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  1. KernelEx v4.5 Final Release announcement The wait is finally over. KernelEx 4.5 has now gone final, which means this is the new stable release. Because of the stability fixes it is a recommended update for 4.5 beta and RC users. Check out our new Wiki. The wiki, and in particular its compatibility database requires your help to grow into something bigger and more useful. After free registration anyone can add new entries, but new users will be required to enter captcha code on every edit, to reduce spam problem. What's new: Reworked installer (should be more compatible with kernel32 updates) New welcome screen Fixed stability of extended TLS code Fixed hang issues with printers Added Windows Installer compatibility database for MSI files patching Apps fixed / now working: Fixed: Foxit Reader 3.1 drag-and-drop crash Fixed: Qt 4.6+ hotkey issues Fixed: Opera 11 'about:' pages Fixed: Firefox displaying file save dialog twice Fixed: caret not showing on some configurations (Opera) Now working: Google Earth 5.2 (6.0 beta experimentally) This release includes new feature to ease installation of MSI format packages that contain a check for Windows NT system. This feature uses a database which means it won't magically work for all MSI files at once, it rather needs adding an entry for each and every MSI file. Currently the database includes entries for Microsoft Word Viewer 2003, Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003, Microsoft Office 2007 File Format Converters, Google Earth 5.1, 5.2 and Adobe Reader 7.0 (all english versions only!). KernelEx home page: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/ KernelEx Wiki: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/ Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kernelex/files/
  2. Opera 11 compatible with KernelEx. We’re proud to announce that Opera 11 which was released today and which is no longer compatible with Windows 9x is working fine with KernelEx 4.5 RC 5. Although there are minor problems it mostly works properly. Users of Opera 10.63 with enabled auto-update feature will have Opera updated to 11.00 automatically. The old, MSI based installer is required for clean install. New installer doesn't work yet. In order to run Opera 11, you have to change compatibility mode of opera.exe to Windows 2000 SP4 otherwise Opera will report the OUniAnsi.dll file is missing and won't start.
  3. I've just checked Shockwave 11 slim on IE6 and couldn't see any problems apart from already known installer crash. Prefered compatibility mode is "Default mode" for firefox.exe + "Windows 2000 SP4" for xul.dll (these are also the default settings used after KernelEx install, unless you change them). In this configuration Firefox will report to be working under Windows NT 5.0.
  4. The problem isn't related to KernelEx, at least not directly: http://forums13.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?admit=109447627+1289411827432+28353475&threadId=2991 http://forums.techguy.org/earlier-versions-windows/350582-error-when-printing-win-98-a.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040217232044/support.microsoft.com/?kbid=247821 here, point 3: http://web.archive.org/web/20040202005522/http://www.generation.net/~hleboeuf/spool32.htm#ERRSPOOL32 Your best options are trying to replace spoolss.dll with the one from Me (4.90.3000) or disabling the antivirus.
  5. Try finding your printer driver file spoolss.dll, right click on it, go to KernelEx tab, choose "Disable KernelEx extensions", close with OK. And don't forget to report back.
  6. KernelEx v4.5 RC 5 Release announcement So here comes a new release which should fix most of the reported problems with previous release and further enhance compatibility with NT-only applications. Enjoy! What's new: KernelEx should now work better with Windows 95 shell Fixed stability issues with GDI anti-leaking code Apps fixed / now working: Fixed: OpenOffice.org often crashed on closing Fixed: VLC 1.1.x crashed on DVD playback on windows 98 shell Fixed: MAME insufficient memory error Fixed: Inkscape 0.47 invisible save dialog problem Fixed: Foxit Reader 3 resource leaks and random scrolling crashes Fixed: Opera crashed in 'Windows 2000' mode when trying to save file Fixed: Qt4 apps not showing interface fonts Fixed: AkelPad had broken national input Fixed: Easy Assembler Shell installer crash Now working: Media Player Classic Home Cinema rev 2374+ Now working: MS Office 2003 Word/Excel + Viewers (experimental) Now working: MS Office 2007 converters [docx only] (experimental) KernelEx home page: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/ Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kernelex/files/
  7. MAME and VLC DVD playback are already fixed in the SVN so the fixes will be included in next release.
  8. You need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) to make Arora work http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=32bc1bee-a3f9-4c13-9c99-220b62a191ee&displaylang=en
  9. KernelEx v4.5 RC 4 Release announcement This new release is supposed to cure critical issues present in two previous release candidate releases as well as improve compatibility with Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. What's new: Fixed: missing background colors and images in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9/3.6.10 Fixed: MSIMG32 warning and menu icon transparency issues in Opera 10.62 Fixed: crashes introduced in RC 3 KernelEx auxiliary libraries weren't loaded when full path to system file was passed in call to LoadLibary Includes changes from RC 2 KernelEx home page: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/ Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kernelex/files/
  10. RC2 & RC3 have a bug that causes various programs to crash, so it might confuse Norton as well. To fix crashes install 4.5 RC1 release and forget about RC2 & RC3 for now. Your registry corruption has unlikely anything to do with KernelEx.
  11. This basically means that backup file for KERNEL32.DLL was missing during uninstall which couldn't be fully completed and you're locked at 4.0f2 Follow these steps to recover from this situation and allow upgrades:
  12. Given recent crash reports with RC 2 and RC 3 I have decided to pull down those releases until these issues are resolved. Please downgrade to RC 1. Sorry for inconvenience.
  13. I need your Windows version, Lingoes version, compatibility settings used by you, MFC42U.dll version and most importantly Dr Watson crash log. I haven't noticed the described behaviour with Lingoes 2.7.1 working under 98SE with 4.5 RC3.
  14. KernelEx v4.5 RC 3 Release announcement Unfortunately, last release has a bug that could cause bootup system crashes on certain configurations. This is a hotfix release that only fixes mentioned bug. It is recommended to update from RC 2. This release fixes bootup crash problem reported by CyberyogiCoWindler. In case you already have this problem and can't start the system to uninstall that release, start the system in Safe Mode and uninstall 4.5 RC 2 from there.
  15. KernelEx v4.5 RC 2 Release announcement Okay, so here comes a new release. This time it mainly fixes reported bugs. Hope you enjoy this release. In case you didn't know yet... KernelEx has now a real webpage instead of the ugly default one. http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/ What's new: Implemented SysLink common control class Apps fixed / now working: Fixed: Google Picasa options dialog (empty tabs) Fixed: Adobe Flash Player crashes (reported by mailcat via sf.net forum) Fixed: Adobe Flash Player 10.1 volume control Fixed: Wizard101 game crash (bug #3041092) Fixed: Maxthon browser (freezing) Now working: Maxthon 1.6.7 Now working: VLC 1.1.2 (without RP9)
  16. NPSWF32.dll is configured for XP mode because Adobe Flash Player 10.1 won't work without it. There is compatibility mode set for any of the system files. In fact some of them are blocked from KernelEx altogether. This is a known issue. Please upgrade to Opera 10.6 which works correctly or disable KernelEx extensions for Opera 10.5.
  17. No you're not alone - I have some distortion with sound, which I don't have with previous version of Flash ( While I can confirm that it is not currently possible to change sound volume during video playback, I can't confirm any kind of distrotion. Can it be heard on all videos and animations? As for pictures you can use imageshack.us, tinypic.com and post here a link as for files use something like speedyshare.com, 2shared.com and also post link here As for now there is no way to run the "new generation" plugin on 9x, while I'm looking into the issue I can't promise to fix it fast as it requires major work (named pipes interprocess communication support). VLC 1.1 and Maxthon issues are being worked on as well. Btw. I'll be offline for a couple of days.
  18. You might want to try your luck with SciTech Display Doctor 7.0 drivers or VBEMP. While I use VMware, I have much less issues and better performance with SciTech than with VMware drivers. HTH
  19. DrWatson log would be handy. Also double check if compatibility mode is set to 'Windows XP'.
  20. I'll look into that. It is an additional compatibility switch, allowing to disable new fast heap from FreeBSD introduced in KernelEx 4.5 Beta 1 while keeping everything else active. What is the version of Maxthon that you use. What system, IE version. Was this problem introduced in RC 1 or earlier? Try this link: http://get.adobe.com..._Other_Browsers Or this direct link: http://fpdownload.ad...lash_player.exe
  21. I have just checked FreeCell and Reversi on two systems. I can't replicate those problems on any of them. Can you check if the problem is there with last stable release - KernelEx 4.0 Final 2 ? Could you provide a DrWatson log with FreeCell running? Can you make a screenshot of that display corruption? Compatibility tab is enabled for all 32-bit executables. KernelEx can't affect 16-bit apps directly so there is no tab there.
  22. First of all I would try to uninstall any version you have installed and do a fresh install of KernelEx. If that doesn't help, report back.
  23. KernelEx v4.5 RC 1 Release announcement Fixed. Finally. What's new: Reworked 'Compatibility' tab to allow resetting compatibility settings to default values Resources with high ID are disallowed when KernelEx is disabled Platform check is now re-enabled when KernelEx is disabled Fixed settings not applied for applications with international characters in path Implemented get-post I/O completion ports functionality Apps fixed / now working: Fixed: MSYS (broken) Fixed: Microsoft Access XP (crashing) Fixed: Rally Championship '99 (crashing) Fixed: GTA San Andreas (crashing) Fixed: VLC 1.0+ (UI) Fixed: Firefox 3.6.4+ (high cpu usage) Now working: Adobe Flash 10.1 plugin Now working: Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 Now working: Artweaver 1.0 Now working: MPC-HC (newer builds, svn build 1391+)
  24. 4.0 Final 2 works. The system is English and unpatched I believe, and no other extensions used yet. Watson log attached. This crash is a bug in error message display procedure. Instead of crashing it should tell you that for some reason your system lacks a backup for kernel32.dll (c:\windows\kernelex\kernel32.bak) so it's not possible to upgrade. You need to copy this file from install media otherwise you won't be able to upgrade or downgrade KernelEx. KernelEx 4.5 series has revamped uninstall procedure a bit so it's less likely to lose this backup file.
  25. There is a known problem that despite disabling KernelEx extensions still two things are enabled (hardwired) when KernelEx is installed. These are platform version check in PE executables and resource number limit check. Until your report this hasn't proved to have any ill effects. In your case those plugins won't be loaded by a stock system so VDub won't hang when KernelEx is not installed. I will change it so that these checks work normally when extensions are disabled in a subsequent release. Technically it could work on Windows 95. But the choice was made to use 98 based on two factors: 1) it has more implemented functions than 95 and 2) I use this system myself . Making it work on 95 would require someone to port it. Any volunteers? Will it help you if I tell you that it works perfectly for me? Please write if it is a patched system, what other extensions from this forum you use, what language it is, etc. And it would be *very* useful if you could provide Dr.Watson log. Also check if 4.0 final 2 works for you. Otherwise I can't help you, sorry. New version won't be released at least until next month because I'm *very* busy right now and have no time for KernelEx. Next version will include the following changes: * fixed GTA: San Andreas crash * working latest Flash Player Plugin 10.1 * platform version check and resource limit check re-enabled when KernelEx extensions are disabled * fixed compatibility problem with VDub reported by xrayer * ... more to come ...

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