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  1. Hello i have try now. but still the same, cant find the setup.exe My WPI Confik looks like this.... prog[pn]=['CCE TRail & DVD Rebuilder V1.28']; uid[pn]=['CCETRAILDVDREBUILDER128']; desc[pn]=['Dette er TRail version af CCE TRail V2.70.02.10 og DVD Rebuilder 0.98 Free, Husk du skal selv ændre stien hvor film ligger og hvor den skal gemmes til.']; ordr[pn]=[87]; dflt[pn]=['yes']; forc[pn]=['no']; bit64[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Utilities']; cmds[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\cce_dvdrebuilder\\Avisynth_257.exe" /S','"%wpipath%\\Install\\cce_dvdrebuilder\\ccesp2.exe"','"%wpipath%\\Install\\cce_dvdrebuilder\\cctspt_Patch.exe"','"%wpipath%\\Install\\cce_dvdrebuilder\\install.bat"','"%wpipath%\\Install\\cce_dvdrebuilder\\Rebuilder.exe"']; gcond[pn]=['FileExists(\'%programfiles%\')']; pn++; and the install.bat looks like this cmdow @ /HID cls @echo off ECHO. ECHO INSTALLING DVD Rebuilder Pro ECHO Vent Venligst cmd /C Start /wait setup.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP- cmd /C Start /wait run.exe The wpi log says this . 12. november 2009 16:33:56 - cmd4 Success (returned code 1): "cmd.exe" /C "E:\\Install\cce_dvdrebuilder\install.bat"
  2. Hello i have try everything now, and i cant get it to work. The file is here http://www.jdobbs.com/ when i am running it from my pc, everythings works just great, but when i am trying to run it from wpi. i get this error cant find setup.exe. and yes i have check that everything is correct. the same settings works on harddrive. 1 i have pack a sfx file to unpack it to this folder. ;Kommentaren nedenfor indeholder SFX kommandoer Path=c:\temp\rebuilder\ SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Then i run this command cmdow @ /HID cls @echo off ECHO. ECHO INSTALLING DVD Rebuilder Pro ECHO Vent Venligst Start /wait c:\temp\rebuilder\setup.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP- Start /wait c:\temp\rebuilder\run.exe but this dosent start the setup.exe file. after it has run the setup.exe it start up a process i dont know how to kill. it is called a diffrent name everytime. starts with is- and end with .tmp Anybody can help me please
  3. Hello I have now testet it... IT WORKS.. Thank you so much for the help. you are my hero
  4. Hello I have try to make this silent install. but nothing works for me. is there someone out there that can help me to get this install silent. Thanks for all help
  5. hello i have made a sfx file that unpack to this location. C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Temp\test\ Then i need to run a .bat file from that location how do i do that i wpi C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Temp\test\
  6. Hello i have create a sfx like this ... ;Kommentaren nedenfor indeholder SFX kommandoer Path=C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Temp\ SavePath Setup=Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile="C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Temp\install.xml" Silent=1 Overwrite=1 is there anyway to use start /wait on setup or on the sfx file. because if i use start/wait repack.exe it just wait until it was unpack and not to the setup.exe is finish
  7. Hello i have make a install.xml and everything works when it run on from my hdd, but when i am try to run it from my dvd i get error.
  8. Hello i have make a silent install like this setup.exe --mode=silent -–deploymentFile=install.xml This runs fine under cmd in windows and if i make a .Bat file. But when i try to use it in WPI it dosent install. i just get success or failed. is there anyone here that can help me please.
  9. Hello Can you point me to the post, where it works. because i think i hae try them all. maybe not good enough
  10. Hello i have try this for the last version of flashfxp 3.6 but then i popup with the lang. But then i have try to use /S and then it popup with toolbar. anyone that can help me. ?
  11. Hello i have try to read all topic on this forum for a silent install for my daemon tools. but i havet find any soulotion for this yet. i have try all script and so on, is there any one that can help me. i really want ot get daemon tools install whitout reboot. Thanks for all help
  12. Hello i found out why... so now it works again..
  13. Hello... i have another question. i have now add packages in the dismtool. and i have too install Danish packages.. but how do i make to it install danish instead of english. Thank you so much for all the help and for this great tool
  14. Hello it work just fine to move the install.wim to the root. today i just need to try to make a new one because i make few errors on the image. but now i get this error first i open DISMtool and the set the folder for WIM and MOUNT folder and then i click Mount and that works fine then i click ADD Packages then i get this new error
  15. Hello i have make like this Work folder where everything is in. under that folder i have one called Win7 and Mount and updates in the root of work folder i have put Disntool. Then i set the folder option in dismtool and then hit Mount and now it ask for a file i think it need the Install.win and then it ask for a folder i show it to to the Mount folder. then i get this error.
  16. Hello i have the same problem, and i have try so many things.... i really hope somone can help me too...
  17. Hello i have read alot today, about how to install my danish Language pack in my win 7 and i try to use VLite but i says error and dosent work. it says missing need files is there anyone here that can help me. and i try to install hotfix to but the same error
  18. Hello i dont understand this mount things. i have the win 7 in the folder call d:\win7 and the packs is here d:\lp.cab no iso file. is there someone that can help me with this, i have try to use vlite to import danish but i get error missing files. i have try 4 diffrenet danish.
  19. Hello I have try that you said and it dosent work right. it install the 1-10 and then it reboot like it should but then i says failed and then restart again and the last 2 dosent instal. Just to be sure the location correct, i try to run the last 2 software from the CD and then it installs. but if i try to install everything in windows. i just dos the same thing. as above
  20. prog[pn]=['olympus']; uid[pn]=['olympus']; ordr[pn]=[33]; dflt[pn]=['yes']; forc[pn]=['no']; bit64[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Software']; cmds[pn]=['%cdrom%\\Programmer\\Applications\\software\\olympus\\olympus.exe /S','{reboot} 05']; gcond[pn]=['FileExists(\'%programfiles%\')']; pn++; This dosent work. WPI just stopped and dident do anything else. i just to reboot after 5 seconds
  21. Hello Thank you very much. i will try this now Again thank you for the quick answere
  22. Hello you think like this... i need to see how much time WPI is to install like 10 software and then set the time to that in the reboot. ?
  23. Hello I have made a Vista with wpi and everything works great.. But i have a question. is it possible to install 10 installs and then wpi restart the pc at keep going with the next. if this is not possible is there anyway to do that. like firstlogoncomands and the secondlogoncomands. Thank you for all the help so far

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