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  1. "Same here" and no WLG either. Also what is your system's language?
  2. Hi RodgerOver, The error message that you've posted proves that at the time you got that crash KernelEx 4.5 Beta 1 was running. I'd like to note that replacing Kernel32.dll from install media effectively stops KernelEx from functioning. Note that you can always check the version of KernelEx currently running on your system by right clicking on any executable, selecting 'Properties' and switching to 'Compatiblity' tab, at the bottom you should see vesion of KernelEx currently running. It should say "KernelEx Core v4.5.2" for KernelEx 4.5 Beta 2. If you don't see 'Compatibility' tab then it means that KernelEx is not running. I would suggest a clean install of KernelEx, that is uninstalling the version you have currently installed, rebooting, removing C:\WINDOWS\KernelEx directory if it exists, installing KernelEx 4.5 Beta 2 and rebooting once again. Don't forget to let us know if you still have problems. Cheers, -Xeno86
  3. I have to ask you to provide Dr.Watson report (WLG format) as this crash log doesn't tell me much.
  4. Hi Please attach description of the error or screenshot thereof.
  5. Unfortunately I can't agree that implementing a filesystem driver would be a simple task. The problem is that Windows 9x filesystem (IFS) API is very low level, I mean you have to deal with such stuff as buffering, VCache, name cache, path cache, file locking, file searching on your own. To make things worse, the IFS API documentation is very poor and missing important details. That said, it is possible to implement basic filesystem driver (FSD) but it will have poor performance, lack many features and will behave differently than built-in drivers. Personally I don't see implementing >4GiB file support as being that much of an issue, because as I said the IFS API is very low level and you can talk almost directly to a driver from KERNEL32 but of course such support would be limited only to new FSDs written with such support in mind.
  6. KernelEx disables version checking in the system so files generated by MSVC2008 and its runtime DLLs can be run without alteration.
  7. Does it apply to all applications or just "XP only" applications? New allocator is used in all applications unless you explicitly disable KernelEx extensions in compatibility tab.
  8. What I meant by writing my response is that I got precisely the kind of info I wanted... ehhh
  9. While I don't think that's KernelEx related problem, please give us more details about this corruption and circumstances under which it happened. A screenshot could be handy as well... Firefox 3.6 hasn't been reported to have working printing yet. While we have noticed that Foxit Reader 3.1 crashes quite randomly during page scrolling, so far we have been unable to find a scenario that directly leads to a crash during page viewing - if it's not easily repeatable, then it's difficult to fix . Can't confirm. I have tested a variety of PDFs and have noticed only one situation that causes leaking GDI resources - repeatedly minimizing and maximizing Foxit window. If you see it leaking under other scenarios then please give us (detailed) steps to reproduce such scenario. You can forget about running it on 9x. It's deeply tied to NT kernel with it's kernel driver 'SbieDrv.sys' plus it has a lot of dependencies on NT security related functionality. You'd better stick to VPC.
  10. These are remains after direct (without uninstall of previous version) upgrade from versions of KernelEx prior to 4.0 Final 2. Newer versions don't write anything into that key. Those entries have been created by KernelEx so you can safely remove them.
  11. It appears that you have installed some software with shell extensions relying on KernelEx extended API, thus making your Explorer unusable without it. You can try installing KernelEx with API extensions disabled to see if those problems persist. The (un)installation procedure hasn't changed much since 4.0. If you are able to install (downgrade) KernelEx 4.0 after uninstalling 4.5 Betas then it means uninstall was successful and there are no leftouts. Have you checked if downgrading to KernelEx 4.0 Final 2 fixes shutdown issues?
  12. Maybe some details by any chance? I've been able to reproduce the problem, it will be fixed in next release.
  13. KernelEx v4.5 Beta 2 Release announcement Happy Valentine's Day! What's new: Implemented Uniscribe font caching (improves Firefox 3 performance _noticeably_). New thread pool implementation (fixes IE6 problems). Fixed rare font related Firefox 3 crash. Implemented timer queue APIs. Implemented SHParseDisplayName and restricted to XP+ configs to fix Firefox mailto issues. Fixed premature kexCOM unloading crashing Photoshop 5 and other buggy apps. Updated jemalloc to version from FF3.6. Fixed jemalloc sensitiveness to invalid pointers. Fixes vmwareuser, cvtaplog crashing. Implemented EnumPrintersW (Foxit 3.1 Unicode printing support). Fixed Opera 10.50 Beta Acid3 crash. Other small fixes / stubs. Notes: Installation on Japanese WinME should be fixed now but needs confirmation. This release is beta quality in order to test several major changes in KernelEx. Please test the apps which were working before. Compare the performance and memory usage of any heavy apps you use. Pay attention to possible national language input problems. If you want to downgrade to Final 2, you have to uninstall this beta first. Enjoy this great release.
  14. Hi! I agree that the lack of documentation is a big issue, this is mainly due to lack of time and when we have some free time we prefer to focus on implementation and hunting bugs Officially only MSVC6 SP6 + PSDK2003 are supported and all builds are created using this configuration. Making KernelEx compile on MSVC2008 might or might not be a hard task. While preparing a build on other compiler you have to keep in mind few things: * KernelEx Core and KernelEx Base Shared API Library have to be build as shared DLLs - meaning their base addresses are >2GB and sections marked as shared * Because DLLs have to be shared, you cannot directly link to MSVCRT or compiler provided C library as they don't work correctly in shared DLL environment - this is why KEXCRT was created, so you have to sort out all compiler generated references * MSVC2008 generated binaries need post-compile modification using third party tools in order to make them runnable on Win 9x (change platform version). * You can safely ignore /OPT:NOWIN98 flag as it is only used for disabling padding in MSVC6. This project focuses on and is specifically designed for working with user-land API - Win32 API (think of it as of WINE project). If I'm not mistaken, IPv6 would require quite a different approach - kernel-mode support so I doubt it will help you. Implementing GetProcessTimes would likely require supporting drivers and changes to kernel code, while again we are specializing in user-land. This forum is the official support channel.
  15. KernelEx v4.5 Beta 1 Release announcement What's new: Noticeably improved speed of applications which make extensive use of memory. This was made possible by introducing new memory allocator originating from FreeBSD - jemalloc. It improves heap memory allocation/free speed and reduces virtual memory fragmentation. Improved compatibility with Unicode applications by implementing new windowing layer which provides NT-consistent way to work with Unicode window procedures. Extended TLS slot limitation from 80 to 1000+, for some heavy apps. Lifted PE loader named resource limitation, allowing named resource-heavy libraries to load. Changed kernel obfuscator to produce positive object (process, thread) IDs in order to improve compatibility. Introduced kexCOM - new library to take care of missing COM interfaces. Fixes creating shell shortcuts in newer installers. GDI object destroying rules adjusted in order to fix certain resource leaks or unstability with Flash and other apps. Implemented certain userenv, unicode winspool, thread pool functions. Lot of API fixes and stubs. Improved Compatibility tab. Various architecture improvements. Fixed uninstall kernel32.bak not restoring reliably issue. Apps now working / fixed: .NET Framework 2 (fixed install/uninstall and apps) AbiWord 2.8 (usable, minor problems) Adobe Flash 10.1 beta Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (very unstable) Adobe ImageReady CS2 (no Photoshop yet) Arora (WebKit Internet Browser) FastStone Image Viewer (fixed plugin crash) Foxit Reader 3.1 ICQ 6.5 / ICQLite GIMP 2.6 (usable, fixed brush trace) Half-Life 2 Episode One/Two (SteamEmu) Miranda IM 0.8.x Unicode Mozilla Thunderbird 3 (fixed out of space errors) Nero DiscSpeed 4 QtCreator 1.2.1 SoftMaker Office 2008 (fixed input bugs) WinAmp 5.5x (fixed ML crash, charset problems) X-Moto Notes: This release is beta quality in order to test several major changes in KernelEx. Please test the apps which were working before. Compare the performance and memory usage of any heavy apps you use. Pay attention to possible national language input problems. If you want to downgrade to Final 2, you have to uninstall this beta first. Enjoy this great release.
  16. Could you try more recent flash plugin?I've tested Firefox with Flash and it works fine.
  17. Could you tell something more about 2 TiB patch?
  18. Would you be so kind and let us know what the problem is? Flash 10 doesn't work with Firefox 2 when it doesn't have "Windows XP" compatibility setting? Is that the problem you're mentioning? In that case you might try this registry script: REGEDIT 4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\AppSettings\Configs] "*\\NPSWF.DLL"="WINXP" You can even cheat earlier Flash to accept Flash 10 animations that way but that won't make it support elements introduced in Flash 10 so don't be surprised when you see missing elements or errors in animations.
  19. This is the punishment for using unofficial Add/Remove applets. Kernel32.bak is a backup of kernel32.dll created during KernelEx installation. Normally it is reverted during reboot after uninstall. Tihiy's Add/Remove applet deletes whole KernelEx directory before the file had a chance to be restored. The dialog tells you what to do. kernel32.bak has been used even before RC1 was released...
  20. This is highly unsatisfactory report. No vendor, no product name, no URL. Do I look like a fairy? Am I supposed to scry that?
  21. Hi! I would like to inform that KernelEx 4.0 Final 2 is available for download. Unfortunately I can't make a release because Polish IP addresses have been banned from msfn.org - thank you xper! See thread titled "IMPORTANT: MUST READ" for reference. Unless I am unbanned this might well be my last post on this forum.
  22. oc_dt The problem you have is caused by your version of Norton CleanSweep not being compatible with KernelEx. Technical explanation: CleanSweep uses api hijacking technique to redirect api calls to APITRAP.DLL therefore KernelEx can't recognize the original api caller. There are two possible solutions - you can either uninstall Norton CleanSweep or KernelEx extensions can be disabled for that module but then every program which is hooked by CleanSweep will also have extensions disabled. I suggest that you uninstall Norton CleanSweep because it also slows down whole system and might cause issues with other software.
  23. Not at all, it's a missing dependancy in 'regutils.dll'. Mentioned it long ago actually in the old kernelex thread. A stub for QueryServiceStatusEx was added in KernelEx 4.0 RC1.
  24. Not at all, it's a missing dependancy in 'regutils.dll'. Mentioned it long ago actually in the old kernelex thread. What settings do you have in compatibility tab for JRE installer?

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