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  1. hi, i need to do a massive rename using batch language, for example if i have a few file named: nomefile0001 nomefile0002 nomefile0004 nomefile0005 nomefile0008 nomefile0010 i need to rename the file like this: nomefile0001 nomefile0002 nomefile0003 nomefile0004 nomefile0005 nomefile0006 i try to copy filename in a text document, then elaborate text document and rename the file using the name in text document. dir /B > fileList.txt I don't know how to elaborate the names in the fileList.txt someone can help me? Simone
  2. ok it works, but given that the shortcut uses the task scheduler, if I want to make it work on another pc I need import the XML file of the task on the computer where i want the shortcut works. I searched online but it seems i can import task only if i have administration rights! there is a way to import the task whith normal user? or is there another way to bypass uac that work on other pc? thanks simone
  3. ok, i try to take the shortcut way and in this way shortcut bypass the uac control. but how can i do to pass the parameters to open mynicecmd.cmd rather the cmd. i try this way to pass as the parameter but it dont work START "" "C:\Users\simo\Desktop\esperimento\terza_versione\runasti64.lnk C:\Users\simo\Desktop\esperimento\terza_versione\mynicecmd.cmd"
  4. Hi, jaclaz, i read the article in the link, and then i decide to use elevate.exe to bypass the uac. i create this batch file to invoke elevate.exe and pass as parameter the file .cmd that do a reg import. elevate.exe C:\Users\simo\Desktop\esperimento\terza_versione\mynicecmd.cmd elevate.exe give me the correct permission to write key in registry and do it correctly, but it dont bypass the uac control and also show this message. where i'm wrong? thanks Simone
  5. thanks, it work!! I still made a split of the topic here http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/174785-how-to-use-runasti64exe-without-asking-confirm-at-user-split-from-httpwwwmsfnorgboardtopic155910-taking-back-the-registry-from-trustedinstallerpage-3/ because I had another question. thank you so much for helping me. Simone
  6. Hi, i use runasti64.exe to execute batch file that import a key in registry as trustedinstaller. now my question is if i can execute runasti64 without bring up this confirmation window? "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" thanks, Simone
  7. Hi, i try this way but it dont work, now it give me this message error: thanks for your help, Simone
  8. yes, the file has the two blank lines at the end, but not working. it give me this message: but if I open runasti64 double clicking on the icon, and then from the command prompt that opens write d.reg prompt adds the key correctly. i dont understand what im doing wrong... someone can help me? thanks Simone
  9. Hi, i run runasti64 by pass it the program to launch as parameter, i create this batch file and i try to use the reg add command but it dont work this is a batch file i use to call runasti64 runasti64.exe reg import C:\Users\d.regand this is the d.reg file that i need to add Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\]"mykey"="H:\\\\program.exe"where im wrong? I hope I explained myself better, thanks simone.
  10. Good evening, I'm new to this forum. I should add a registry key on the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\] phat in regedit. the problem is that makes me do it only if I open regedit as TrustedInstaller. I was able to open it as TrustedInstaller using an executable found on the net "RunAsTI64". in this way,owhether I have to do it manually, I wanted to do was to create an executable or .bat file that adds the key, someone can help me? thank you Simone
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