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  1. OK, sorry guys. I was ill for a while. The last test has failed also. But I will carry on now.
  2. This box: http://www.bilder-upload.eu/upload/262e92-1406850984.jpg
  3. OK, I will try. Any other advice for this boxes in the advanced menu?
  4. Impossible - 2 GB! this 32-bit DPMS thing I know from the EASY2BOOT titorial.
  5. The Target is an USB3 16GB - "Qilive Q.8908" It shows me the hardware as: "USB Disk 3.0 USB Device" It's a Auchan - A French-Chinese brand for media-diskounters - or how ever this kind of shops are called? And the Source ist a 8y old USB2 with 2GB - some noname product from the supermarket. It shows me the hardware as: "Ut163 USB2FlashStrage USB Device" I found this: Ritek Corp. 1.90 GB b27 602 20.21 MB/Sec 4.26 MB/Sec OK, I will try something in 30min, if ther is no other post in here. I mark this: X. - But whats that: O ?
  6. Ahm - I tried to delete the partitions in the setup befor this setup. But the formating of the disk stoped during the setup at 50% - then I need to reset the computer. No, the source disk is not bootable anymore. This "repair mode" on usual CDs don't work. I just see the too sticks. Target called C: and souce is caled U: No internal HDD.
  7. I was operating with 2 USB-Sticks. I used WinSetupforUSB 1.4. And I choose in the advanced-mode "Install on USB". Otherwise I follow the tutorial like in #8 above. (...Click Bootice. Process MBR and select GRUB4DOS. Install/Config. close. Click Process PBR. Select NTLDR boot record. Install/Config. Close. Exit....) Both sticks been NTFS formated. - Thats it! Please can you modyfie this tutorial with the additional informations vor 1.4 and install on USB? It need 3h to try the intire installation!
  8. NTLDR is missing Thats the first and only it says after I try to boot. I know that this is the NT-bootloader. But can I enter it now, or do I need to wait 3h until I have done the whole job again? To copy this files manualy onto the newstick dont work either. I can't find the bootloader.ini...
  9. Interesting! Well, there is nothing to clarify cat. At the moment the OP trys to install XP64 on a USB-stick. And if the OP makes some example, like: "Would be nice if it would be so easy like to install a portable browser." ...it doesn't mean so much. Befor the OP decidet to enter this forum he get very confused by trying this and that and operating with many of this installation tools I try to get my old OS back. Thats my intention. This little calculater and Win8 don't fit together. - I don't like it! At least this discussion seems to becomes produktiv. OK. Now I start to try it again.
  10. @ ilko_t It have a SATA driver. But once I forgot to change BIOS to IDE - so this will work! One bootstep is also good, because my problems start after this - means one problem less. I am just asking! Congratulation to this. -I thought about some portable browsers (all my browsers are installed on a SD-card) It could be so easy just to say: "Setup WinXP_64 on Drive [ H: ]", a little [✓] on "portable installation", --> press [ OK ] - and thats it! Of course it is old. It even looks like Win95. But the Win8-installation is just anoying and intransparent. I hate Win8 - thats wh
  11. Tänks jaclaz. @ilko_t: Copy! "advanced option is mentioned" But I can't disconect the internal disks. Imposible. I will not open the netbook for this! Thats to much risk. Once I tried to to install first from the same USB and do the 2nd bootstep from the other USB. Please can you explain this a bit better? There are anyway 2 USBs conected. - Btw: I forgot to tell that I have a SD-card in a internal PCI-Bus cardreader. Unbootable. But I will disconect next time. What I haven't understood until now is: Why 2 bootsteps? Isn't it possible to do all this with a virtual machine? Or bypass the
  12. WOW, a lot of responds! @5eraph: I tried it many times with WinSetupFromUSB. ( !!! an old version !!! ) @jaclaz: I tried many tools like WinSetupFromUSB, Yumi, und the others in the list above and XP2USB, XBOOT, Wintoflash, Sardu... I prepared the stick with MBR and Grub4DOS bootloader - I have a 18point tutorial for WinSetupFromUSB: So, I did so! The 16GB Stick is removeable and called "Qilive Q 8908" I tryed to make it "fixed" or HDD - but I dont know how? - I used: HPUSBDisk-program - It makes no sence to just teach my Win8 to recognize the stick for HDD. The exact error/issus
  13. The USB3-Stick was in a USB2-slott during the setup. I tryed some Linux-distributions with it. - They boot! The problems start at the 2nd bootstep, when the bootloader on the origin-stick can't be found - or let's sayit get confused with the other bootloader on the aim-stick. Seems like there are written some datas during the 1st bootstep on the origin-stick.
  14. Hardware: Akoya MD99330 Netbook, 64-bit, AMD A4-1200 APU, 2GB RAM ; 16GB USB3-Stick; 2GB USB2-Stick; 8GB SD-Karte; 500GB Externe Festplatte, USB-Mouse. Software: Win XP 64-bit; SATA-Treiber, Gerätetreiber und Update-Packs von 5eraph. Some tool-programs like: YUMI; EASY2BOOT; Rufus; EasyBCD; nLite; Partition Wizard; etc. How to create a bootable OS XP 64-bit USB3-STICK? (My trouble starts with the bootloader in the second bootstep!)
  15. Hardware: Akoya MD99330 netbook, 64-bit, AMD A4-1200 APU, 2GB RAM; 16GB USB3 stick; 2GB USB2 stick; 8GB SD card; 500GB External Hard Drive, USB Mouse. Software: Win XP 64-bit (1.6GB) with: SATA drivers, device drivers and update packs from 5eraph. Most tool programs such as: YUMI; EASY2BOOT; Rufus; EasyBCD; nLite; Partition Wizard; etc. Q: How to create a bootable XP 64-bit OS on USB3-stick? (My troubles starts with the bootloader in the second boot-step.)
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