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  1. Disable Autologon Feature..?

    I need help disabling the Autologon feature. I currently use the utility as a GUI for user creation only. My software installs are handle by WPI (Windows Post Install Wizard). I need to disable or remove the autologon policy due to my cleints current security practices. Below is a screen shot of the GUI part that I would like to diable or remove.
  2. Need Help Please Please

    "Windows Post-Install Wizard" works well for me. There is a tool included that helps you find the silent switchs to install varies apps. www.appdeploy.com can also be a great help in finding varies silent installation methods. Hope it helps!
  3. Odd question in unattended...

    Hey guys, I know this thrad is a little old, but I've search and can't seem to find the answer. Has anyone been able to get the oobe method to work. Right now my cd is fully unattended and installs addational apps via "Windows Post-Installation Wizard", and then reboots directly back insto "Administrators" desktop. I'd like oobe to run after that reboot to allow the user to create the desired user accounts!
  4. I made another one with other step and progress pictures. Resources available on demand.. Wallpaper from Azezis2 _by_yingjunjiu I like the feel of yours!! Do you mind linking your resources. Thanks for also giving Yinjunjiu credit for the wallpaper...I couldn't remember where I came accross the image to mention it above, after a little "Google"ing I relized it was from a WindowsBlinds Theme I had a while back, now If I can figure out a way to automate the install of WindowBlinds and set the default theme I'd have the overall look/feel to go with my unattended CD/DVD. Thanks, again!
  5. My first attempt.... winntbbu.rar