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  1. Yes I understand. But within 5 years the program has received a lot of functions and achieved excellent results. And the release of new versions shows that the author is interested in its further development and enhancement. I believe that it is true, so my hopes are associated with JFX. The last word for him.
  2. Yes, I understand that it's not easy. Even with a proven bat files.But I hope, JFX yet agree. For me it's very, very important!And I'm ready to give him any support.
  3. I'm glad that you agree to add this functionality. I'm sure it will be another plus of your program, and will be appreciated by users! When we can wait for a new version? And do you need help with testing?
  4. Good to have a bunch of screwdrivers, but it's convenient one with a bunch of nozzles.Your program is more convenient - it's faster, and most importantly supports XP.Please add these 3 little option in your wonderful program. Why not? Please!
  5. 1) I mean option "Virtual Mashine Boot VHD(X)" in WIM2VHD-MOD. How i can do this in WinNTSetup? 2) It is posible Available modes of compression / decompression for NT6-NT10 OS: xpess4k, xpess4k+NTFS, xpess8k, xpess8k+NTFS, xpess16k, xpess16k+NTFS, LZX, LZX+NTFS, NTFS. Can you add this feature in WinNTSetup? 3) Compact MFT is a a very useful utility! When formatting a NTFS MFT is in the middle section, this area is not available. This makes it impossible to defragment files that are broken in the area. The utility formats the partition, creating a MFT at the beginning of this section, and solv
  6. Some questions: 1. If I don't need Boot Drive, can I use /NoBootSect key for it? 2. How can I use NTFS-compression together with {xpress4k|xpress8k|xpress16k|lzx}? 3. And can you add Compact MFT option (example)? Thanks.
  7. Thank you, it works! Something else has changed in the syntax? Maybe there are new features, etc.?
  8. Hi! chdir /d "D:\_ Work\_ Downloads\WinNTSetup_3.8.6"WinNTSetup_x86.exe VHD-create -VHDFile:"D:\my.vhd" -VHDSize:25GB -VHDType:expandableResult: "No VHD File location selected".Why is that?
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