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  1. I hate driver guide bc it support rapidshare.
  2. simply rename logonui.ex_ to logonui.cab. then extract it. After modifing let use this command in run. cmd and then then type this command in cmd window makecab logonui.exe then press enter
  3. Hi all I need Video card driver that company is Permedia 2V. For these OS 1- win98Sec 2- win2000 3- winXP Pro SP2
  4. windows XP and Windows 98Sec
  5. edit logonui.exe file that placed in system32 folder.
  6. I too need this driver for win98 and win xp. send me if you have at this mail adress tariq_35@hotmail.com
  7. hi users I have audio/modem card that have conexcent chipset that model is Ripide RACCO10 D7400-12 b92996 .3 and the back side of this card is printed this model SLUGGER / SAM-5650AR where from i get driver for it?
  8. i have main board that has printed PYRAMID-5 and show Samsung logo during post. It has strang problem that is it dos not boot from any device also i change boot order too from startup. It dos not force any thing to boot. Now what i do?
  9. no starting error as in desktop bios error
  10. hi user my friend have laptop. When he start it an error occur and a screen appear it ask for ok or cencel. When he click on cencel it turn off and when he click on ok it show error number that are below. 00161 00163 I also do not know what model it is.
  11. I like to use 1- Windows 98Sec 2- Windows XP Professional with SP2. I have not used Longhorn or Vista yet. So no idia about them.
  12. Thanks so much. I do as you told and osd menu unlocked .
  13. hi user I have Philips 107MB 17inch monitor. When i want's adjuestment of it with windows and press option button it display " OSD main menu locked " . But i did not lock it. What to do for accesing main menu option?
  14. rehbar


    If you delete it then no problem. Just open winnt.sif and delete the line [runonce] ........................nlite.cmd then save it and install xp. If any command placed in cmd then it will not work
  15. send me ur wallpapers i will prepair for integration in xp. And also tell me which should be default.
  16. Only the nlite can do it at this time... T he error is about your system not ie7 integration. Perhaps you system dos't capapable with ie7. or you have not meet requirment(disk space, free memory, CPU, etc....) of ie7.
  17. but i want's current status of toner. Can it possible?
  18. How can i check the usage of toner of HP laser Jet 1015. As bubble jet printer ink usage can we check in control panel.
  19. I could not understand what you say.
  20. Hi users I have a scaner that model is "HP scanjet 3670" where from i get only driver for it? I have Windows XP Pro SP2. Hp download center have full cd for download that is nearly 230MB. But i need only driver that's size is max 20MB.
  21. where are all and nuhi?

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