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  1. I also had problems running scandisk (not enough memory) but on a smaller partition - 80GB, created with ranish, big FAT, too. The ME scandisk from MGDx seems to be either incomplete or there are wrong files because it doesn't work any faster and even though I installed english files (from MGDx's scanfrag.exe package) scandskw was still in polish . No offence MGDx. Anyway - you might give Diskeeper Lite 7.0 Build 418 a try. Also you might try to play with options in DiskMinder because it worked for me very well.
  2. Hi, Thanks for all advice. I have done some research, using the links you provided as a starting point, and I have been able to install UPnP client together with a monitoring/control tool without having to resort to accessing Windows XP installation CD or a computer with Windows XP. Here are the steps to achieve that: 1. Download "Unchecked Buffer in Universal Plug and Play Can Lead to System Compromise for Windows XP" patch in your language: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315000 2. Uncompress Q315000_WXP_SP1_x86_xxx.exe to any directory you like with WinRAR. 3. Run netsetup.exe from that directory. 4. You will be asked confirm installation and then to reboot. 5. After reboot you will be asked about connection type and computer name. 6. You will be asked to reboot again. 7. After reboot you should see a new icon in the tray - UPnP is installed and working. I have tested this with uTorrent and it worked. The file already contains all the updates.
  3. I have tried your links but unfortunatelly I couldn't find what I was looking for. The first link contains only a tool to disable UPnP. On the second there is a hotfix which needs UPnP to be already installed (see below). And on the last there is a tool that doesn't work for me (Winsock error) Is it possible to install this UPnP add-on without having to use WinXP files?
  4. Hi, I have found UPnP to be supported by my router and I want to try it out. So, how do I enable UPnP on Windows 98? -Xeno86
  5. Well I have began writing an NTFS file system driver at the beginning of this month But don't hold your breath. It's in VERY early stage and mostly unfunctional. Some details: It it based on ntfs-3g and plain 98 DDK. It is a protected mode (Windows only) driver. So far I have been able to integrate ntfs-3g into VxD driver and successfully recognize and mount NTFS partition. Drive letters for NTFS partitions are assigned and disk size is displayed. But that's all I have done so far. The problem is that the documentation from DDK is not good at all. It lacks examples. Ioctl16 documentation is missing. There are many secret parameters which are not listed but used extensively in VFAT. Therefore I have a request. I'm searching for this book in digital form: Inside The Windows 95 File System, by Stan Mitchell This book is out of print and is not available in my country. Any other books about Windows 9x filesystems might also be useful.
  6. @GreyPhound I have a problem viewing images in the article. I get "403 Forbidden" error.
  7. Well first of all, not 2 bytes twice but 20 bytes. If I changed 2 bytes I would completely limit maximum cache size setting, while this fix leaves you the freedom and flexibility to set it to whatever value you want (max 800M). It only affects default (automatic) value. Secondly, what kind of fix did you expect for this particular issue? I'm open for ideas and discussion. If you can do better - prove it It's certainly better than the "workaround" advised by Microsoft ... and it can be easily slipstreamed into Windows installation CD.
  8. VCACHE fix attempt This is an attempt to fix "Out of Memory" Error Messages with Large Amounts of RAM Installed problem described in Knowledge Base article KB253912 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/253912 Description of the fix: Normally VCache driver calculates maximum cache size based on the amount of memory present. While this works ok for computers with less or equal 512 MB of memory, on computers with more memory VCache allocates too much memory from system area and you can experience problems (see KB). This fix limits maximum cache size allocated dynamically to 384 MB thus removing the need to apply any of the workarounds mentioned in the KB article. Power-users however have the ability to set the limit to a different value (lower or higher) through MaxFileCache entry in system.ini file. Installation: To install the fix copy Vcache.vxd file from archive to c:\Windows\system\vmm32 directory. Uninstallation: To remove the fix remove Vcache.vxd file from c:\Windows\system\vmm32 directory. Note this file is for Windows 98 SE (4.10.2222). The fix is available in english and polish translation. If there is demand, I can prepare files for other systems too. Please leave your feedback/comments on this fix. -Xeno86 _________ update 11.02.2008: added english translation vcache_fix.rar
  9. Virtual PC 5.1 should do the trick. It divides large hard disk images into smaller pieces. It officially supports Windows 98 and ME. And unlike Qemu it is accelera ed so the performance is good. But it has also an annoying bug. If you leave the driver statically loading at boot your Windows will (in-)frequently fail to boot. The walkaround is to load the driver manually through Device Manager, and disable it when you've finished. VPC 5.1 is the last version officially supporting Windows 9x. You can also try previous versions, it is possible that they don't have the bug I mentioned.
  10. Sorry, Xeno86, but your program is just no good: - Resident [processes are expensive] - Not using message-loop [wrong design and thus CPU usage] - Can cause deadlocks [timered send-message] The right design will be: - Load into explorer.exe as DLL [injecting, or better, using ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad] - Hook list-view and update color only when needed I can write such tool if anybody wants. You're probably right. In fact there was a similar tool installed with the polish edition of uSP. I have written an enhanced version for myself, which monitors background color changes and keeps it always transparent, because it was annoyed me that it wasn't transparent after resume from suspend. I saw that english uSP lacks such feature and thus decided to share with my program. If you want to further enhance it then I can provide the source code. btw. Wintop says that after 3,5h it used 1 cpu sec so it isn't THAT bad .
  11. Wintop is a good idea! Also you might consider adding this small program. Download: trans.zip
  12. And what about 48-bit LBA patch by LLXX (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=78592) ? Are you going to add it to uSP?
  13. Thank you very much. I will try to reproduce it. I also should check that if there are other CDVSD.VXD versions such as 2225, 2224 etc. I have CDVSD.VXD 4.10.2224 from KB265314. Get it here :Download site Hope this helps weird, I don't have the problem Xeno86 is having on my next door neighbor's Win98 SE computer with cdvsd.vxd 4.10.2226 [this version is from Q274370 and the Q274370 patches are bundled inside the Intel Application Accelerator software). Xeno86 may have bad or outdated firmware for his CD drives. Q265405 has cdvsd.vxd 4.10.2225 {KB article no longer available from MS support} Well actually I was wondering what program has installed that buggy cdvsd.vxd 4.10.2226 on my laptop with Intel i830 chipset I don't think that my DVD drives are faulty or have outdated firmware. They are different brands, and the problem also exists on a drive I bought this year. So as I stated before - the problem occurs on 3 different computers with different chipsets and and different drives. With 4.10.2224 it works ok so far. I also think that it is significant (quote from Q274370):
  14. Xeno86, can you try this ? As for now 4.10.2224 works ok.
  15. After installing uSP 2.1a I do encounter a problem: When I insert CD in one of my drives and immediately open My Computer the whole system freezes (incl. mouse cursor) until the disc in detected. This also happens when I have Nero launched and insert a CD. There is also another problem: sometimes when I remove CD from the drive, explorer 'thinks' that it is still inserted -> you can see the contents of the CD which isn't present. OR when I insert another CD I see contents of previous CD. But when I try to access anything on it I get a blue screen and system dies. I have isolated the problem and it is related to CDVSD.VXD 4.10.2226 which is distributed with uSP. The problem disappears when I install original CDVSD.VXD 4.10.2222. The problem occured on 3 different computers on which I have installed uSP.
  16. You are lucky because I wanted to play CMR2 today too and have written this patch. http://x86.neostrada.pl/files/CMR2_patch109_dualhead.rar This patch fixes the problem where Colin Mc Rae Rally 2.0 crashes at startup with invalid page fault error on Windows 98/ME with dual-head graphics cards. This patch updates your game to version 1.09. Hope this helps -Xeno86
  17. you may have a look here: Win9x: More than 512 MB of RAM? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=59765 Win98 with 2G RAM http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=96699 Windows 95/98/98SE/ME Subforum http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=8
  18. Have you tried the shutdown supplement? Also check if you have "assign irq for vga" set to "enable" in bios.
  19. I am searching for newer drivers for Windows 98/ME. Currently I'm using official Catalyst 6.2. I'm especially interested if a newer Atio9xxx.dll OpenGL library than exists. Why do I need this? I'm trying to make run Enemy Territory Quake Wars Beta Client on Windows 9x (see KernelEx project on "Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack") and I'm stuck at this level: ******************** ERROR: The current video card / driver combination does not support the necessary features: GL_EXT_framebuffer_object ******************** My graphics card does support this extension but that old and buggy graphics driver doesn't Any help will be appreciated.
  20. As far as I remember, I had to create a Fat32 partition on it using Ranish Partiton Manager (on Windows) and format it and it would become accessible. Remember to select the the player as disk (F5) and save partiton table (F2) and reconnect the player after creating partition. Hope this helps.
  21. Menu->Settings->USB select MSC and press center button. Don't use WMP, it should be available through "My Computer".
  22. Has anybody tried if Diskeeper Lite 7.0.418 (freeware) works past 137GB ? I am currently using it on my Windows 98 and I must say that's a lot faster than MS defrag.exe.
  23. I have just looked into MSI 3.1. You can safely extract WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe using WinRAR. Msi.exe + msi.dll doesn't require too many new apis: MSI.EXE Kernel32:GetUserDefaultUILanguage -simple xor eax,eax ret should do the trick Ntdll:NtQueryInformationProcess advapi32:ConvertSidToStringSidW but on the other hand... in update\langspecific\ there are update.exe and spuninst.exe which require 40+ new exports . Are those files needed for MSI 3.1 to work? nicke85 If you wanted to fool MSI based installers you should add the following entry to C:\WINDOWS\KUPVER.INI: [Override] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSIEXEC.EXE=winxp However this doesn't seem to work for me: Do you guys have any clues how to make MSI 2.0 work in NT mode ?
  24. I have installed IE6SP1 yesterday and now Dependency Walker reports unresolved dependencies for shlwapi.dll (required by most apps): OLE32:CoWaitForMultipleHandles SHELL32:SHBindToParent APPHELP.DLL - file missing USERENV.DLL - file missing I have found this http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/win98/1006296639 on google but no solution Anybody knows how to fix it? I have also tried reinstalling SP2.1a but it didn't help. My OS is Windows 98 SE PL.
  25. Topic moved - please post here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71476

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