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  1. Hi, A while ago, I stumbled on a set of Windows XP Media Center Icons to complement home made add-ins. I'm very sure I spotted an empty one, too. Unfortunately, I've lost the url of them. Any help?
  2. I will try to post a screenshot later on. I noticed blinkdt didn't put a timer.gif in his theme folder, but he couldn't know; I didn't mentioned it in the start post, that is, until now. Updated!
  3. Last updated on 8/2/2005, 13.18 [GMT+1]. Hi, As promised, I developped a little countdown bar. Main features. [x] Inspired by the Windows XP installation progress bar. [x] CSS-based, so easy to adjust all parameters. [x] Easy to integrate in existing themes. Installation. [x] In WpiScripts, edit timers.js. position="timers.js"; /* Countdown */ var interval = ""; var m; var passed = 0; var startSecs = secs; if(secs>3600) secs=3600; if(secs>60){ m=parseInt(secs/60) secs=secs-(m*60); } else m=0; function startInterval(){ position="timers.js"; interval = window.setInterval("tTimer()"
  4. 8/1/2005 - I'm making a tiny countdown bar. 9/1/2005 - I will be publishing the tiny countdown bar. B)
  5. Perhaps I will make some kind of 'counting down'-bar, if the timer code allows it.
  6. Hi, I'm currently developping a very simple WPI theme. Screenshot: I'm pretty proud of the quite innovative use of the gradient CSS filter. This application makes the theme look good on every resolution. I don't really know what to improve next, but I do know this one needs some improvements. Every comment is welcome.
  7. Hi, I have this app which doesn't support silent switches, and insists on a reboot of the machine. So it really disturbs the RunOnceEx-method. I've used the forum search, but I really couldn't find anything useful. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, I'm using a Creative Nomad Jukebox 3, as pictured below: Last year, I bought Notmad Explorer by Redchair Software. This program makes it possible to play music directly from the Jukebox. The Jukebox will also appear in the Windows Explorer, like this: Now, that works really grate, and Windows Media Player 10 works pretty good using this little add-on. Now, when I add some music from Explorer into Windows Media Player, and then start Media Center, the music just plays. I can skip and things like that, but adding music using the Media Center Interface doesn't really work. Now I'm wondering
  9. But then again, drivers are copied to the hard drive first...
  10. Why not? That's how you do it. This method replaces another method described thus: I think you misunderstood me. The complete $OEM$ directory is automaticly copied to the hard drive. I don't want that either to happen. But lets skip that for a moment. The strangest thing is that XP setup DOES find the drivers on my a: drive, but then, later on, while creating the list of necessary files, it doesn't. Could it be the mentioning in winnt.sif OemPreinstall=Yes that causes the problem ? Where exactly does Windows search for these drivers ?
  11. The problem is that when I insert my unattended XP cd (made before I had a SATA setup, and thus worked with IDE), it DOES load the drivers from the a: drive, but after partioning and formatting, setup can't find the sys's, inf's etc... My regular Windows XP cd works perfectly. I wonder where setup looks for these sys's...
  12. Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to include e.g. Silicon Image SATA drivers directly from cd, without having them copied to the hard drive first. I read a very useful article here, but I just don't want to copy the drivers to my hard drive first.
  13. d0nut

    Help needed

    Should the # not be a % ? I'm nog using this one: [SetupParams] UserExecute="%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\XPlode\XPlode.exe /xml:%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\XPlode\XPlode.xml /log:%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\XPlode\XPlode.log" Could that work ?
  14. I know how to do it in RunOnceEx, but I don't in XPlode. By the way, what's the %SOURCEPATH% refering to ?
  15. Hi ! Now I made a working RunOnceEx.cmd, I would like to make a more attractive and interactive XPlode installer. But how do I use the %CDROM% variable ? Thanks !
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