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  1. My XML file looks like this. i am little confuse. where do i put the code so it start the setupcomplete.cmd code in this xml. or is it enough to just unrar yoursd files and then install the everything ?
  2. Hello I have been search for a wile in here. but i am i doubt. how to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 og .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86 On a vista ultimate. is this the same way as XP or ? Thank you very much for the help.
  3. Hello i have everything else working but i cant get this to work on silent install. i have try many thnigs i only need the silens install for the danish langpack and nothing else.
  4. Hello that link i have seen before but it is only a 1.9mb file and sp1 is 125mb file. But i have now fix the link and it is working now
  5. Hello i just found this page. http://intern.sdu.dk/enheder/it-service/tj...tel/ftpindhold/
  6. Hello That what am going to do. Thank you very much for all the help.
  7. Hello If i have win xp with no service pack. can i then just use service pack 2 and then 3. with nlite or do i need sp1 before anything else.
  8. Hello Anyone know where i can download windows xp sp1 danish. i have try to search on google but i cant finde anything.
  9. Hello i get this error everytime i try to import anything with this tool. Inoccrect path to the distriburion folder. i have try what it says when i double click on it
  10. Hello i am new to make a Unattended Vista DVD. so maybe this is few stupid question. but i will try anywaves how / where do i get the Unattended.xml file for vista. så everything is install and no click by the user... is there finish file in here i can get or how do i make my owm. i hope someone in here have time to help me og direct me to somthing that can help me.
  11. Hello i am trying to make my Win XP, so i dont need to press F6 and use a disc. but now i have read and read but i cant get nothing to work. So i hope somone here can help me. i have try this http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/v...e5c7f9e23ffae8/
  12. Hello... Anyone can help med with the silent install to this app.
  13. Hello where is the menu " Miscellaneous tab " som i can set buttoms on and off. like the old version of WPI Another thing. The audio player dosent work when you start the WPI Script up. the old one you cold have soud on WPI Startup and when installing the programs
  14. Hello... Neither of the works. this is my reg file...
  15. Hello i am trying to set my Unattended XP up but i have few problems i cant remeber where i saw it last, but now i cant find it. i hope there is a very nice person here that can help me. I am looking for few reg settings. 1 Where is the reg key where it stores the Wallpaper. 2 what about Themes with the silver 3 Classic menu. i have try many things but nothing works correctly here.
  16. Hello ii am trying to have my setting of desktop themes on my Unattended but i have try few things but it dosent work... i hope anyeone can help me. First i have started Nlight and the go to Desktop Themes and change it Windows-XP Layout and Silver and then next and finish. then i have install it on Vmvare but then i get classic. Then i have try to export my setting and then inport it but then i still get Classic.
  17. Hello thank you very much..... i will try it...
  18. Hello I dont know it this is ask before. but i hope anyone can help me. when i have install MSN. i can make it remember my Email and password. is there anyone knows where i save it to. så when i make a reinstall i just can run the reg key or something else...
  19. Removed. No discussion about warez or illegal activity on MSFN. --Zxian
  20. Hello Is there anyone knows where it hides the registration code...
  21. Hello Anyone knows how to install this app silent and get it reg.
  22. Hello I have install it silent but i cant find where it save the reg key... so i can install it silent and get it reg.
  23. Hello Anyone knows where it save the reg key.... i have been look for it loong time now.
  24. Hello Did you get this to work, can you help me about this i need it to.
  25. Hello that way way works without any problem.... you need to export this all of it [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\GPI] Then you run this REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\Programmer\Applications\WinDVD7\windvd7_reg.reg Then yors soft is reg. Mine reg file looks like this. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\GPI] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\GPI\Settings] "Ctrl7P"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "Ctrl7P_1"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "Ctrl7P_2"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlA2"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "CtrlA2_AE"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlP7"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlP7_AE"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlZ"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlZ2"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlZ2_1"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlZ2_2"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "CtrlZ_1"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\GPI\VerifyInfo] "GoogleID"=dword:00000000 i have just change the codes to xxx

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