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  1. Hello I have this Printer HP 7280 All in one... I have download this from HP homepage. PS_AIO_02_Net_Full_Win_WW_130_140 That is a file I can unpack and then i get a folder conatin every files. I am making a Uanttend Win7 with WPI.. So I would like to it get install when i chose it Silent. I hope this was answere enought and Sorry i frgot all of this first time.. Many thanks for the quick Answered.
  2. Hello i have try to use the search button on the forum to see if there is a way to install this silent. but i could not find anything Anyone knows if is possbile.
  3. Hello i have for long time ago make my self a uanttend win7 dvd, with few updates. Now i would like to put more into that. and i have try to use DISM tool. Mount boot.wim Add Packages Commit Mount. Dismount but they dont work. my files is .msu is there something about i need to unpack them before i put them into win 7 I have try to find the post about it but i really cant and i just coming back the same post all the time so i hope someone can help me a little..... i know i need to write it down so i dont make these stupid post... Sorry guys..
  4. Hello Again i get everything to work out just fine now. i dont know what had happen before but i download the one on yours homepage.. Thank you for all the help.
  5. Hello i have download the sources folder that you could from the www.wpiw.net and use the setupcomplete. but my question is... first i have a little software i really like to run in the setupcomplete.cmd and the i wants to run wpi. My first program installs and then reboot. then i wants wpi to start after reboot. but how do i do that.
  6. Hello Yes i have a .ico images on my disk. i can see that this is the same as what i can download as for Vista. i am trying one more time.
  7. Hello nobody that have get win7 and wpi to work.... ?
  8. Hello i have try many things now. i have it Autounattend.xml and everything works fine but after i put in my username and windows ask for witch net i am on i chose. and then windows is trying to finish it. and then wpi should start but i just stands there this is my SETUPCOMPLETE.cmd cmdow @ /HID @ECHO OFF %systemroot%\setup\scripts\regedit.exe /S startpage.reg TITLE Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP rem Determin path to CDROM. for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\wpi.ico set CDROM=%%i: rem Determine path for WPI. set WPIPATH=%CDROM%\WPI rem Changing current path to WPI path. for /f "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%wpipath%") do %%i: cd "%wpipath%" rem Start WPI and wait for it to complete. start /wait WPI.hta rem Delete Start.cmd. del /s /q %SystemDrive%\SETUPCOMPLETE.cmd exit :end
  9. Hello Thank you so much for the help. can i ask you is it the same for office 2003 or is that a other ways
  10. Hello Please dont make fun of me now... the files i get from windows update iss .exe files and i put them into the update folder. now i can understand why nothing is happen. Thank you for the help again and for telling that about sp2.
  11. Hello i have download them from windows updates all of them
  12. Hello first i need to install that takeover reg. and then change to eng lang on my win7 then i need to mount the install.wim Then i need to take control over the folder where the images was in. Then i need to click propertis and then manual set x in all of them under all the useres. Then it works fine.
  13. Hello This is a wired things. i did what you said C:\Users\MitsuCats>taskkill /IM is* SUCCESS: Sent termination signal to the process "is-R1C7M.tmp" with PID 3512. as it says it is success. but the Aktive window is not closing down.
  14. hello again i have downloadet all of the stuff. and put it in the folder updates. where the readme too says that i need to put all the updates in here and it will be install under the installation. but nothing of the files get install i am using a Custom MSP file
  15. Hello i have now found a soulution for this. but now i have another problem is it possbile to kill a process if the process is change name everytime you run the installer. it is always starts with is- and always end on .tmp
  16. Hello.... I have now try that. and it is the same i cant get allow to overwrite the file. i have try to take owner over all of the folders to the img.
  17. Hello Thank you so much. it works like a dream.. 1 MSN Messenger Live 8.5 DK 4 Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.20 8 Dvd Decrypter 9 DUmeter 4.16 10 APG X360 11 MSN Messenger Plus Live 4.82 13 Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4 DK 14 AutoHotKey 15 EMDB 16 IMG Burn 2.5 17 Powerdvd 9 18 QuickPar 20 Total Commander 7.50a 21 WinRAR 3.90 DK 22 ACDSee Pro v3 23 Skype 4.1 25 Photoshop CS4 27 Dreamweaver CS4 29 VLC Player V0.8.5 30 O & O defrag 12 Pro 32 Avast Home 34 DVDFab Platinum v6.1.2.5 40 Newsleecher3.9 43 Winamp Pro 5.56 45 Pawsoft Fass 46 FTD NZBuddy 47 Newzbin Pro 48 Ready2Post 49 CoverPirate2 53 Ultraedit 15 54 Daemon Tools 4.35.4 58 Everest ultimate 5.30 59 MenuEdit 62 FlashFXP V3.7.8 67 AVG Antivirus 9 68 Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 85 Ashampoo burning studio_9_9.20 87 CCE TRail & DVD Rebuilder V1.28 100 Bitdefender Internet security 2010 105 Virtual Clone Drive 5.4.32 110 Flash Player 10 112 Yenc Powerposter 114 JbinUP 800 Photoimpact X3 900 Java 6 950 Microsoft Office 2003 DK 951 Microsoft Office 2007 DK 952 Microsoft Frontpage 2003 DK 980 Start side 981 Sæt dette billede som baggrund i windows. 982 Fjern Bruger Kontrol
  18. Hello that i dont understand because i have the config-lister.exe and it works just fine with wpi 7.7 but i get a virus on my pc that mess up with all the exe files. so i lost the config-lister.exe
  19. Hello i have download the DISmtool and mount the install.wim and then try to overwrite the original jpg file. but i get the error you dont have permission to do this.
  20. Hello i have try many things but it seems that i am missing something First i have made a sfx file with winrar that looks like this ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\ SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 it unpack the img01.jpg to that folder. The reg file is like this [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General] "WallpaperSource"="C:\\Windows\\web\\wallpaper\\Windows\\img01.jpg" but this dosent work. anyone that can help me please
  21. Hello i am installing win7 and have made my own Unattended Windows 7, then i am installing many softwares after my question is.. Is it possible tom import the opdates in win7 for the office sp1 and all the updates. or is it only if you have install the office before.
  22. Hello Where can i get the WPI Config Lister because it is not in the tools when i am download it .
  23. Hello Thank you so much for the help. i know have put it on the wrng forum, veyry sorry but i cant move it. i will try to ask on that forum.
  24. Hello First of all thank you so much for the help. i have made an error, wrong switch but now i have fixet it, but now a new problem In the WPI i run this command... "%wpipath%\\Install\\cce_dvdrebuilder\\install.bat" The install.bat looks like this cmdow @ /HID cls @echo off ECHO. ECHO INSTALLING DVD Rebuilder Pro ECHO Vent Venligst cmd /C Start /wait c:\temp\rebuilder\DVD-RB_v1.282ProNM.exe /sp- /VERYSILENT Now it run like it should but now it want to make a info.txt file. but it cant on my cdrom drive. i am beginning to hate this software and maybe need to forget it.

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