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  1. Hello i have problem whith that to but i get it fix but i cant remeber what i did. But i can try to send you my reg file to see if it works
  2. Hello i have been looking for a silent way to install Mcafee antivirus v10 i have been read here on this forum for few days now. Finally it seems to be working. but is there someone that can test it for me please, just to be sure First of all decompress the setup (look in the Teamp folder for this folder: vsh10.tmp) copy that folder to uours CD/DVD or if you use WPI copy it to the folder where you have all the others programs The rename it to Mcafee Look in that folder for this file VsoVer.ini and change this From To Then you make Bat file where this is in it Start.bat Then you are finish and you can test it. Please tell me if this work. i have testet in from the cdrom and it works fine but i cant get it to work in WPI i dont know why.
  3. Hello thanx for all the help, that i dident get:( i have now fix it an it works with WPI 5.1
  4. Hello I am trying to install this software silent but it dosent work. I am using WPI 5.1 i have testet all of this on the WPI Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi Serailnumber=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /qb- Reboot=Suppress Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /qb- Dreamweaver_8.msi /qn Dreamweaver_8.msi /qb setup.exe /S /V"/qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress" Then i have try to make a start.bat that WPI should run but still nothing works cmdow @ /HID cls @echo off ECHO. ECHO Installing Dreamweaver V8.0 ECHO Vent Venligst. start /wait %cdrom%\Programmer\Applications\Dreamweaver\43235fc.msi /qb- Can anyone help me
  5. Hello again this dosent work....you need to have windows media player 10 on the pc i can hear the sound but when i click begin installation i get the error like the image i have postet... it seems that the pc need media player 10 before the sound can work problerly under install Anyone knows if is possible to intragration Windows Media Player 10 Danish on the XP CD
  6. Hello sadicq Thank you very much it seems to be working great now
  7. Hello Sorry i dident get all the things in first post... I have Enable Windows Media Player 10 in WPI Everything works fine all the soft is install whitout any music enable But when i Enable Music in WPI so when the install menu come to the screen then the song is played but then i get this error if i select Windows Media Player 10
  8. Hello i have problem when using WPI on Windows media Player if i have music on WPI and i select Media player to be install it dont work... can this be fix
  9. Hello I have tried many thing but I can’t figure this out… I am looking for silent switch for Mcafee Virus Scan V10.0.27 or something the last one. I have try to search the forum many times but maybe it is me that can’t find it ;( I have tried the SETUP.EXE but that runs fine until the end then I came up with a script error and a window that not closes. Then I have try the AutoIT install (install_mcafeevirusscan) that doesn’t work that go cold when it should hit the bottom NEXT or don’t kill the last window I have a setup.exe when I click on it I get it unpack on Temp folder. But no MSI file only all the files uncompress Please some one gives me a hint or anything.

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