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  1. Running 2016.17 on both from this installer: ..But I did install RetroZilla after KernelEx on the new one, and am not sure what order they were installed on the older machine (though the update from 4.5.2 to 2016.17 was definitely this year). I noticed your post in that thread when getting the link to that installer post, so I suppose this may well be the issue you described here. This is a concerning issue for the new KernelEx - I might roll back to 4.5.2 and test new versions on a VM until there isn't any more regression like this. For now I guess copying the profile should sort this o
  2. Installed RetroZilla on another 98SE system and it refuses to "initialize the browser's security component", and then states that SSL is disabled if you try to navigate to an encrypted page anyway. Read all kinds of fixes for this (Mozilla in general), mostly profile-related, but nothing worked. Was a fresh install of RetroZilla anyway, so I didn't think it would be relevant. Luckily it works on one of my 98SE laptops just fine (other than github and whatever other sites use that particular unsupported cipher or whatever it is) so hopefully I can do a comparison of system file versions and pre
  3. There's no security.tls.* settings at all. There are a bunch of cipher suite booleans for ssl3 (and ssl2, not relevant though) toggled in various ways. From what I've seen it's just weak/broken ciphers that shouldn't be used, though I didn't read every single one. I went to an SSL/TLS version test page earlier (https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html) and it reported TLS 1.2, so I don't think that's the issue anyway. Edit: Ah, hadn't seen your other post when I wrote this. That would only affect rendering as long as we've got the right security protocols and cipher
  4. Looks like I was straight wrong about TLS support in RetroZilla and K-Meleon 74, but there is an issue when connecting to some sites regarding a security protocol - this is from RetroZilla: "RetroZilla can't connect security to github.com because the site uses a security protocol which isn't enabled." When I look in the preferences under SSL it has only two protocol versions, "SSL version 3" and "TLS", which was what led me to believe that it must only support TLS 1.0. I don't have K-Meleon 74 on the machine in front of me at the moment or I'd test that too, but I imagine the error w
  5. Doesn't support TLS 1.2, unfortunately. It's the best option at the moment but it's inadequate.
  6. I've been looking into these things for a while now, first for WFW 3.11 which is in an even more dire browser situation as even prior to the TLS 1.2 armageddon that occurred more recently it could barely render modern pages without crashing 1/4 of the time or so depending on your luck and what sites. Overbyte ICS actually runs on Win3x with Delphi 1.0, which is why I'm aware of that. I'd learned Delphi 1.0 to work on Calmira II (I have my own build at http://www.yushatak.com/calmira.html with new features, need to make another release for the more recent features I've worked on). Delphi i
  7. Happened across a similar project (not a maintained one, a one-off) that you could perhaps integrate some fixes/tricks from: http://toastytech.com/files/95browsing.html Doesn't render MSFN's forum any better, but there may well be some gains to be found here.
  8. I actually just scoured the NoScript version history and found the last to support Seamonkey 1.1 was NoScript 1.10. They list by Firefox version and by Seamonkey version, not Mozilla version, so I'm not sure how to tell if something is compatible with a specific codebase. I assume Seamonkey 1.1.x is Mozilla 1.8.1? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/seamonkey/addon/noscript/versions/?page=25#version-1.10 About to try to install/use this one with RetroZilla.
  9. After more regular use of the browser I've come across what I presume to be a JS bug. On onlinebanking.tdbank.com (yeah I know I'm insane to do that on 98SE, whatever..) the page rewrites the username to censor the center of it with password-field-dots after you switch form fields. This ends up clearing the box entirely on RetroZilla rather than the intended effect, making it impossible to log in. I disabled JS and tried again, and then you can't log in because the site is too JS-driven and the "Log In" button does nothing. Also, I'm sure you noticed this, but MSFN loads very slowly and t
  10. I've experienced similar using 0.8.6f and running the video from the hard drive. My specs are similar (not THAT similar, but still): 300Mhz Tillamook (Mobile Pentium MMX) 512MB RAM ATI Rage AGP 2x (8MB I think - also have a Voodoo 2 in there but I don't think that applies) 750GB ATA133 HDD (on Promise controller, so full 48-bit LBA support) I'm going to try out one of the ones sdfox linked.. Edit: tried 0.8.6d and it didn't work any better, has a very hard time buffering and then stutters because it hasn't buffered enough to handle things. It also crashed when I t
  11. AnyToISO 3.5.1 and under work with KernelEx - any newer and it uses QT5 which isn't compatible. I have not tested downgrading the QT version. One of the major features of AnyToISO does not work, however, and that's ripping an ISO from a physical disk - everything else seems to work fine, though (I use it to convert disk images to ISO to use with Daemon Tools 4.3). Version 3.5.1 is very difficult to locate online, so I uploaded it myself to Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/eg0f3r976ry6w2c/anytoiso351.exe
  12. Love this project, I always wanted to do something like this but was lacking the expertise. I code, but I do C, C#, and Python so this was a bit out of my purview. Requests (some things I wanted in Seamonkey 1.x when it was still current, even): Ability to remove the "Print" button like you can with the "Search" button on the navigation bar (I never print anything, and if I wanted to I'd use the menu or Ctrl+P). Ability to toggle the navigation bar to small icons to the left of the text of the buttons (to save space on machines with low vertical space - ex. my Libretto 110CT w
  13. I've never been a big AIM user, so I'm not particularly motivated to do this myself, but someone else could.. You could solve this problem by reverse engineering the protocol of the version of AIM you want to use and the most recent one, and creating a server program (which could run locally or on another machine) to accept the older protocol from clients which could could point to it instead of AOL itself since it supports changing the server (if it didn't you could use the hosts file to redirect). When it connects to that server program, the server would then spit out a modern protocol
  14. CCleaner will allow you to run uninstallers or remove the entry from the list. When something won't uninstall normally I manually delete registry keys and program files and then use CCleaner to remove the entry from the installed programs list.
  15. Yeah I install IE6 as well, I forgot whether it was included in SP3 or not which is why I didn't mention it. DX9 is included in SP3, but I do install that as well (used to do it separately before it was included). Thanks for the input.
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