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  1. this baby does not make a sound 16db combined with my two 140MM case fans rated at 17db i hear nothing ...
  2. dont worry i am using a glue and stapler gun on it. it comes with brackets and screws for mounting. dont worry.
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  4. only 5 more days till a new version is out! yahoo!!!
  5. if u do it correctly it takes 15 mins tops LOL
  6. super please do. so many people are asking for it via pm. a new version of nero should be out by the end of jan.
  7. sorry, deleted during my last format. i will make a new one when version 7.0.15 is released.
  8. sorry. did clean install and tried your nero doesn't work. buggy. good try.
  9. update. did clean install of windows xp without BTS drivers. No more looping effect after xp installation.
  10. i am going to swap the powersupply and see what happens i will get back to you. So you are using the latest BTS and no problems with rebooting. ok I am able to install xp properly but system keeps rebooting after gui mode. i can enter safe mode even, if i disable all the startup i still get reboot maybe something is wrong with the ps.
  11. test using VMware and retail pc. doesn't work uninstall does not work properly no shortcuts errors galore when burning.
  12. Asus A8n-sli premium Flashed with lastest bios AMD 64 X2 4400+ 1GB Kingmax Nec3450A DVD Writer Nvidea 6800GT 256MB Window xp (not using 64bit) using Windows xp slipstream with Sp2 and lastest Hotfix. (Batch Method) I did not use RyanVM's cab files or Nlite to integrate hotfixes. Use BTS lastest Drivers Pack Windows Installs ok. But will not boot into windows. Automatic Reboot. Yes, i disabled auto reboot on system failure. Any ideas?
  13. it is very simple just use installshield 11 trial remove stuff u dont want from the msi and your done.
  14. I want to share something on torrent. I want to use Multi Trackers. Can you recommend software and trackers. I know that RyanVM uses Torrents as well.
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