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  1. GlobalMemoryStatusEx works ok with Q4 and D3. There will be an update soon so stay tuned
  2. I'm using kernel version 4.10.2225 myself (SP 2.02) and I think that it shouldn't be a problem - the kernel32.dll I'm using (PL) has 1529 bytes which can be used for new exports (one export needs length of name + 1 [null] + 10 [table enteries]) and if there still isn't enough space I may consider putting export names into other section so one entry will only use 10 bytes then. But as for now I need some people to test it with kernel versions and/or language versions so that is works for everyone btw. to remove the patch just type in: win98updt0002 --remove
  3. WIN98UPDT0002 Hello to everyone! I have been playing with this expansion pack for Windows 98 for the last week. I have made it possible to add new exports into existing export table and also fixed other function which added modified export table at the end of the file. Here are the results: * add GlobalMemoryStatusEx() EXPERIMENTAL! * removed GetVersionEx modification - changed the way of checking if patch was previously applied - now checks if UPDATE section exists Ofcourse it is still open-source Now the bad things: My implementation of GlobalMemoryStatusEx() seems to be quite buggy It works nice with NFS:MW and the provided testapp.exe but it does not with Q4 and Doom3 and also causes trouble with GCC. For this reason there are two exe's inside - one which adds GlobalMemoryStatusEx() and one without it Does anybody here know asm and is able to fix it? Please test it with .Net apps which caused problems with previous version. Also tell me whether "Method 1" (recommended) of adding new functions to export table works for you. Cheers, Xeno86 win98updt0002.rar

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