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  1. Ok, I wasn't trying to make it look like we'd buy the code .. but I'm sure nuhi wouldn't mind some kind of venue ! I know I'd feel better if people paid me to do "free-food-and-beer" work ! The money could also be used for a list of contributors needs .. if that were the case .. I'm just thinking of a way to make someone ( or a group ) to improve it and get it to more up to day tweaks and stuff included in it !
  2. Hey, I'm wondering how much is everyone willing to put to opensource the nlite code. I'm hoping that if enough is made maybe at least 50% of the guys who were willing to put money for it to actually put the money in to make nuhi make it opensource. This way, maybe someone else or others will be willing to contribute to make it the ultimate tool for XP. I'm in with 200EUR. Anyone else ? Adrian.

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