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vLite 1.0 Final - Recreate Vista in your own image!

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Install WMLite11 Alpha.exe and the WMV will work.

This pakage install with or without "application experience" components? Request ocx/dll registration or not?

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datalife, yeah that Task Scheduler is needed just for the built-in Defrag, I'll write that more clear.

I removed App Exp and it works.

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I removed App Exp and it works.

Fantastic :thumbup i am very happy :w00t:

UPGRADE @ nuhi

I don't know, but not work! Please help me... if is possible. Try load video's from video.mediaset.it site without default Windows Media Player and codec's installed only with windows media lite in to IE / maxthon / firefox / opera browser. Work only if Windows Media Player and codec's components are not removed with vlite. To 32bit vista vLited not exist this problem!!!

; vLite preset file


Version = 1.0 on 2.0.50727.312 Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0

Target = Windows Vista HOMEBASICN 64bit



;# Accessories #


Mobility Center


Speech Support

System Information

Welcome Center

Windows Sidebar and Gadgets


;# Games #

Inbox Games

;# Hardware Support #

Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)


;# Languages #



Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese

;# Multimedia #

Sample Pictures

Sound Recorder

Windows Calendar

Windows Media Samples

Windows Photo Viewer

;# Network #

Internet Explorer

Internet Information Services

MSN Installer

Remote Desktop Client

Windows Collaboration

Windows Mail

;# Services #

Application Experience

Desktop Window Manager

Distributed Link Tracking Client

Error Reporting

Microsoft DFS Replication

Remote Registry

Secondary Logon

Task Scheduler

Windows Remote Management

;# System #

Disk Defragmenter

Game Explorer


Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft Agent

Natural Language

Parental Controls

Performance Counters

Reliability and Performance Monitor

Security Center


Sync Center

System Restore

Tablet PC

Windows Backup

Windows Defender

Windows Easy Transfer

Windows SAT

Zip Folder


DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Enabled only for OS components (Optin)

UAC (User Account Control) = Disabled

Disable AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Yes

Power scheme = High performance

Hibernation = Off

Show extensions for known file types = Yes









ProtectPC = 3


RegTimeCurr = 92

RegKeyboard = 65

ComputerName = WELCOME

TimeZone = 29

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PROBLEM SOLVED :thumbup show video and play sound without integrate "Windows Media Player 11" component (N EU DIRECTION) with external program like MediaPlayerClassic or Irfanview from vLited 64bit of Vista and "Task Scheduler" question.

Preamble (only personal consideration of no technical value :whistle: ) only for 64bit Vista

- "Task Scheduler" component is useless. It wastes memory and resources. All defragmenter program's work fine without it. I suggest remove this component.

- WindowsMediaLite need ocx and dll registration (remove "application experience" component is not advised/advisable) but it works in all two situations with and without "application experience". I suggest not remove this component.

- WindowsMediaLite not need integrate Vista "WindowsMediaCodecs" component but the stability of system and browser (browser not crash or freeze with streaming video from website's) with this component installed is more better. I suggest not remove this component.

Remove only integrate Vista "WindowsMediaPlayer" and "Media Sample's" component's. The compatibily with N direction of EU is preserved the stability of system is perfect and performance not degrade.

After to show video's play audio from website's in to browser or with external MediaPlayer like MediaPlayerClassics or Irfanview install first WMLite10 and after WMLite11 Alpha.

P.S. This is only for 64bit of Vista. 32bit work fine with "application experience" and "WindowsMediaCodecs" component's removed and need only one WindowsMediaLite installation (older or 10 or 11). I do not know technically because but it is therefore!

I attend one possible solution with one next and mature vLite version or SP1 integration...

P.P.S. @ Nuhi "application experience" and "WindowsMediaCodecs" insert or load some service of windows?

OK Thanks2All... my next post not before SP1 or new vLite release is out! :hello: ... end of my little offtopics...

Edited by datalife

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