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  1. Login Screen

    I am decent nlite user, it has never done this since 1.3RC, i've been using it to make multiple XP disks, I would know if I told it to, nlite is supposed to make things easier not harder so why enter userpasswords2 once the operating system is installed when nlite should be doing it for me? I actually think it's a bug with nlite.
  2. Login Screen

    When I use a modified Windows XP created with Nlite I find it impossible to get onto the Windows XP login screen since Windows auto logs me in everytime the computer starts, even making another user account and password protecting my account and the new account, the nlited XP still somehow auto logs in with the default account. Why?
  3. [BUG] Nlite 1.4 Beta: Icon Sizes

    I got the wallpaper from here: http://www.winmodify.net/files.php?section=Wallpapers Has pretty much the best wallpapers and Visual Styles you can find on the net. EDIT: the wallpaper I am using is the 4th one down. EDIT 2: about the font, it's the standard font but I have clear type enabled, also the shadows around the fonts tend to get a bit thicker when you refresh the desktop, i refreshed the desktop in the second image.
  4. [BUG] Nlite 1.4 Beta: Icon Sizes

    When setting the icon size to 48px using the registry tweak in Nlite, the icons look fine until you tell windows to use normal icons, when you do this, even after a restart, the icons overlap slightly and it looks like this: Then it looks even worse when you tell windows to use large icons again, well until you do a restart again, then it goes back to normal: Sorry for the large unnecessary space in the images, i'm on a night shift remotely controlling my home PC (don't ask) and don't have time to crop them.
  5. Do Addons work with Server 2003?

    Thanks, I don't have to worry about my normal addons going mad now. and thanks also, I will do just that, your WMP addons are the best.
  6. Do Addons work with Server 2003?

    Well, that's all I wanted to know, do nlite addons work with Server 2003? What about the RyanVM Update pack or WMP11/IE7 addon?
  7. nlite just kills itself!

    Thanks nuhi, after some testing I finally figured out all these problems have been caused by Spyware Doctor 5, when I shut it down and then run nlite then processed the Windows Source, it runs perfectly.
  8. nlite just kills itself!

    How is that helping this thread exactly? I came here for help, if you are not going to help, then don't even bother posting.
  9. nlite just kills itself!

    Since I got Nlite 1.3.5 every time I go to the processing stage, nlite will Randomly puff into logic leaving a messed up Windows Source that is not recoverable, half way through it. I have all of the latest updates for my Windows XP Professional and I also have .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 all installed and up-to-date, I also very recently did a Clean Install of Windows. I don't quite remember now but I think this also happened to me in 1.3 but in 1.3.5 it is doing it 90% of the time which leaves me unable to do anything. EDIT: I just downloaded nlite 1.3 again and tested that and it does it too even though it never did before, they all seem to be just cutting off for me, however, I did remove some services from the current XP Pro using nlite on an older XP Pro, does nlite require any certain services that I may have removed?
  10. XP And Vista explorer.exe question

    So looks like I have been trying to achieve the impossible? Is WindowsBlinds the only real option to get an aero theme for Windows XP?
  11. XP And Vista explorer.exe question

    Ah, well thanks for the heads up, I will play about and see what happens, I already have IE7, Vista Icons and some Vista system files in my XP after adapting them, if I can get the Vista explorer working without editing it too much I should be able to achieve Aero in XP.
  12. XP And Vista explorer.exe question

    I have been working with the 2 explorer.exe's with ResHacker and they both look very similair inside.
  13. I have XP Pro and Vista Home Premium, would I be able to replace the Windows XP explorer.exe with Windows Vista's? By placing Vista's explorer.exe into an explorer.ex_ then putting it into the windows XP source. Would XP be able to start normally?
  14. What file controls what that image shows, I have tried Winbrand.dll but that does not change it.
  15. Microsoft Update

    I could do that but there is a lot of stuff that I have integrated that I have long since deleted so I would need to download and intergrate it all again.