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  1. So I plugged it back in, and press power. Red embers and blue electrical looking sparks lite up. I plugged it out, I should have plugged it out sooner. Then it started to smoke. It is a DiamondMax Plus 9 ATA/133 HDD. The board PCB under the drive a chip has exploded. So I ordered a replacement PCB, and I hear sounds that I never heard before. like a clicking sound ( which means it has problems reading the head ) but it is followed by a high pitch beeping noise. ) I think it might something wrong machinically inside or the PCB is not the right make. Hopefully it is just the PCB, because now I have to go threw the painfull decison making proccessor of replacing and recoving the drive. The most important thing is the text files, but there is also everything else..
  2. Okay, I downloaded two versions of a program called Autocad. I installed one and it was working A-okay. I reset on this machine, everything okay Then I installed another version of the same program on a differnt machine. It was working. I reset the computer, and then the Display was in 16 color mode. Their are three devices Plug and play devices processor I forget the last one, but it seems that Windows is unable to identify the board, and anything to everything that is on it. The board is a regular PC board from E-machines, or Gateway, blah blah 1990's. I do not want to erase the windows folder, so what is missing????????
  3. It has nothing to do with being older, it is just logic of how things are. People do not pay for efermiral data, high end business users do not, children wanting to breifly listen to music, or old people wanting to watch Netflix. Then "hitting on girls" and "flirting" is replaced by the computer. It is sooo frickin boring to see people on the internet all day sending messages threw facebook, instead of making it with somebody who is right next to you. People just spend all day talking on the phone, argueing, and being annoyed for no reason at all. Like the way me and my parents would argue and then we stop, but with the celluar phone it is like the same conversation can go on for ages. When do these people work??? With all of these distractions, people are calling it another form of ADD, while I see it for what it is. People who are not usted to a product and has no self control. Like cable televsion, air conditioning, cars ( yes cars ), and even music. Right now thanks to the internet everybody is sooooo **** direct and keep quoting the **** Wikipedia, which is not real data for the most part. Like when you look up WIkipedia while the data is great it is boring. I just wish that all electricity would go away and we would go back to wind-up devices and telegraph machines.
  4. I have been wondering, since many machines are in developed for higher resolution problems. Past machines did the same effort with lower resolutions. I am just wondering, about support for machines that are less then 320X240 or even lesser. Many people talk about how they altered the display driver so it can display such resolution.
  5. I have been looking high and low, for the langauge support files for Windows 95/98 and so on. The files should be on random discs that comes with the support files. As we all know Mafiasoft has drop support for the 9x series. So alternatively I had to download a Microsoft word alternative. I am not looking for a global MIE / IME file for the system. However I am looking for something that will allow me to use a secondary language keyboard alongside my regular keyboard. Please post links of your langauge support files, and any tools that allows using multiple keyboards with various language files. The language I am looking for is Japanese. Jasupp.exe Japsupp.exe Jsup.exe I forget what the exact name is. I am also looking for Chinese ( both Cantonese and Mandarin ), Korean, Russian, and Indian. Right now I need the Japanese files the most. This is one of the burdens of using windows. Many of the programs from other nations will not run without the correct support langauge files.
  6. Between the two setups their is nothing differnt, asides one that has tweaks, and twacks that I do not want to do over again. I attempted to reinstall windows 98, on the problematic machine, and it still has the problem. Explorer is unable to open a search I even renamed the Win.com to Win.old and nothing changed at all. I 100% believe it is a problem with the Registry files. Since that is where I go to slove my problems without reinstalling Windows, most of the time. I also believe it might be a maleware virus, or some kind of invalid entry. i think it might be a new virus or maybe something was deleted, or edited that is required by web browsers. Maybe it is connected but goes to the error screen for some reason.
  7. The next problem we face, is people stealing other peoples software, which was a big problem during the 1980's......I might have been kid but I wish it was like the 1980's still. I miss the early 1990's also. I miss the hair, the legs, the suits, the cars, the buildings, I even miss the Amiga, Atari, Amsterdam. and even when the Mac we fun to use. I miss paint programs, I miss the way things made sense, instead of now. I miss it so much. I know our medical is high, and our technology is greater for it, but I feel like the world is so disconnected with itself. I am happy for some things but I am sad for others. While I feel sad, it is almost like the world of dumb people keep getting dumber but at the same time they are happy for that stupidity.
  8. From what I read, cloud computing is basically people with simular problems loading all of their crap into one server, and then people editing those problems, and adding notes. Basically imagine, what I and many of us are going threw on this forum. We have problems with our specific computer setups, so we ask questions. Somebody who knows what the problem might be or has a suggestion comes along to slove the problem. In combination we research to find the problem. Not to just test our abilities as Techies, but in case we ever end up in a sticky situation like the problemeer. Afterwards we send the data to a forum, or website, so we can help each other. However in cloud computing we basciallly combine P2P downloading Website / database threads / forums .............and dorkbook This is what most os us do on this website with our computers. We have a problem, we fix it, and then we put the solution in a text file. The proccess repeat itself. However when things get crazy we have an entire back up of what we need when we need it. ........................... About help desk from India. The problem is the internet. With the internet we all have gained knowledge we never needed to know, and it has help us, and defeated us at many times. With the so called internet we have limited the need to even go outside. This is the problem, we have with the world. ...............................................
  9. I have two computers with win 98 installed on them. The one with the clean installation I use to browse damaged installations, and the one I use for work, internet, play, etc. I just checked my backup 98 machine, and it is working wonderful. I don't want to pop my standard machine harddrive into the old machine. Basically I switch between the same monitor in order for me to browse the internet. I am trying to avoid a clean installation.
  10. kay here is the problem. The computer is great, the OS looks okay. The built in card which is a VIA ryne, that is built into the baord. AMD Athon XP Thoroughbred 2400+ 1.99Ghz. 736 MB of RAM VT8235 ( board name ) ( cycle time trans ( 6clck ) x86 Part of the problem was caused by me, with barely enough space in the computer that resulted in it reseting at random. So I probably overwrote some files, or damaged files. I tried reinstalling but nothing worked at all. I have to install the OS again, since I don't know what is causing anything. I believe the problem was in the directives. If yu can't read this, then Idk. I am looking for changes in the registery, Anything that could damage the win98OS from using the internet. Internet settings, =?? mispelled anything.
  11. wsxedcrfv, here is the reality. Downloading commercial media files that are products are illeagal period, no matter what legal law is passed, I doubt the people who painstakenly worked on the projects would appreciate you attempting to download, there hardworks. Yes it is not worth it, to buy Blu-ray, DVD, or even VCD. I would go back to laser discs but it is not going to happen, thanks to people in the States being addicted to portability, ADD syndrome. VCD is where I draw the line. About Europe, they have been using RGB and Satelite to pick up US channels, and Canada has a strong media respect. Ever since DVD was released to the States, streets have been turned into crime scenes. All of the stores like Blockbuster, Hollywood video, and even DVD outlit, and video etc has all been shutdown. Yesterday I saw the last video store on the block shutdown forever. That is how much piracy and the knowledge of piracy has damaged our communities. Seriously do you know how creepy it is to walk down a block of unopen stores during the night? The truth is most lazy cheap people like to watch television. That is the truth. The only reason people go outside is to buy movies. Did you even know we are not allowed to upload peoples illustrations without their permmisions. .................................................................. About blu-ray. Blu-ray is based off the idea of having the Raw data uncompressed via the MPEG-5/MP4 ( which is not even real MPG ) type. From 1970-2006 RGB ruled the airwaves, VCR's, Film Reels, and whatever. Television was "television" from Tenchi Color to god **** "Kings View" flatscreens. After that everybody seems to make everything in wide screen, which damages culture. Especailly American culture. Flat fact Blu-ray is not meant for W98. 9X is meant to be GUI consumer based product. In various nations they have their variant of DOS, UNIX, AMIGA and even MAC OS. W98 in todays world serves a cheap alternative for people developing high-end projects for consumer usage. That is all. I known the Windows/DOS series has been in our blood for the so many programs we use it for, but you have to realize the 98 is not meant for brainwashed consumer commercial work no longer. ....................................................................... About 4-gig downloading. You will just have to upgrade to Windows 2000. That is it. In fact before 98 I was using W2K to download stuff via phone wire. Another flatfact. Consumers believe that newer is better, instead of believing actual is better. You want to ride with the consumer, then get something that rivals the consumer archetech way of thinking. 98 is 2d, and floppy disk drives. Standards of limitations, not standards of whatever. ...................................................................... Yes I have allways wanted to get a group of programmers, oldschool and new and get them to work on a perfect Windows Geno-type. Where we can use all of our DOS programs, W9X, and even W2k, and Nt programs. So basically you are saying you want to go back to windows 3.0 ( which is 9x built on ( if I am mistaken ) and edit, edit, edit, until the OS is perfect. Then create a modifier file, that requires a copy of the following files ( whatever ) from the following OS. Windows 3 Win 95 Winter Lisa NT4 ? SP packs. XP release ??? That would be the legal and legitimate answer to doing what you want. An installation from the ground up. You could probably even some how include UNIX, Amiga, and whatever in the upgrade somehow. That is what and how I dreamed up the perfect OS. I am too a novice programmer, to even deal with it, and soooo much stuff to do. ...................................................................... On the horizin, there is a new disc format type that makes Blu-ray a joke. Look at the four corners of Asia folks, people are still using the Laser Discs, and various development tools people have forgotten. So the ultimate answer is ignore Blu-ray completely. Especially piracy part. Of course we all want to look cool in front strangers, and what not requirments.
  12. I like the regular built keyboard over the flat keyboards. Even the heavier Amiga keyboards is nicer then the more recent ones. explain this one to me? To me a laptop ( notebook etc ) is just a portable computer . I understand that a PC is just an extra big Microcomputer ( like a micro controller ) but can do multiple tasks and workstations is one task machine. How is the labtop even different then a notebook. I see ( I remember seeing somewhere in pre 2010 ) business people with laptops with hug antennas messaging, and most of the work done with high-end graphics is done on laptops ( like the i book ). The only difference I could think of is the cost effective technology.
  13. So back in 2005 when I decided to go to college.The photography lab was replaced by an armada of Apple G4s with built in Cameras. Thinking back to how they abused the office space of photgraphy and how he had our digital cameras in our faces. I think people overestimate advancement. Enough of the boring intro... the Ipad2 apparently is going to be faster, smaller, sport a camera, allow phone calls, and can even run touchscreen, motion games, along with regular devices. Speaking of Desktop, you have all seen the IBM commercial with their wireless mobile phone labtop. So apple basically is doing this to attune to people like me who don't like the widescreen get people who wants a simple computer and allows space change desktop media for life again in the comming ten years. okay, enough of the insanity. the point is the OSX ( intel and ppc ) can emulate DOS, win9x, winXP, Amiga ( why why why ), alot more Runs on top UNIX ( so if I had a brain I could run LINUX , with Wine, and then run my Adobe CS ), To all of 8-bit programmers, just has less inspiration towards making programs, that will do their function. I know it is nothing to worry about, and at this stage in my life I am more into being an hobbyist then a changer or shaker in the computer world but seriously. To the current generation Yers a labtop ( notebook ) is the same thing as a desktop.
  14. Edit: Okay so I plugged my monitor into the ProSavageDDR. It worked, but the whole point of me even having such a powerfull card is to generate graphics ( XSI, Maya, GTAIVPS3, and so forth. ). Also the ProSavageDDR has 3d, but not the 3d I need. So then I plugged back in the card, and it worked. It went into regular mode, and even played the music. But when I decided to open any programs, including the 3dlabs docking bay program. The whole entire computer freezed, with the music in the background it sounded like Maxheadroom from 1991 ( if anybody can remember ) bbbbzzzzzz ... I also installed direct X10LV. Did nothing. So I reset the computer into VGA mode, which allowed me to use the card. It worked, but I was unable to access any programs, and when I tried to change the resolution, or open an internet page, the computer would lag for an incredable long time, or freeze. So far I noticed a couple of things. 1. This started when installed the sound card, before that everything was A okay? 2. If the power connector to the card is unplugged ( 84Watt card on a 350Watt Power supply ) then I still get the blue screen or no loading of the computer at all. discovered this by accident. 3. If I attempt to go into an higher resolution, the computer freezes. This is in VGA mode and when the computer loads into 640X480. Keep in mind, before this mess. I was wrocking 1900X resolution. With smooth 3d motion. if all else fails I will have to find an empty usable HD and install XP SP2 again and reinstall to see if it is really the sound card. I am only assuming there is something wrong with the software in the OS. I have not ran error installation yet ........................................................ HERE IS A PICTURE OF THE BOARD, After I put in VIA VT8375 in a search engine. http://www.recycledgoods.com/product_images/v/906/s_p_25089_1__48903_zoom.jpg This also comes up. ProSavageDDR KN266. Originally when I had W98 installed( on another hard drive ) this was the driver type I used. I also just got the built in LAN to work. http://pdfguides.com/images/uploads/MSI-MS-6390-Mainboard.jpg VIA VT8375 is what comes up when I use CPU-Z ( Win9x ) I see what your talking about with northbridge. http://www.firingsquad.com/hw/481/Albatron_KM266_Pro/ All three boards seems to revolves around AMD series. Which is what is inside. Mine might look green, i believe. ......................................... I want to keep the Sound Blaster since It is supported by most of my DOS games ( so far ), and is a pretty good sound card for sound editing. ...................................... About standard motherboard? The board has two memmory sticks inside One is a PC2700 while the other one is PC3200, I believe. It has a built in card, but none of my 3d games will load from it. Only a few ...................................... I don't really think it matters. I was refering to how the graphics card "wildcat realizm" will not go into any other mode then 32-bit color display mode. I could only assume everything I use will have to be windowed? ( unlike my 98 ). Considering that NT was built for workplaces and not consumer usage.
  15. I know that people still consider assembler as a machine code language, but the majority of programmers are not taught how to use assembler from the get go. Instead they are thrown a bunch of various programming standards we could all name in a row. Say this is the now, and somehow it works out for the programmer intent. I am just so ticked off, when I see people using the term Legacy to reference old, done, finished, gone, no more drivers. What ever happen to Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, and Omega lingo? or just putting the word "Final" at the end of the driver to signify it's completeness or even "Extended Final" ( EF ) or something like that? Legacy crosses over into the idea of leaving something behind. Like the man who inherted a farm from his father, won the jackpot, then spent it all, and finally selling the farm. The farm can go furthur, but to use Legacy is like saying "dead man's X belongings", "deadman's shoes" or "deadman's project". For the boomers I could see why commercially, somebody would be that cruel to use the word legacy. Just to keep tossing the words around like HD, ( which could be Hard Drive, High Definition ( RGB )), in consideration to PS2 ( which is a radio standard, and playstation two ) which is perfectly understandable and differnt between work and play. I just contradicted myself. Now as with the work and play idea. Millions of Boomers will be telling thier Xers and Yers children, about leaving the world behind. Like the last war left people confused about the way a person should feel towards Zionists, and the why people should ignore Arabs. Like forcing idea's to make the next set of people flow like the last, on a commercial level.
  16. I finally decided to enter the wonderful world of XP yesterday with a Wildcat Realizm 200 AGP card. The setup went fine, so I started to tweak and twack the system. Making edits to the registery and such, as I normally do with any OS setup. So far I discovered No power to the card means no video, and the system will reset if their is no space left on the HD ( as with 98, which is normal ). The OS I am using is XP SP2 from an older computer that had a simular resetting problem. The board is a VIA VT8375 Built in LAN that is working AMD Athlon XP 2gigs SoundBlaster 5.1 SBL DirectX 9.1? So I installed the Wildcat tested it out with some 3d games, and DXDiag. Then I went to install the SBL. This is when the problem started. It would load like normal, then the blue screen ( after or during the welcome screen, since I disabled the welcome all together ), would appear. It is a dark blusih color, screen. At first I saw the mouse pointer. Their was also a really long message ( not the crash screen that ask you to reset ). I did a scandisk on a nearby XP machine. It kept reapting the same thing over and over again in the CHKDSK. I forget the message but some sorta Security ID is damaged replacing with standard one? So I did that, and the mouse pointer is not appearing anymore but I am to go into safemode now. I load into XP, it stops at a blank dark blue like screen. Then resets after five to twenty minutes or so. I can load into Safemode, ( 32-bit only since that is what the card only supports ). So what do I do??? I don't want to reinstall the entire OS again. It is perfect the way it is. The SB drive appears in Safemode and removing it does not slove the problem. I just want to get some work done... What will get me away from that blue screen that does not invovle reinstalling XP again?
  17. Okay so I got this card Wildcat realizm 200 which was the talk of the town and had a hefty price tag. I installed on my VIA VT8235 motherboard with AMD Athlon XP 2gig processor to the XP HD I had lying around the place. Works great, motherboard sucks but works great so far. Notes so far. only 32-bit mode N64 emulation ( games ) is working, card can do regular 3d, duh VLC is not playing video correctly. but I really want to install the official drivers for the 98 machine instead. Not to use 98 as my official high-end machine but for anything the XP machine is unable to handle like DOS base programs. I have been scanning around for drivers. So far the Linux is a supporter for the card ( duh programming OS ) and that means MacOSX can run on the card ( unofficial release of course ) So far the driver Install_4.05.0777.exe keeps wanting me to be the administrative to install. I know that if I put in a certain registery key, I could certain achieve this. I want to use the card for my regular 16-bit or less exprience. Their is the OXygen card that might work, right now I am going to try to use the built in Display drivers, to see what will occur.
  18. So we all know what the film TRON was. Great film could have went places, but instead they made a really long commercial about Windows ( Control Panel ) and then another even worst crappier commercial about how Apple screwed up OS X with intel. Okay so computer were called Microcomputers, for the obvious reason, then the towers came with the PC way of thinking. Towers was really just a Super 80's way of saying Microcomputer, and then finally the labtop changed to notebook. Okay, so that is okay, and understandable, we need more power so we build giant towers, for these small little Micromachines. That is logical. So then they started to call this stuff High-tech equipment. Meaning High technology, which is what I learned in tech class back in 1996 ( when you was in the computer room playing the A:/ drive). Then after 2001 ( of course ) they started to reference High-tech as Low-end ( like my 100mhz Nt machine, or the 800mhz machine I still use today ) and anybody willing to spend thousands of dollars on graphic cards, lights, power supplies, 100GB of memory were all called power-user ( which is where I am today ) and these people used machines known as High-end. Today practically all Dell ( absorbed companies ) computers with 3gigs processors, a built in GPU 8x, and 4gigs of memory are magically High-end. Along with OS X machines being a user workstation model. So they duced us again, by creating another name. Legacy. All over the internet, all I see is the word Legacy. Which is perferctly understandable since all the boomers, and early generation Xers are old, and we younger Xers and Yers are now in this world with a smaller population surplus. Legacy, what I leave behind for my children. People have to cut crap, with the Legacy. They are not even using names to labels anymore but that trick word to just say "past products" that is unsupported, but still used. Their is soooo many setups out their, and with the Eco-freaks ( the Planateers ) they are constantly throwing Greener is good, greener is better, along with the it is okay to shoot arabs ( mixed people ) nonsense, and of course the uhmm Oil, Oil, Oil we should give a ****, and finally the stupid idea of how "lets blame the kids for not wanting to go to school, lets just shutdown the schools the college know it all says" seriously the last ten years has been a wasted hash compared to the 1990's or even 80's. I am just sick and tired of seeing the word legacy on everything. The store kid, in the circuitcity is using it. This **** commercial disney is just playing along, to look intresting. ..................... So that tron remake ( Legacy ) movie we all saw, complete crap don't pay for it. They had all the commercial computer geek characters and in the end the main character rids off into the daylight with a virgin girl, not before jumping off a building and paracuting like that realler stil fake film Hackers. ........... When learing computer programming, and engeneering how do you think that is going to be like in the future. When the East Asia ( now I am sounding like 1984 ) is still programming in Assembler and we are using super super high end. seriously.
  19. If you want flash on 98, your going to be using a mozilla browser like Seamonkey or K-melon. The installation I used was flash 6, flash MX 2004 ( flash maker program, with it's own instalation of flash ) Then I used flash 7 or 8?? I forget but I don't know if I used 9. I remember I downgraded the flash after seeing the error messages in Youtube.
  20. VIA VT8235 board with IDE to SATA adapter, Hataichi 500GB. It worked for the time I was using it, However I am assuming the data rate is slower, now but it seems fine so far.
  21. Have attempted to just plug in an already active version of Win9x into your computer to see what would occur? All the drivers might not work, but it will give you an idea of what needs to be done.
  22. I think I install 6 Flash MX 2004 I forget what I installed next, might have upgraded the IE as well. All I know is that I avoid the lastest of anything, with flash. So far I am able to watch videos, but when I go full screen the video is reloaded again, so I have to load the fullsreen first. I am able to select video files, within itself The only error I get, is "THERE IS AN ERROR WITH YOUR VIDEO" and right underneath the thing is loading and playing fine. How stupid is that. To slove that problem I just reload the pages. Every other video website that is not Youtube does not work and demands the latest flash version. To slove that problem I just get a flv downloader to get the video.
  23. I still use 98, on more recent hardware. What you are talking about is instruction data, that is broken into two parts, and given to multiple processors at once. This was defeated with the core solution. 98 has no problem unless the driver has a problem, and here is the problem 98, 95, were all built to be users computers, and not workstations. Nt, and XP with it's limitless amount of space and memory correction is built to used as a workstation. The only real solution to this would be to go back to Win3.1 or even 2.1 and program the living tar out it, so It can run both Nt, and 9X programs. WIthout program support ( from users like us ) only then 9x will vanished or stay as a "hobby computer" like the Amiga is today. Programmers are forced to use their program types for various Corperate, goverment, private projects. Why not XP, well think about how OSX ( Tiger ) was perfect, It is basically UNIX with Next OS built on top of it. Something we all could cheer for. In Japan, the casual artist has been using the Apple, for their work with abilities like 3d and 2400dpi display for years. Can you do that with a win98 out of the box? No. That is why. 9x = less then 4Gigs Built on DOS OS ( neXTiger ) = above 4gigs. Built on UNIX What akes 9x so sweet is the speed, the lack of startup screens ( that I am learning to bypass in the XP ), and simplicity of it, as a GUI. However as a programmer you would want Unix or even DOS. That is the problem. While people like us still use and prefer DOS, the consumer demands what they want. Right now Xp ( Nt/ 200SP packs ) is good until a new program of MS-word Autocad OSX tiger is still good with CS5 ................................... So that is the problem folks okay. 98 has no problem with hardware at all, you just need to program the drivers, which is a pain.
  24. Windows Phone 7...............Next it will be called Final Windows Fantasy Phone VII Seriously, my 98 is far more stabler, with less crap on any install. This is just saying that blah blah blah phone users outscore etc operating system. I say we could take back our respect as computer quacks and destroy all celluar phone nonsense, and return to led digital number display phones with 6.95 per minute for wireless and 10 cents per minute for regular. I miss those 10 cents per minutes days
  25. We all use paper, right? Think about most of the paper being printed is for flyers, ( like to inform ) while other people is used to fill stuff out ( like at a work place ). Did you know that non-profit origanizations like anything big you could think of, print sooooo many papers, to only be thrown out and not recycled? Most of these are fill out forms. Did you know to save money they decided to switch from Alimunium to Poly plates? Poly plates is basically a rubbery yellow like substance ( basically plastic based ). So think about it, they went from a recyclable material to an even more harmfull material. A Aluminum plate could print over 100,000 before wearing down but a poly plate can only print 10,000. Even then the poly plate might leave scratch marks, and being plastic could break down. Also printing from file is a lie, you can only print less then a thousand before it breaks down. Also processing from file is limited, where you can have a small image and zoom practically 3000% on an image. This is why books back then was so fine. Computerized Printing is a lie. It Just looks goods.

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