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  1. info: ECHO. ECHO Installing Office 2003 Professional ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-
  2. This is not a problem with my msi. Your problem is that your missng GCHW.dll in common files. You need to find this from your source and copy it to common files
  3. Thanks! why is it when i use orca it ask me for setupx.exe? why is it when i ignore the setupx.exe requirement, i get errors when i try to save my edited msi using orca?
  4. when u use orca does it not ask you about setupx.exe? dont you get any errors when you try to save your nero.msi? can u pls post your nero.msi i would like to take a look at it.
  5. wow cool 1min. is your msi working? have you tested it yet? aside from the nero scout what else did you modify? can you show us? i am very eager to see your msi work. will you be sharing it with us? i tried orca before and i was not able to make my msi to work. so maybe you can show us how to do it using orca. Since orca is free and installshield is not.
  6. I wish you luck trying to use orca to edit the nero.msi. Pls give us feedback how long it takes you to edit the nero.msi. For me Keytotime's method is perfect and easy to follow. And I love Installshield 11, easy and powerful to use.
  7. You better check your facts. There is no guide on how to hack the Nero 7.0.14 using orca any other software aside from installshield. I know bec. I already tried. That is why
  8. I dont use setupx.exe pls view the instructions i made.
  9. Excellent! how big is your installer? mine is only 20mb
  10. Click the image below to fix your error.
  11. Specially modified Nero.msi (modified versions) [ENGLISH] I used Installshield 11 to edit the msi. NOTE: This method only works for 7.0.14 not on the new 7.0.14B 1. Download Nero 7.0.14 w/o yahoo toolbar 2. Use Winrar to extract the contents of Nero- to a folder. -2a: Uninstall Nero 7.0.12 from your system -2b: Go into the registry and remove the Ahead registry settings -2c: Use keytotime's code (Msiexec /a Nero.msi) from the cmd prompt to create a admin install pt. 3. Follow the guide of keytotime to delete the files and folders you dont want. 4. Download the nero.msi packa
  12. Here are some modified 7zs.sfx i made for several apps see image below. 7zs.sfx w/ icons +upx = 245KB http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FL7WA4XA
  13. MOBILedit is a modular software, which allows you to control your mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared, or cable. No matter if you have Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, LG, or Motorola. You can dial, send long SMS messages, organize contacts, install, and play games. You can copy photos from phone or upload your favorite polyphonic ring tones, logos, MP3s, themes, Java applications, and documents. Features: large quantity of phones supported; file system enabling access to a phone and card; an editor for phonebooks; edit, sort, read, and archive SMS to PC; handling of incomi
  14. The registration key is stored in the eudora.ini So to automate the registration create a Eudora.ini text file and insert this... (Change the RegCodePro to your key) (RegFirstNamePro for your first name) etc. [Settings] RegCodePro=6x9o9?x3ox81xo8? RegFirstNamePro=Registered RegLastNamePro=User Mode=2 Winrar SFX eudora.ini with these settings ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=Qualcomm\Eudora SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1
  15. Autoit Eudora Pro 7.0+ Install on C: drive > Program Files > Qualcomm > Eudora Install on D: drive > Eudora Note: Eudora setup file must be renamed to setup.exe Failure to change the name of the installer from qualcomm will result in an error.
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