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  1. "all the others" in reference to drive being reported as 10.blah refers to some OLD software I had tried. Old boot CD from 95OSR2.1 Win98 *.*.2222 CD (I really need to just LOOK at it already and give you the actual label #'s- it isn't listed in any listing I can find on W98SE revision charts I can find) floppy boot disk images from bootcd.something that were put onto CD by me. Ancient redhat installer CD (4.?2. Not in front of me right now) only when those things appeared faulty did I try the W2k cd again. When the 80 got here, I first installed W2k (to test his software ona "modern" OS) to r
  2. On my iPod, sorry for lack of quotes and clarity... I do not know if fdisk listed gig or Meg, very possible I misread and assumed it was gig. Reading the suggestion of percentage instead of absolute values sound *very* familiar... Like I forgot that bit from not doing this for such a long time. The HPA may have been immediately reinstated upon first boot and I didn't notice until later.... The first boot didn't show any XPRESS message, but a later boot up (after I partitioned?) had the message. Weird thing tho, as I have since checked the other machines (remember, these machines came from the
  3. well, I removed the HPA anyways and started fresh. Interestingly, the HPA came back after a few power cycles... and I noticed the BIOS splash screen starting listing "Booting from XPRESS blah blah" I did some digging, and found the motherboard itself creates an HPA exactly as I had seen on this drive previously. There is no option to deny it happening. I looked at the existing installs today. None of them have the HPA. Very strange, but I simply gave up. I was going to try the image crap again, but decided against it. I am all ears if anyone is aware of software or method to clone this. In
  4. ??? Can you elaborate on that please? The HPA region is removed from the count? Honestly, I have no idea what I am talking about here (never heard of HPA before today). I've read a few articles earlier on it, but don't understand how 'given the HPA region' fits in. (to be clear, I'm just dumb and asking for clarification) Thanks for all your help would you agree then the most likely scenario is FDisk in the 98SE installer is not happy with this drive for some reason? But all other things should be fine so long as 98SE Fdisk don't get near this? I am going to try the image thing tomorrow.
  5. drive goemetry RPM finds gimem sec. EDIT across top of page Hard Disk 1 76,318Mbytes 9,729 cylinders x 255heads x 63 sectors Sector info (I hit F4) # type row filesystemtype startingsector #ofsectors endingsector partsize 0 MBR Master Boot Record 0 1 0 0 1 Pri Unused 1 62 62 31 2 *Pri 1 Windowws FAT-32 LBA 63 40936547 40936609 20468273 3 Pri Unused 40936610 156299374 57681382 4 UNUSED I hope the data requested is listed there, I have to run to the airport right this second. Lots more stuff happening then just this PC... If it still isn't what you are asking for, I apologize again... pleas
  6. I'm sorry jclaz if I missed something you posted... The sectors reported by RPM matches the amount of sectors minus the HPA area. I've never heard of HPA before. Yes, I am in over my head looking through those things. The BIOS reports the sector values matching the WD official count. HDAT2 reports the drive is missing roughly 1.05 megs at the very beginning of the drive. Looking through that 1.05 megs, I see the FAT 12 listings and over 5,000 FILECHK files broken into chunks of roughly 100 files with 1k-2k of gibberish between them. EDIT EDIT I am installing all the 98 drivers and whatnot at t
  7. RPM reports the size WITHOUT the HPA area included. Let me see if I got Parition Logic somewhere....
  8. got 98se installed with no drivers so far. but on a whim, I decided to 'check out' the drive... jaclaz said I would try contacting WD support, as what Deaddude bought was a disk with 156,301,488 sectors (of 512 bytes each). every tool/utility I use to check out the sectors reports the drive has a total of 156,299,375 sectors. MHDD v.4.6 HDAT2 v4.5.3 While using HDAT2, I see there IS actually the correct number of sectors... but the 'missing' sectors are in HPA at the very beginning of the drive. Does anyone here know how to read the info HDAT2 displays? I see a lot of data that is nearly m
  9. alright, I zero'd it out. I ran WD lifeguard Used it to make partitions. Loaded RPM. RPM says Unknown IPL I zero'd it again. Ran RPM Still Unknown IPL ????!! Using it to create primary partition as I type this. After partition created, RPM formatted it. Now, RPM says "Standard IPL" Going to add 2nd partition next... and if that appears fine... I am going to try the install to this drive... NOTE: RPM **IS** user friendly. All options labeled on-screen. Lots of power at fingertips. Seems very simply to use. VERY simple. maybe toooo simple...? great find, wish I knew about it sooner!
  10. found out my cam is useless... LoL here's my attempt at copying all text data for ya to inspect. PATA / 8MB Cache WD800AAJB S/N: WCAV3E898896 MDL: WD800AAJB - 00J3A0 WWN: 50014EE1AF077CA2 DATE: 18 AUG 2011 DCM: DBRCNT2AHN DCX: 9009JES38 5VDC: 0.65A 12VDC: 0.50A R/N: 701596 Circle with arrow splitting it in half D33015 C backwards R U us E101559 KCC - REM - WDT - 1596 Fragile symbol of broken glass trashcan with 'x' over it ecs in tiny print bottom right corner of label bar code next to plug, on bottom of drive: 2061-701596-A00 19R about 5 spaces away from that is: XC 8G17 05NH 9 005060 2065 gr
  11. http://community.wdc.com/t5/Desktop/New-WD15EARS-Showing-512-byte-Physical-Sectors/td-p/248170 others have reported the model # doesn't always mean it's the exact same part when it comes to WD drives. I'll see if I can get a pic of the drive to post.... otherwise, I'll try my best to copy it all down here
  12. Oh yeah, one of the FIRST things I did was use the WD life thingy to zero out the first 100 megs and last 500 megs... or reverse that... it was MUCH faster. I ain't taking another step (no 0'ing) until the 4k thing is sorted... Standing by, Capt'n! Thanks!
  13. if you take 4,096 and divide it by 512 you get 8. The drive is 80gigs. FDisk and all other partition manager software pre-2001 report is as a 10gig. After reading how a 4k HD gets mangled by 512 software and partitioning.. I have deduced the drive is in fast a 4k drive. Installing W2k or XP... the drive is properly seen and handled as an 80gig. Installing *anything older* and the drive is seen as an 80gig, but handled as a 10gig. One of the times the drive was mangled, but still booted, I tried to access various files across various partitions. The partitions 'looped' into phantoms. And m
  14. I just confirmed the drive is 'Advanced Formatted', and from what I understand that means 4k instead of 512b... does that mean I'm dead in the water? Is RPM 'advanced format' aware? It looks like I messed up the drive majorly from using utilities/partitioners/etc that aren't 4k aware....? Does any of this make sense to someone out there? I thought a low level format would place a 512b format and remove the 4k? Insert profanity here. I'm still going to sero it out with killdisk. pending answers posted, I might take a trip to the shooting range with this sucker.
  15. it took me a second to find xxcopy... at the moment, I couldn't see the forest for the trees... I have since discovered all other utilities are on my UBCD, so I figure I would avoid the extra work of loading the drivers into the 'old' hard drive (only install 98SE, no patches, no updates, no drivers), run xxcopy, swap drives, and load drivers in the 80. Do you see any possible issues with that? In about 10 minutes I'll be zero'ing the drive. got side tracked... located everything and made sure in a VM my UBCD is a good copy.
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