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  1. Please, download version 1.0 Beta 2. Important fixes corrected. Thanks. Now is fully functional.
  2. Finally the working link. Review the first post.
  3. I don't know why, but the link was to a wrong version. Please, people that download the tool yesterday, review the first post and download again. Sorry.
  4. Perhaps you like my new tool: Hotfix Integrate Tool See you soon.
  5. Hotfix Integrate Tool 1.0 Beta 0. Changelog v1.0 Beta, February 15, 2005 < First release v1.0 Beta 2, February 16, 2005 < Fully functional 1. Requirements - Windows XP with Service Pack 2 previosly slipstreamed.(For now) - At least, one hotfix previosly integrated by the /integrate switch.(For now) 2. Steps 1. Download the attached file and uncompress it to a folder. 2. Double click on it and read the help. 3. Comments This tool born with the purpose of integrating hotfixes by the official way. In fact, this tool do the same as the Microsoft installer does, but with one exception; you can integrate hotfixes that are in conflict with others. With the Microsoft installer (/integrate switch), if you try to integrate a new hotfix that contains the same file or files to patch that a previosly integrated hotfix, the install prompts you that it can't continue, this is by design. Ok, at that point, you can disintegrate the hotfix (with my Hotfix Disintegrate Tool or manually) and integrate the new one, but this only possible if the hotfix is a rollup package or a cumulative patch, but What happen when both hotfixes are necessary?, Do you remenber KB885250 and KB885835?, well here is the solution. Multilingual support. Perhaps can be a good tool for win2k users... in next release. I made this tool for all of us. Enjoy. Any Questions? Any Suggestions? Download Version 1.0 Beta: integrate1.0Beta2.rar
  6. It's yours? Great job. The new competitor of daemon tools.
  7. I'm trying to do it since six moths ago. windows xp/2003 setup don´t let you. I apply this solutions: 1.- If the installation is in a single computer, in winnt.sif: [Data] AutomaticUpdates=1 AutoPartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" ... so i do it manually. 2.- If the installation is in a local network, i boot winpe from pxe and run a diskpart scritp, reboot the machine an in the next boot install windows by sysprep or ris. If you want to do totally unattended in a single computer, you can include winpe and windows xp in the same cd, and run winpe first with a diskpart script. You need reduce both images and create a multiboot menu... for example with isolinux. WinPe is only for OEMs or Volume licenses, you can try BartPe is almost the same as winpe and free. See you soon.
  8. Please, please, please and please. Only posts about the tool... Have I said please? Thank you very much.
  9. I told you before!!! Please read the documentation more carefully!! The folders specified in OemPnPDriversPath must contain all the files necessary to install the particular devices: catalog files, .inf files, and drivers. If you have this files in c:\$oem$\$1\drivers\net\ethernet you must have the option like this: OemPnPDriversPath=drivers\net\ethernet;... NOTE: Assuming that inside c:\$oem$\$1\drivers\net\ethernet there isn't another folders with more drivers. In other words, in your ethernet folder you must have a .inf file and a .cat file and .sys .exes or other files. Do you understand now? Please search before post. EDIT: My patience is endless. 1. Download the latest drivers from here: HP Official drivers 2. Uncompress it into a temp folder. 3. Copy only the files: q57win32.cat, q57win32.inf and q57xp32.sys to c:\$oem$\$1\drivers\net\HP 4. Edit your winnt.sif below the unattend section: OemPnPDriversPath=drivers\net\HP 5. Build your Cd. 6. Please, report results.
  10. @orrwell 1. If i want to ofuscate the code, simply i release an exe. The main problem with scripts is user manipulate. After manipulation people could blame me. 2. Do you like the script? Can you tell me any suggestion? 3. I assume that if you want the code, you're interested in the script so... please... run it, and talk about the script!! 4. Anyway, the decision of release the code is only of the developer and you don't say anything about it, independently the forum, this forum isn't explicity an open source forum. 5. I hope that you never release a closed source application. @Alanoll I know what you are thinking. Do you remember? Ok ok, i was less respectful.
  11. "OEMPNPDRIVESPATH=drivers\net\FolderWithInfFile" Do you understand?
  12. Version 1.0 Final released. Review the first post.
  13. @Yzöwl You only need drag the encoded file and drop to the ScriptDEcoder file. Ok, but the script like or not like, this is the question.
  14. @Allanol Thanks. Can you change the description of the topic? I forgot a r: Your ... @Everyone The [Path] argument can be a relative path to the distribution folder too.(with quotes). For example, if current dir is "C:\Build\Tools\Disintegrate" and distribution folder is C:\Build\XPCD, we can run: disintegrate "..\..\XPCD" KBXXXXXX where XXXXXX is the hotfix number.
  15. Nobody aswer me so... i made this tool. Enjoy. Hotfix Disintegrate Tool

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