found a bug, but I haven't been able to figure out how to reproduce it yet:

I've used vLite 1.0 Final on 64-bit Vista Business N to make a 700 Mb OEM-personalized installation for a HP Pavilion dv6000 and when booting from it, the SYSTEMROOT was wrong - complained about Windows instead of $WINDOWS.~BT.

Does vLite follow the same procedure as peimg when adding/removing stuff from boot.wim ?

Did this happen to anyone else?

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