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  1. Good afternoon everybody. I am trying for more than 5 hours to make my new unattended WinXP cd with sp, hotfixes, drivers etc using the 1.2 version but I am experiencing the following problem. On the last stage and during the beggining of drivers integration I am getting a message saying "Runtime error - R6025 - pure virtual function call". I tried more than ten times and had the same output. Does anyone having the same problem? I am attaching the last session and a screen of the message. Please for your help and advice. Last_Session.ini
  2. I tried both by pressing the f6 (without integrating the ich5r drivers on the cd and have a normal win installation-no unattended)) and with the drivers integrated (no unattended setup). On the first try I had a blue screen after format saying that the driver cannot be installed with the only option to reboot, and on the second try I had the problem with automatic restarts after installation. My oponion as I mentioned before ia that something is wrong in this version of Nlite with the raid drivres and maybe sata drives. Hope for luck
  3. Hi again. I just finished the installation of Win with a disk made with nlite 1 RC8 and had no probs at all. My conclusion is that there is something wrong with the final version and specially in the drivers section. Don't know the exact problem it is just a guess cause last time i used the final version i slipstreamed sp2 and drivers. Cheers
  4. Me yes, two WD 320 Gb sata drives.
  5. Is is something wrong with the drivers for the ich5r controller? I read on this forum that the same thing is happening for the nf4 based machines while using the raid fetaures.
  6. I attach my preset boooggy. Hope that it will help to solve the problem. Cheers! Edit: filename_u.ini removed Last_Session.ini
  7. Good morning. Does anyone has a solution for this problem or any hints? Last night i tried several things for hours without any luck. If anyone knows pls inform .
  8. Good afternoon. I am experiencing the same problem as BelowSky reported. Run a P4 machine and using the ICH5R controller for the raid. Hope to solve it soon Cheers
  9. Yes, I run AdAware several times. Found nothing. I am trying to understand why this is happening. It is very strange. I talked again to microsoft about this matter. they are sending me from one department to enather, fron window to ie etc.
  10. The funny thing is not that deletes files and programs, but changes the customization of the the toolbars. Strange, isn't it? I have called microsoft regarding this matter but without sucess. They told me that they have no idea. I think that is a registry problem. Also something wrong must be with the rundll32.exe, because it is ressponsible for all these. Can I delete it or it is needed by windows to run?
  11. My WXP Pro is fully updated and the problem wasn't solved. Re-installation of windows is very difficult because I don't have an installation cd.
  12. Hello, I am experiencing problems with internet explorer and I would like your advice and your help. When I am going to internet options and under temporary files pressing delete files, starts to delete everything. First of all deletes all the files on the downloaded program files (like authorware, shockwave, flash etc). But the worst is that changes the customization of internet and explorer toolbars to the initial conditions. I observed that rundll32.exe does all that. To be more precise, Run A Dll As An App ask if I want to delete all the files and has the option of yes or cancel. For both options the result is the same, deletes everything. The result is everytime I have to recustomize my toolbars and to redownload all the program files (flash, google toolbar etc). Any ideas why this is happening and any suggestions who to resolve this problem? Thanx in advance.
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