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  1. I got my answer from neowin in 5 mins. Vantec top of the line cooling pad.
  2. the inspiron is a dell Laptop. your talking about a PC the inspiron is a dell Laptop. your talking about a PC
  3. How does one slipstream the latest updates to office 2003? security update for powerpoint 2003 kb916518 security update for word 2003 kb917334 security update for office 2003 kb917151 security update for office 2003 kb914455 security update for excel kb918419 security update for Outlook 2003 kb913807 security update for powerpoint 2003 kb916518
  4. COOLING fan for dell 15.4 inspiron 1505/6400
  5. Have you seen a Card Read + External 2.5' Hard drive combo? That looks like an Ipod Photo.
  6. Actual quality is 100X better. YouTube.com degrades the quality.
  7. you can use installshield to remove those components that you dont want. remember to first slipstream Adobe Acrobat 7.07 before you edit the msi with installshield. all those components can be removed using Installshield 11.5. You can download a trial version google for it. good luck to you.
  8. Nice answer to the question, SmartAss Edit: Added SmartAss
  9. amd will be releasing their quad core next year. yahoo!!! quad core... got to love it.
  10. its been done before use the search function on how to do it.
  11. please add smartstart to the package. very useful for audio conversion.
  12. can u please detail how u made this installer?
  13. http://rapidshare.de/files/13781792/feb14.rar.html README.txt KB873339.exe KB885222.exe KB885250.exe KB885626.exe KB885835.exe KB885836.exe KB886185.exe KB886677.exe KB887742.exe KB887797.exe KB888113.exe KB888240.exe KB888302.exe KB890046.exe KB890859.exe KB891781.exe KB893756.exe KB893803.exe KB894391.exe KB896358.exe KB896422.exe KB896423.exe KB896424.exe KB896428.exe KB897338-v2.exe KB898461.exe KB899587.exe KB899589.exe KB899591.exe KB900725.exe KB901017.exe KB901190.exe KB901214.exe KB902400.exe KB904706.exe KB905414.exe KB905749.exe KB905915.exe KB908519.exe KB910437.exe KB911927.exe KB
  14. How is it a disaster? I have this installed on several workstations at work. no problems if you know how to configure it properly.
  15. yup had this problem with Bashrat's drivers pack. not compatible. endless reboots drove me nuts.
  16. RIAA claims copying CDs to iPods is unlawful By Emru Townsend US record-label body the RIAA and movie-industry moguls at the MPAA are attempting to argue that copying a CD to a computer for carrying on an iPod does not, and has never, constituted fair use. A report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation says 14 organisations, including the two mentioned, have submitted a filing as part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's regular review process of exemptions to provisions against tampering with technological protection measures. This means that, in essence, all rights to copy anything ar
  17. Mirror links for those having problems downloading from M$ site. KB901190 KB913446 KB911927 http://www.freefilehosting.net/?id=q9/xl67Q WindowsMedia-KB911564.exe WindowsMedia10-KB911565.exe http://www.freefilehosting.net/?id=q9/xl6/b
  18. Well.. i guess being a mod doesn't make you perfect. i dont know how or why you became a mod when you practically dont know anything about hardware anyways. you made dozens of useless post months ago about each hardware you were going to purchase. i guess they couldn't find anyone else.
  19. Where can i buy good quality DVD RW media? aside from www.buy.com, www.amazon.com, www.newegg.com, and www.supermediastore.com looking to buy 100 DVD RW media.
  20. ANSWER! reading is very good, searching is also good. http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/detail.asp?id=110
  21. Step I : Download New Nero v7.0.5.4 Step II : (Extraction & Admin Install) Double Click on Nero- Wait Until you get to the Licencing agreement or when you see that it has finish extracting all the cabs. Go to "My Computer" Type %temp% and hit enter Look for a folder called Nero000 or something like that. Copy the folder to your desktop Open a command prompt in the Nero folder and type "msiexec /a nero.msi" w/o the quotes Step III : (Deleting unwanted components) Create a folder called Removed in C:\Nero folder Move all the components you dont want into this folder. W
  22. 23 pages... already. lets start a new thread.
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